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James Jones

A young girl finds something in the woods,something that will change her life forever! As it turns out ,her life is not to far off the stories that she was told when she was growing up with her four brothers and her dad. Little does she know her life is about to take one of the most extreme turns it ever has. Life turns right into the eyes of the dragons.

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Gift from the gods

— The morning was colder than usual today. Only thought was that it was from the fact that I was rising a couple hours earlier then normal,which would put the time at about 3:00am in the morning. I had to beat everyone up in the morning if I intended to get anything done for myself that was a givin. Today wasn't any different either! As I was slipping out the front door I was stopped by my father's deep voice," where is my daughter going off to so early in the morning?" "Good morning father I was just trying to get a head start on the days chores so I can be done in time to make the festivities later at the kings palace." I said firmly. "When will you learn that a father see's right threw his children's lies." he said with a slight smirk. " Be gone with yourself and don't forget to clean the stalls out and fill the food bins before you leave to go to the castle,ok?"he stated. " yes father I won't forget father!" I said as I took off out the front door and straight to the barn where my horse was already saddled and ready to go. " hi war horse, ready to stretch those legs of yours?" I asked my horse. He whinnied and stomped his hooves a couple of times to let me know that he was ready. We would have to ride as fast as we can in order to make it to the base of Dragon Ridge that was a good four hour ride with a good horse like mine. And off she went over the country side barely holding on to the reigns that were whipping back and forth on my horses neck. After a bit I slowed down to a trot to let my horse cool down a bit. My horse kept pulling to the right, trying to lead me down a ravine that went toward the river. Wasn't sure if my horse was thirsty or maybe knew a quicker route than I did. My father did get the horse off an old pack muler that ran these ridges with supplies for years. Letting War take the lead I kind of got a chance to look around and take in some of the scenery. As we approached the waters edge we were joined for a drink by one of the biggest and most beautiful dragons that I have ever seen in my life. The dragon locked eyes with me and started walking toward me without breaking eye contact."You must be Ariana born to walk with the wind!" said the dragon. "How do you know that? Do dragons find it amusing to learn young children's stories for entertainment? I asked the dragon. " I think you have it backwords,story has been told for thousands of years to young dragons to mark the birth of a new dawn and a new age, the age of the War Dragons!

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