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An interview with God

On December 29th 2015 I died for 4 minutes I never went to the hospital and or never went to get myself checked up or checked out. but ever since then life has not and probably will never be the same for me the story I'm about to tell you is as real as it gets I have no reason to lie to any of you cuz I don't know any of you it wouldn't affect me in any way whatsoever if you believed me or not but what I'm here to tell you is about a conversation that I had with a man claiming to be God now this is not a religious story and I am not a religious person but maybe at the end of this after you're done reading what I have to say you might start praying to God again let it be known for the record that I do not want no affiliation with any organized religion practice of any type!!! and also I am not writing this for fame or popularity or even money as a matter of fact I was told not to do so especially for money and I'm not asking for money by any means this was just the only platform that I could find that seemed like a good platform to set out what I have to say the talks between me and this man went on for the course of a year maybe a little bit more and I know what you're thinking by now after reading what I have wrote there's no way this guy could be telling the truth there's no way that this is a reality well I haven't even started yet so don't get all worked up just read and hear what I have to say that's all I'm asking!!! I'm not a writer I don't know how to write I don't even know the first part of what writing consists of professionally or anything like that I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this all I know is that I'm not even typing I'm talking into a headset to get this story to all of you cuz I feel it needs to be told especially nowadays for it is my belief that we are losing touch with one another that we are drifting apart too far to recognize what the source is what the source was and what the source will be in our life function our life flow

So one simple day I go for a walk and right before I get to this little park outside my house or my apartment anyway I stopped at a bench just to sit for a second I had a rough day and life was kind of shitty that day Plus I was going through relationship disaster clean up !!!AGIN lol !!! But I'm sitting there and a man walks up to me and says "may I sit"and I say "yes it's not taken"there's a moment of silence and I introduce myself to him he introduces himself back and says "hi I'm God"another moment of silence and I looked at him he looks back at me and says "well I'm not actual God yet but I am God in training" and I said "that's an interesting label to give yourself sir how did you come to the rationalization or the conclusion that you are God"??? "thee God"!!! he looks at me and explains an event that happened to me when I was 2 years old and I fell in my grandfather's backyard and I hit my head Right between the eyes on the concrete garden borders that surrounded the garden!!! nobody seen this happen to me !!!I can remember looking up and my mom was late for work she had a Pizza Hut uniform on and she was trying to get out the door she didn't even really notice me!!! my grandfather was cooking at the grill and burning the food passed out from drinking and my grandma was over there with a dry towel smacking him and the flames with it!!! telling him to wake up he's burning the hamburgers!!! the only person who seen and noticed me was my auntie Rita who noticed me from all the way on the other side of the house when she was stepping from the garage into the house !!! I didn't cry nor was I scared and right then I began to hear a voice !!And she picked me up took me to the bathroom cleaned my head and I went and took a nap I think!!! but needless to say that there is no possible way in any way whatsoever that this man could have known about that incident!!! he described the feelings I was going through the emotions that I was having the fact that no one seen me the fact that my aunt helped me just in detail like he was hovered over me right there when which he says he was!!! me now with tears in my eyes choking on my snot about to lose it crying he looks at me and says "why are you crying"does??? "this offend you"" that I know this information are you upset that I know this informatio"???? I told him no I'm not upsetting anyway it's just unbelievable that you know that situation in detail !!!You have to be someone special and he looks at me and says "well I just told you who I was" and I said "yeah but I don't get it what's the meaning of this"??? "I don't get why you're speaking to me if you are God" he tells me that he can fix everything in this world !!!And that everything can be straightened out and that everything is going to be straightened out and I looked at him and I said "how is that possible"??? "take a look around""This world has got problems and it's people have got even more problems"He said "yes I know I know all about your problems"!!!"And your day-to-day war between humans is pointless "!!!"all of you can kill each other until your rotting bodies fill the oceans"!!! there will be nothing accomplished but blood and death"!!! he begins to tell me his philosophy on fixing the planet and says that through astrology and astrological symbols and individuals knowing what their astrological sign is and the element (Air Water Earth Fire)that runs that sign and runs that person is of the utmost importance !!!He explains to me that any man or woman who does not know their astrology front and back through and through is failing in life!! anyone not using this information to have a better life is failing in life and failing the ones around them as well!!!

So I'm pretty into astrology so I tell him "this is very interesting, continue please" "continue" he says "I will but not today I'll see you some other time and thought to myself for a second and then said "well thank you I guess I mean I still don't understand but thank you for sitting and talking with me I can believe I'm experiencing this" !!!"this situation has opened my eyes ever so slightly and I would love to hear more he pats me on the knee and says all in due time all in due time Mr Robinson!!! I never told him what my name was not once!!!

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