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Our parents the greatest gift God gave us, While we were yet babies they watched over us all day. We gave them sleepless nights still they never gave up on us,they had faith that some day we will grow up to give them back those sleepless nights we gave them. we had so much to know about life so we run to them to tell us more about life and they told us,we asked lots of questions still they answered them not feeling bothered about this questions believing some day we will grow up to know more about this things. You are the greatest gift we have here on earth none on earth love us like you do, none can care,pamper and nurture us like you do we are proud of you and we believe you will be proud of us too. Parents are like a shepherd looking after his sheeps and cattles, they will never see danger coming and let you go there they always make sure to protect us from danger even if it will cause their own hurt they are the image of God. Dear parents please always continue to be the best you can for your children do not because of the current situation neglect them they are your future, they are everything you got in life after God. God bless all the parents in the world


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