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A boy got transferred to an alternate world together with his classmates, where magic and mythical creatures exist. They were bestowed power after being teleported giving them access to magic. However, he got a non-combat power which he deemed useless. Little that he know, that power would lead him to become the strongest. The time runs differently in this world. One second in their world is equal to a year in this world. Making them age less than the people living in this world. They all have agreed to stay in this world for a while since they do not know a way to go home. In this world magic, culture, mana, creatures and races exist differently from the where they came from. Those who do not belong to the upper class races are discriminated and as well as for those who do not have mana and magic. His classmates became adventurers to earn and live until they find a way home. Having him to not have a combat ability he was useless to his classmates. He didn't even have enough mana to qualify and join a guild to become an adventurer. He became a nuisance. However, it seemed that his classmates have forgotten their true goal in knowing everything about this world, to go home. Most of them became greedy of power wealth and fame. Their personalities totally changed. Some of them became boastful, prideful, and even cruel. He experienced hell together with his classmates. One day, he decided to leave the group and find a way home on his own. From then on his life in this world changed and now took the path to be someone he did not expect...

Фентези Темная фантазия Всех возростов.

#fantasy #Betrayal #twisted #magic #mythical #beasts #inkspiredstory
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There was a boy named Lei Ejin, 17 years old, born on an average family. He was always bored about everything, he always think that everything seems to function as a system. "Humans are born to work hard and survive until the day of their death".

One day on a sunny afternoon at school his boring life turned upside down.

While he and his classmates were writing the activity that their teacher left them to do inside their classroom a loud and screeching sound of eerie suddenly appeared making everyone in the room bothered. They were all covering their ears as it was so unbearable as if it was a chalk that was being screeched on a board that has a really high pitched sound. Then it stopped for a moment, they were all confused and relieved that the terrifying sound is now gone. They were all covered in sweat and the smell of terror reeks out of the classroom.

After that brief moment, all of the lights inside their classroom disappeared, even the windows did not emit light as if it was an evening with no electrical power nor lights. The air became thin making it hard for some of the students hard to breathe. Lei, who was bored of everything felt a spike in his spine, this was the first time he felt something like this. "Is this what you call excitement?". One of the students had her phone turned a flashlight then all of them were stunned. They all turned their flashlights on and have seen clearly that they are no longer in their classroom. "It seems that we are in somewhat of a cave" Lei said. Then his classmates said impossible we were just sitting inside our classroom. It may have been impossible because they do not know what actually happened. Later on they calmed down.

Their class representative gathered all of their attention and tried to explain the situation they are in, in best way he could.

Their surroundings were a bit wet, rough and dark. It is sure that they are now inside a cave. They were all gathered at the center keeping calm to the best they could. They used their cellphones to light their surroundings, they put their phones on the sides and corners of the place together with their seats. Now they can see a bit clearer than before. They chose to stay in place waiting for a rescue. They tried to communicate with their parents and guardians but they do not have services on their phones. While chit-chatting with their friends to at least help them to keep calm they again heard that sound from before but this time they can also hear huge footsteps and wing claps as if something was approaching their location. It seemed impossible because it was a closed area. However it looks like a cave but with no way in. They all begin to panic again but then suddenly above them appeared a light as bright as the sun. Lei thought that this will be the end of their lives and then just sit there and think of how boring his life was. Then they heard a voice, "Hello are there people in there?" they all rejoiced and screamed an answer except for Lei, he was there sitting like "really? I just thought of something cringe about my life here". Then suddenly that sound appeared again but this time, the thing that was making the sound was staring right above them, they couldn't move nor make a sound because of the thing that is staring right above them.

It was like a Lizard with wings but not a Dragon, it has huge teeth with saliva flowing out of its mouth, it has huge claws and an eyes of a lizard that is. Its skin was scales and its size was bigger than their school. Lei felt fear in his heart saying that "this is the first time I am fearing death", " I am always bored because of the systematic function of life, but now I feel like I want to be saved, I don't want to die, someone, please if there's someone out there, please save us". Then there was a lightning that struck the creature and made it run away. However it wasn't wounded at all it was just scared of the lightning and ran...

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