Maya Ramaswamy

This book teaches a lovely life lesson with the 15 year old Brazilian protagonist, Alicia Komen who has autism and her well -spirited dog Etta who travel all around Brazil trying to solve a mystery of why it is important to be positive. Children with Autism Spectrum would be perfect for this story and will see how positivity makes life beautiful!

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Australia’s Mystery

Alicia Komen was a 15 year old Australia in the city of Mildura. Since she was 4 years old, she was confirmed to have Autism Spectrum Disorder, but was always a positive soul. She never understood why so many of the people in her High School were negative. Her older friend Aria, who was an art therapist, told her that negativity never helped to revise a miserable day. Then one day Alicia heard from Aria that their home and country had a mystery to solve about the true meaning of negativity. Aria read on the news that they had to travel to five different cities of the country: Newcastle, the country's capital, Canberra, Adelaide, New South Wales and Melbourne. "Alicia, I think you are the one to solve this mystery." Aria said when she visited Alicia after returning from her therapy sessions. Alicia was working on some ratio homework while listening to Beauty and the Beast songs. She was excited to hear about this. "Then I'll help our home and country!" she said excitedly. "Then you'll need to stop the homework for now and get moving." said Aria. Alicia didn't understand why she had to get started on this mystery right now. Little did she know, she had no clue that she had to go out of Mildura and to five different cities. "I want to save the country from negativity and bad things happening." said Alicia. "Negativity is not a good feeling for anyone to have, and so I'm going to solve this mystery and try to have the students at school be positives as well." she said to Aria and her schnoodle puppy, Etta. "Ah, You'll have to visit five cities." said Aria. Alicia froze. "Oh my

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