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Colton West a vampire mafia king meets the lovely Candace Brook one morning and thinks he has found his mate. If she is his mate, can they make it?

Эротика 13+.

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Burts Coffe Shop

Every morning at seven am, Colton West goes to Burts Coffee Shop. He gets the same order as usual, black coffee.

Colton likes going to Burts for a couple reasons. One, the coffee is good. Two, he gets away from his life for awhile. Three, he hopes that he can find his mate.

Every person in his family has found their mates. Yet, he can't. One day he hopes that will change.

Walking through the doors of Burts, he goes and sits down in the back booth as always. Normally his waitress has a cup of fresh coffee waiting for him, but not this morning. Colton was shocked when he saw a blonde headed waitress walking his way.

"Hello sir, I'm Candace your waitress. What would you like this morning?" She said with the brightest of smiles he has ever seen. Colton also seen some bruises on her wrist, which made him furious.

"Black coffee please" He smiled a kind smile.

Candace came back with his coffee. "Here you go sir"

"Thank you"

When she left his table all he could think about was her beauty. She had sparkling green eyes, ones he has never seen before. They made him want to get lost into her eyes. At the same time he wanted to figure out what happened to her wrist and kill whoever hurt her. Colton could tell by the way she acted she deserved to get treated like a queen.

RING, RING!!! His phone pulled him from his thoughts. "What is it Kyle?!"

"Mr.King is refusing to give us the payment." Colton laughed knowing this would happen.

"I'll be over there in a few, don't let him leave." With that Colton hung up the phone left twenty dollars on the table and headed for his car.

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