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Top of the morning to you dboy this is the right side to walk typical you don't have a computer this four train sure is hot were you gonna go with me to the library and music store let's get some pizza on 86th Street 42nd not too scary for you so I can ask the librarian a question new book I was looking for do you know how to simbious to Nat cave my private I remember a Nas beat wondering what I'm doing today I gotta get these teeth pulled dboy anastigia is cool wait let me see if their fountains working Harlem is the right choice to go today sit on the couch I gotta get my Daughter ready for today would you like a ice cream or a coca cola to belch

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Warm nights

I laver up after my baby father broke up with me thinking is their any guiwine men out their willing to embark on a damsel such as myself with these two horrific ensidents my mother dying and a man who I put 100 percent in fabricing and mold to be mine but I stop here just finished up my demo CD chastising Nat cave for mixing down my CD music I wish you could all here this brazy sound only my Burnside folks could feel this I should walk into daddys house a lay a copy on Diddy mark my words Sony is where I'm putting all my dividends so I was at minisink with shammgod and On a list I come across talent dboy not reckless admiring and looking for adventure to study so I sort of looked him up Iwas thinking international house of pancakes for breakfast but I would figure out dboy was hard disregard to my dismay off to mrytle beach to figure a few things out my is over to watch the can't awards I asked him to drive me to South Carolina so I can think grandma you must know the future you grandma got a can of Coca-Cola yeah save it LoL dboy name was written all over it when lil wanyne was played on the radio for the first time in new York for his birthday and sponsor at the same time all the info was intern for away calloway was gonna be friends with me I'll shrugg it off let me warm you in advance I thought lot of the valley guys would come off goofy was given a change of thinking not bad

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