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As the years go by and the world keeps going mad, the last resource of a hopeless romantic is to create her own world, her vision of what beauty and happiness should be.

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They're so beautiful.

All shapes, colors, form, and content.

Everybody can own them, anyone can use them.

As public records, and figures of speech, they're at everyone's disposal to make sense of a narrative.

If they're built well enough, you could be forever happy.

And why are we so keen and insistent on living in anything different than happiness.

Haven't you realized how beautiful could it be to live forever ignorant of something called reality?

And what is reality itself?

Who owns it?

How could everybody possibly know what's really real?

Does everybody want it?

I believe not.

Not everyone could manage to live in a world where everything's known, where a single deviation from the truth or a perspective of it at least, could result in a tragedy.

And what has the truth done for anybody anyways?

of course, you get stronger, but don't you get colder as well?

Not trusting? selective? lonelier?

Is it insane for me to allow a reality of my own in which I perpetrate continuos happiness although it may be built on top of a perfectly configured castle of lies?

Does believe in lies and wanting to sleep over them with a smile on my face makes me a liar myself?

And who would care if I lie to myself? If I'm okay with holding happiness for as long as I can trap it, why should anyone intervene?

Wouldn't that be cruel?

If nobody intervenes when I'm bordering the darkest sadness ever known to man, and no one appears when the ground below the precipice of suicide seems like the warmest bed for me to sleep on forever, why should someone tell me my dream is upsetting, wrong, and unrealistic even?

How unrealistic could it be?

I've already lived in many relationships full of lies for months and years, family, lovers... "friends", had me entangled and constrained to their web of lies.

I do not longer believe that my only options consist on keep on living in the reality of lies others create for me or live in a constant melancholic and taciturn reality of truths.

If in this contemporary world the only option for a hopeless romantic to live happily is based on creating its own world of delightful and alluring lies, then so be it.

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Ela Gonzalez I love writing in English and Spanish. Short tales have always helped me breathe again when I've lost air. Poetry is a passion of mine. Currently working on a book regarding one of my many unexpected experiences.


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