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WARNING: Hardcore, explicit content intended for adults only. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION...) Issa Montgomery a neglected wife that's reached her limit. Fed up with a sexless and unfulfilling marriage. Reluctantly she goes out in search of what she's missing at home, finding just that, she soon starts to wonder if she has bitten off more than she can chew. What starts as simple erotic fun quickly turns into misery, obsession and a classic form of stalking....

Эротика 18+.

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The Introduction

Sexual paraphernalia was all around me, it was in every single room that I enter or passed by. The scent of lust and human satisfaction attacked my sense of smell. It aroused me beyond belief. All of the smells blending with the scent of marijuana and whatever else they're burning inside of these expensive walls, the different odors were like aphrodisiacs to me. The won't I harbor for a man's touch, his affection. That needbrought me here, butmy want for pleasurehad me wandering around the mansion admiring what my eyes were taking in. I was in the lap of a full-fledge Play-party, this was my first, the first time that I've ever attended one of these and I must say that I was truly impressed and enjoying it thus far. For the most part, I consider myself to be very vanilla, but Given the right circumstances, even the best of us could turn bad, become a little Nicety, it's badness but in a good way. While I was a little apprehensive. A bit anxious about rying new things, trying something this far left from what I'll usually do is truly out of character. I'm an unsatisfied wife that's fed up with a boring life. My interest in this world of kinky shit stemmed from my late-night viewing of BDSM porn clips, BDSM plotted motion pictures, and from the night I decided to eavesdrop on one of my husband's monthly Poker games, that's if was in town to even host one of them. I overheard him and a few of his buddies in the Den talking about these secret play-parties that go on throughout the city and around the world.

I secretly listened in on their vulgar conversation. I ear-hustled while they described what men and women engaged in at those privately held eventful nights. It piqued my interest. I was curious about what I had heard, so one evening when I was home alone again I researched the shit, looked up all kinds of BDSM, Dom and Submissive video clips, all sorts of freaky things. I surfed the Web until the light on the laptop began to hurt my eyes, researched hardcore porn until my Yoni was wetter than FIGI water and needed to be touched. When I found the room I was looking for I stepped inside. After about a month of my inquiry into that dark world, I joined one of the clubs, paid the admission fee's and now here I stand. But within the last month or so of receiving party invites through an email address that I created just that purpose I've reluctantly ignored all of them, that was until tonight. When I arrived at the secret location, only receiving this address to this location five minutes before it was set to start. It was a pretty big estate ducked-off in the hills.

It was really like something that you would see in the movies. Sitting in the driveway before I had come inside was surreal. After my car was valet parked I was escorted inside to the staging area. I guess. Inside this room, all rules of engagement were explained to me. After that, I took a long and dimly lit passageway towards an opening at the end. Along the way, there were doorways, all of which were about 15 to 20 feet apart. I passed by the unmistakable sounds of moaning, followed by the beat of the music coming from the end of the corridor. Before reaching the mouth of that main room I stopped and peeked into one of the rooms. It was a couple in there, they were engaging in a sexual act that captivated me like an animal that has been confined to a cage. I eyed them intently, my voyeurism felt wrong, but it was extremely arousing.

The feline was gorgeous in that movie star sort of way. Her skin had a freshly tanned hue, her blonde hair hung voluntarily to her shoulders. She put me in the mind of that actress Amber Heard and lover was a tall drink of Hennessey. If I did say so myself. His dark hair, his 5 o'clock shadow beard, and a height that mirrored Tom Ellis from that Netflix show "Lucifer." The Tom Ellis double forced his lover down to her knees. It was something about the way the man was controlling this situation, the way he owned her caused my panties to become extremely wet. He removed his hardened dick from inside his Slacks. I licked my lips at the sight and swallowed hard.

He was rough with her, brutal even. I liked that. Everything about what he was doing to her was so exciting and aroused me. I felt my honey trickling down my inner thighs and shifted from one from foot to the other then back again. He had forced her down to her knees, without hesitation, she greedily took him into her mouth after skin connected with the hardwood flooring. Her head moved back and forward. Slowly at first, then she began to move faster. I was impressed at how she took every inch of his massive dick into her mouth, also I was impressed at the length of his Manhood. He singled handily dismantled that myth that white men had small dicks. The way that the girl with the actress's good looks sucked him was beautiful, it was like watching an artist at work painting his masterpiece. The woman made the given head look like it was the most savory thing on this side of Heaven.

The Amber Heard doppelganger took her lover's hand and placed it on the back of her head, not waiting for him to take control, she would lead. She wanted to be owned, used, navigated, shown what to do with the dick. A White Girl's relentlessness for pleasure was surely something to envy. The guy obliged her, gripped a fist full of her hair, and snatched her head into every forceful thrust that he supplied. The sounds of her blow-job could be heard from where they were to where I stood and that was a few feet away just on the other side of the doorway. His orgasmic notes and facial expressions made me want to join her in pleasuring him, get face fucked just like her. He glanced back at me then as if he heard my thoughts. His face crumpled into a mask of satisfaction. Our eyes met and held there. Frozen just like I am right now standing here. He winked at me. My body heat increased, I could feel the sweat starting to bead on my forehead. His eyes were begging me, pleading with me to come and join them.

For a brief moment, I seriously considered it. But thoughts of my husband entered my mind at that moment and I remembered that I was a married woman, taking by a man I vowed to love and cherish until death did us part. I bite my bottom lip and slightly shifted again. I shook my head and he smirked wickedly, I swallowed. Hard. Still shaking my head no. I started backing away.

"Beautiful isn't it?" A strong males voice questioned from behind me.

The faceless man startled me, I jumped, and whirled around after bumping into him. His voice was deep, a slight accent to his tongue. I looked up into the face of the voice. Had too, because he towered over me at least three or four feet.

Umm, excuse me?" I half-heard myself utter.

"Oral sex. It's truly an elegant sight to witness isn't it?" He said, "It's like staring at a piece of moving art."

His accent was just as arousing as the sexual act I was viewing. He was the hue of Hershey's Chocolate and stood at least Six-feet Two. His strong, powerful frame towered over my five-foot One frame.

"Umm, okay... if you say so."

"I do." He said, "And it is... I'm O'myan Black by the way."

He held out his hand to me. I took it and retorted, "Issa Montgomery."

Instead of shaking my hand, he brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss on it. When his lips made contact with my skin, chills shot through my body and rested in my core.

"Ms. Montgomery, the pleasure is all mine."

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