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Description: An unexpected weapon killed Astrid who was known to be a top-notch assassin and suddenly transmigrated into a book,she read two years ago. The title of the book was called "The Star of the Sea",which she became the side-character(Avila) who was destined to die at such a young age. Stubborn as she is,she struggled to survive and vowed to strive to become the strongest woman she can be.It was unacceptable to accept the fact that her fate was to wait for her death to fetch her because of her role being sick. And from time to time,her life was getting nearer to the future she had always wanted.But in an instant the rope that was guiding her to have a good future suddenly snapped.She had made something very terrible. "Unforgivable?What could possibly go wrong by saving an injured person?" Oh God!Sweet and naive...little Avila...You really are naive...The person that you saved was none other than the main villain,silly! Now that she has completely changed the plot.How will she manage to survive?It is even more unfortunate now that the villain wants her! "MAMA MIA!Please stop chasing me!You were supposed to be chasing the heroine,not me!" "You are interesting than any other girls.So I want you than anybody else~" "Nooooo!!" As the plot continues,how on earth will the girl live peacefully now?

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Chapter 1:I am Astrid!Not Avila!

"That was a nice bath!why don't I finish reading Match Made:Protagonist x Antagonist, tonight!"Astrid excitedly said to herself.

Astrid was about to leave the bathroom but she accidentally tripped on a bar of soap that was accidentally put by her on the ground.The tiles were a bit slippery and so she fell and hit her head hard on the ground.Her blood was spreading all over her body as her vision was failing her.She slowly close her eyes but still struggled of opening them, trying hard not to fell into the darkness that was waiting for her.

"Hissssss...will I die?...hehe..how embarassing."She spoke faintly with a bitter smile in her face as if this was her last time she could speak before going into the darkness that awaits her.

Then again,this was truly an embarassing way to die.Not to mention she was known as the youngest top-notch assassin in her organization but she was killed by only one useless weapon that led her to death.And that is... bar of soap....A BAR OF SOAP EVERYBODY!! She can't take this.How on earth would her beloved comrades react to her death?!Obviously they will laugh at her,even in her death bed and in her funeral.It's like she can imagine what they would do.

Astrid.'I mean...THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS!'

How did her life get into this place,JESUS!

'God how I hate my life!'

For a few minutes her breathing became weaker and weaker as her body became paler and paler.She felt that her life was slowly draining away.

Avila was still holding on,yet she felt herself getting nearer to the darkness that was waiting for her.

Tired and haggard she is...she gave up and accepted her fate.

Maybe this is her time.

Maybe it's time.

It's her time to give up this life.

Although,she did live a good life...there was still something missing...

It's like something...she regretted not doing in this life...that made a big leak of her life source.

But what is it?

Too bad...it's too late to think this through anyway...

She can feel that her life was slowly drifting away and as time passed by she was gone from the world she had lived.

But why does she feel like she isn't dead yet?

Where am I?In hell or heaven?

Out of the blue,a beam of light suddenly flashed into her eyes.Her body became light,like she was floating.Is this her soul?


'Wh-where am I?'She thought as she slowly open her eyes.

'Wh-what...what is this?'She wondered.

Then a weird tab appeared in front of her eyes,that says 'die or continue to live on?'.

'What?Are you playing with me?!'

'Of course I want to live!'

But this is too odd for her...It is also suspicious...and speaking of being suspicious how did she even get here?

She was supposed to be dead and maybe her body became a dead corpse by now.


She doesn't know anymore...

Then a voice suddenly spoke that came from the tab."You have only ten seconds to pick your choice or else we will pick your choice randomly."


"Wait a minute!I wanna ask some questions first!"

"..."Silence filled the atmosphere and not for long the tab spoke again.







'Gah...What to do...what to do...'





"Alright!I have made my choice!I want to live,okay?"

Without hesitation she clicked the weird tab that says 'continue to live on'...and again a beam of light flashed in her eyes.


'Aaaarghhh...That was too bright and it hurt my eyes!What did happened back there?'

She opened her eyes and all she see was a pink bed sheet as she let her eyes explore more.She looked around the room while lying down.The room was strangely familiar to her.As if she saw this before,somewhere...

'Wait?familiar?Do I even know this place?'

She sits up from her bed then noticed that this room was...

oddly disgusting to her.

'W-what the?Who's bedroom is this anyway?'

'Why is it pink?They already knew that I hate pink!Dammit.'

"Who changed my bedroom?"She bluntly asks,totally forgetting that she wasn't even in her room and how she died.She waited for someone to reply to her question but silence was she received.

'What the?Where is everybody anyway?'

She looked around and first that caught her eyes was the sky that can be seen by the window.

The sky was so clear that it made her stunned for a moment,admiring the reflection of the ocean if it was.

Then subconsciously,she stood up from her place.She tried to get out from bed that she can't even call her's... but suddenly she tripped again like in her previous life when she died and hit her poor nose on the ground.

'Wha-...Wait who's legs is this?Why is it small like a teen?

She pondered while trying to fix herself up.

'And speaking of small,why is this room filled with medieval era style?'

This was all strange to her...

Wait...Medieval era style,pink colored bedsheets,small legs...


She was shocked and stunned for a moment.She never thought this could happen.

She rapidly rushed towards the big mirror that was oblong-shaped and saw a little girl about to be in her teens and around the age of 15 to 16,with a little scratched-scar that was supposed to be her birthmark in her right cheek and a bandage wrapped around her head... a white hair..purple eyes and realized this was her reflection...Wait,This body...no...

Whose body is this?!

This wasn't even hers!


She trembled and even felt that her legs were shaking.

