Maxim F. Hener

After seeing his boss in a compromising position Elliott has fixated on her, Elliott won't rest until he gets a taste but things become complicated when a one-night-stand turns into a full-blown relationship, can Elliot remain true to love or will lust take him over.

Эротика 18+.

#thriller #Erotic #inkspiredstory #adult-content #street-lit
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Chapter One

My mind was made-up, I wanted to fuck Trinity Sweet and nothing could sway me. What I saw a few days before gave birth to this verdict. Trinity Sweet was my boss, this feline was beautiful. If you look at her, one couldn't help but stare. She was the hue of Kat Graham, Almond-shaped eyes, cute little button nose, full lips that looked like the figure eight turned sideways, and an eye lacquer that belonged on a cat. My stunning employer was mixed-raced, had to be with that complexion but her features were those of a Black woman. Trinity's figure was remarkable, her body looked like it was carved out of stone, I wanted my boss and I wanted her in the worst way.

Burning the midnight oil, trying to impress the boss to obtain that promotion that was coming up. Two hours into going over charts, reading reports I decided that I needed to take a break. I stood up from my desk, stretched, yawned, and headed towards the break room.

When I walked through the open portal I stopped dead in my tracks. My dick immediately began to surge. Trinity Sweet was sitting on the countertop, her black turtle-neck sweater was pulled up over her breast, her black form-fitting skirt was pushed up around child-barring hips. I swallowed hard, quietly stepped forward never moving my eyes away from my boss. I licked my lips, swallowed again.

He was bent at the waist, his face was buried in between her thighs and his head was moving around feverishly. Trinity was gripping the back of his head, her eyes were closed, she was trembling from the pleasure that her office lover was supplying. The orgasmic sounds coming out of her mouth almost made me cross the room, knock his ass out of my way and replace his tongue with my Manhood and give her this dick. My dick was hard enough to cut glass and struggled to burst free.

I eyed her nipples and the dark brown areolas that covered the front of her breast. I absent-mindedly rubbed my erection. The naked brute stood upright, moved closer towards Trinity, he put his arms beneath the folds of her limbs. Trinity's eyes opened, that's when she spotted me, my voyeurism exposed. The sweetest smirk decorated her beautiful face as he pushed inside of her.

Her lover impaled her Sex as our eyes locked and anchored in place. I nodded, she continued to be fucked with occasional.

"Ooh's." And a few "Ahh's."

Trinity Sweet watched me, she watched me as her lover made her cum. A wave of jealousy gripped me as her white lover tore into her Sex.

I was done with this, no longer able to take this sweet suffering, I turned around and walked away from the steamy office rendezvous.

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Ajania C. Ajania C.
I loved this! Very juicy so far.

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