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Jungkook nodded and upon hearing Namjoon's count, he took strength as he pulled the corpse up and upon hearing the three, the man's body was thrown, splashing water on the two boys in the boat. "I hate blood," Namjoon said. This story may contain material unsuitable for sensitive persons, such as violent acts, provocative dialogue and narrative. Some of the situations contained in this story may be considered offensive, so discretion is advised. +17 All rights reserved © Totally original history ® Copying or adapting of any kind without permission is prohibited.

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⁰¹ Blood

"Shut up Jungkook."

"B-but I'm really scared."

"Shut up already," Kim said, already completely irritated.


It was too cold that evening, it was getting dark and the beautiful reflection of the sky, overlooking the big lake.

The sky was completely painted by reddish colors that gave it that melancholic touch, the boats, moored at the old dock and the small animals, already sheltering somewhere in the lush forest to finally, be able to rest.

In the distance, in the Gun Ri River, there was a white Sealine C330 with seven boys inside, not counting the corpse that was lying on the deck.

Jin advanced a couple of kilometers more until he finally stopped.

Namjoon sighed and motioned the others to follow him.

"Taehyung, you take it from the bottom and you," he pointed to Hoseok. "You take him from the other, I'll go get the boat ready."

The boys nodded while Jimin, still sitting next to his boyfriend, who was still smoking to calm his cravings and he, biting his nails.

Namjoon went down below and put on a pair of black plastic gloves.

He hurried up to the deck and went to the stern, where Jungkook stood with eyes red with tears, untying the ropes.

"Ready?" asked Namjoon.

"Yes," the two boys replied in unison.

Namjoon grabbed Jungkook's arm, who was still crying as he looked at the small boat in the water.

"Shit Jungkook, you're getting on my nerves, stop crying right now and get the hell on the boat."


Jungkook paddled, paddled and paddled until after about seven minutes, Namjoon signaled him to stop and he did.

"You take one side and I'll take the other," Namjoon said.

The body was taken forcefully and roughly.

It was not easy to carry an inert body, let alone such a large one.

"On the count of three we pulled him up and threw him into the water."

Jungkook nodded and hearing Namjoon's count, he took strength as he pulled him up and on the count of three, the man's body was thrown, splashing water on the two boys in the boat.

"I hate blood," said Namjoon.

After that small moment, Namjoon removed the gloves from his hands and switched places with Jungkook, this time, he being the one rowing.

Namjoon paddled, being this time, much faster than Jungkook.

When they arrived, they put the small boat back in place, Namjoon sighed, tired.

At least now they had one less problem.

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