This was all too sudden to her...How could this be?That tab that appeared in front of her eyes was really real!And worst of all,she did die!She thought that this was a dream!But no it wasn't...



How could she forget?!

She really did die....in her previous life...But why?!

Her previous life was already perfect.Why did she die?

What sin did she commit to suffer like this?

Out of the blue,a bang sound came from the door.A girl dressed in a maid suit that was medieval era styled and an old man who was dressed in a butler suit that was also styled in the medieval era came rushing in with their faces filled with shock,relief and worry.

"Unbelievable.She was suppose to be dead.How-"The butler mumbled with his jaw wide open but was interrupted by a shout.

"Alive!S-she is alive...She is alive!!!The young miss is alive!!!My beloved Avila!You're alive!"The maid exclaimed while tears slowly fell from her eyes as she came close to her with her hands wide opened like she was ready for a hug.

And another sound of people's footsteps was getting nearer in her room.

"What?!Avila is alive?"A man about in his thirties was shocked seeing the girl alive.No.Happy that she was alive.And continued."Brilliant!You are alive!"

Then they suddenly rushed towards her and hugged the little girl as tears suddenly came out from their eyes.

What is this?Is this an act of showing affection?

She never knew what kind this feeling was.Or maybe she had already forgotten this kind of feeling from her past life.

It's good that she knew this feeling but for who is this feeling meant for?For her?or the original owner of this body?She already knew that this isn't her body,then who is it?

The room instantly became a touching moment.It's like a family reuniting with their last loved ones.But do they even know that they were squashing her small figure that she can hardly breath and they were almost choking her to death?

For a few seconds,she bluntly asked them,having enough of their hug."W-who are you?"Then the touching moment was broken and the atmosphere fell ice cold.

They looked at her,eyes filled with curiousity and oddly there eyes never blinked like even for a few seconds.

Heiiiiiii....can you please speak? You are making me feel awkward now...and stop with those glares.It's creepy!She sweatdropped while making a thought.

Why are they being awkward with her?Is there something wrong?

Of course there was.

After all,they didn't expect that there beloved Rue was alive nor the fact that she suddenly lost her memories in the moment she woke up.

Few seconds has passed and still they were quiet.Very quiet.

But gladly,someone finally speak up.It was a girl dressed in a maid suit."You...You don't remember?"She asked and all Avila could do was shake her head as her response to her question and their expressions fell,like they were disappointed.

"Miss?are you sure you don't remember?I am your butler,Carl's my name.And you are Avila.The daughter of the Duke Rosea.Remember?"

I told you I don't remember!That's why I said I don't remember!I don't even know all of you!But I know I can't say any of this.I know you don't deserve this kind of response.



Ugh.My head!

She subconsciously pulled out her hair and there was an instant pain from her head,like it was gonna explode and their eyes fell on her.They panicked and wondered what to do.

As (Avila)Astrid's head was aching.Abruptly,someone's memories absorbed into her mind madly.It hurts.She felt that something was crushing her head and she felt heavy but for a few seconds in a sudden matter of time,her body felt light and the next thing she knew she fell into the darkness again.



Astrid instantly opened her eyes by the sudden voice near her as she saw herself-,no her new self sitting beside her.She sit up and turn her eyes to the direction of Avila sitting beside her.

"Y-you...You are the real Avila!"

"That's correct."She replied with a cold tone.

"B-but...Why did I?...Wait...Why am I?...Who are you?...I mean!...I was supposed to be dead...no...What happened?...What happened to you?...No-"Avila quickly shut her up by gently putting her finger against her lips and there eyes met and unexpectedly Avila smiled.

"I am Avila.And you are Avila.So we are one."

Astrid gently pushed her hands away and protested."No I am not!I am Astrid!And you are Avila!"She pointed at Avila.Then continued."I wasn't suppose to be in your body!I was supposed to be dead and I am dead serious so stop looking at me with your grinning face."

"HAHAH!You are one funny Avila."

"Hey!Didn't I just told you that I am Astrid?"

"Okay.Fine,you were Astrid... but not anymore."Rue stopped smiling and her expression became blank.

"What?What do you mean?"Astrid was confused.

"Astrid.No.Avila.I am sorry for asking you this...but-...I want you to replace me."Avila said and again she smiled but this time it was with filled with bitterness and sadness.

"W-wait!No!I don't want to replace you!Because you are you!And I am me!So don't go-..."

"Sorry...but I am about to disappear in this world."She said and Astrid's heart sunk for a moment then Avila continued."You know,I love my father and brother...even though they despised me.I wanted to say to them before my death that even if they have never loved me...I will always love them.But too bad...my wish has already been granted.And they were too late."Avila explained with tears of...joy?or is it sorrow..No...it was both of them.

"Then why don't you tell them and I will not replace you."Astrid wiped Avila's tears as Avila's tears keep falling hastily on the ground.

"I can't."


"Because...I am about to disappear from this world and I can't withdraw my wish,can I?"

"What?No!Don't tell me that b*lls**t!You are not going to disappear!And I-..."Astrid was cut off when she saw Avila's hand slowly fading away along with the lower parts of her body.

"I told you I am about to disappear from this world and I want you to replace me so that you can take care of my family while I am gone."


"And please tell my brother,father and them..."

Them?Does she mean the maid,butler and that man?

"That...thank you for everything...And Astrid...no Avila...I will give you all my memories and along with my name...and please live freely."And with that she faded away and Astrid,no Avila, was left utterly dumbfounded,then suddenly a beam of light flashed in her eyes while she thought.Why do they always put brightness in the end of sadness...I mean why do they always need to torture my eyes!

To be continued...

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