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Liam, 26-year-old guy, gets transmitted into a novel he read before his operation. And the body he possesses is going to die soon. How he will change the story in order to live.

Фэнтези Городская фантазия Всех возростов.

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"Who knew I will transmit into a novel while I was having operation", I sigh and walked outside the bath tube. "Also, it is surprised to see the owner of this body happen to die when he was taking bath."

I wrap the black robe around my body and walk inside the room. I know whose bodies I am possessing. His name is John. John Williams, the youngest child of great Red Dragon Clan lord. The lord has nine children's from the Six wives. And the mother of John is dead when he was five years.  The most important things is he is soon going to die in a few years. Ahhhhhh, my head is going to explode. What kind of joke is this. My past life got ended while getting small operation, and again I am going to die. Hahaha seriously, if people are transmit they happen to be male leads or some important one. But why me, I am transmit into a trash villain who is going to die soon. 

I, Liam, 26 years old, won't accept this. 

I keep screaming while looking at the appearance in the mirror.  

 After few min I walked outside of bathroom and head to my room with the tired face.

I quickly changed into my clothes and walk down the stair into the family dining room, making the usual face expression of John, but more confident and calm.

As I guessed, everyone from the family is at the dinning room. Their eyes stare at me like I am some clown when I enter the room.  I didn't say a word or look at them. I just sit into John seat and wait for the breakfast to serve. 

Looking at everyone faces, they seem to be surprised. The old John won't even dare to enter the room when lord is attending.  

Well, I am not the John and 14-year-old boy. 

"Why don't everyone eat their food than looking at my face" I smiled at them as everything is normal.

"What? How dare you speak rude to us" 

Ah, he must be the 6th brother of John. Who always like to put his blames to others. His name is Luke and currently 17 years. 

So annoying. I continue to eat my food, avoiding his words.

"How can you avoid when your big brother is speaking," Luke

"Lord, look at this bad mannered child is how acting up", a lady voice.

Hmm, I slightly peak to see who was speaking, and the one is happening to be Luke mother. Ha, they are same. 

There were other voices who were saying the same things. I didn't care about their gaze at me Or words. I keep continue eating my breakfast, but soon I couldn't eat anymore. Amongst the gaze, there was gaze which is nor cold or warm. And suddenly my eyes meets the lord eye. Looks like the nor cold or warm gaze is from lord. 

I put down my spoon and drink some water. I wipe my mouth slightly than look at lord.

"Father, do you want to say anything to me?" I smile looking at him.

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