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We've got everything from siren head to cats all kinds of craziness that will leave in stitch or in aww struck. These are short stories that will help you pass the time. - Still in progress that’s why it’s on here

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this started with a boy and a cat. It was a boy that had a cat or at least the cat found them. They say it was more like a giveaway thing or the cat found him.

one day in Japan

A boy was walking home from school as there's no way you can have a school bus in Japan and he couldn't cross the street he had to deal with the traffic and the boys are always on the street to go after him. Then One day the boy decided to take another route home in order to avoid the bullies and found a stray cat. This was a kitten or a cat more or less still a baby he heard i meowing Is there to say find me. He went to the box and found a whole bunch of kittens one stood out to him. Discard had a scar on it eye and it had an earring. who the hell would pierce the ears of a cat they must be cruel. Believe his brothers and sisters along with him to die of starvation or something he couldn't stand. He ended up taking two kittens are pierced one with a scar and the one with no scar and always look like a Persian himalaya cat.

He thought his family were enjoying his new friends at least he thought until I walked in with a cash his father scream cat and then the boy said what was wrong and the father said I want to take cats deathly allergic they will have to stay outside. Do you know where her son to do that. But the kid wanna bring the car into the house at least appear as one of the cars that are triggers for me outside the cat one as far as to being a dog house without any dogs or not because the boy did not want the cat to be traumatized anymore for being outside. As far as the Persian Himalayan cat it's how to stay outside as well it was going to be ground and everything but it had to stay outside for the father was deathly allergic to the cats. He was sad that the cats had to stay outside but he try to sneak him inside the house right without success. He ended up having to keep them outside except for a term for rats or grooming.

Nothing is too good for is too good for them boys friends, sorry found them the finest tuna and he got them the best that and the best groomer that there is in town to help out with the cats he ended up having to take care of the cats him self outside after homework. One after school and homework was done he played with his cats and enjoy their company very much.

One day the day I die because the cat was in the house somehow but the cat was not a rainbow was the more it was the fathers time to go and he was suffering from cancer in January so he let the cat in the euthanize him self. Then he said that when he lost his father that he wasn't the cats fault the cash but I will go back into the house and were a little far for a kitten life. No the boys father goes still going to the place here to make sure that whoever his furry little friends were safe.

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