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My first poem in english, I'm not a native speaker, but I find this language gorgeuos.

Поэзия романс Всех возростов.

#Obscure #romantic #dark #death
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O Death, what shall we do with thee?

What can we give thee for thy gift?

Thy kindliness was our delight:

Our hearts were full of joy when we saw thee die.

But now, alas! we are all dead.

It's always sad when we think about "irreversivbility".

We shall never be normal again, the past is dead, the future is empty, and so we look to the past for consolation. But the past can be a shallow comfort. There is nothing for us here now. So turn, dear friend, to thine eternal rest.

Death has come for thee. Thou hast no choice but to obey. Thou bowest thine head, so thou shalt now accept the reverence of a life that no longer wishes to live. The maiden with the acient book smiles at thee, as a wind blows through the garden of corpses, gently stirring them to rest. " I thank thee, master," the girl says softly. And now she is gone, and so is he.

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