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Priya, a college student has lost her best friend due to a misunderstanding created in the past. Was it only a misunderstanding or something more? Read and find out how she is going to uncover the truth and mend her friendship with their fellow mates through their journey of friendship and betrayal. The names of places and characters used here are purely fictitious.

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The memories of the past

Another day has come to an end.

I thought as I sat in my room with hands on my chin. The moonlight entered the room and the pages of the book fluttered to the soft wind blowing through the window

It has been a year since we stopped talking... I wondered, what could be the reason for this misunderstanding? Did I do anything wrong? Or was it a foul play?

The person who was my only well-wisher. "My Best Friend". I looked at a photo frame hung on the wall drifting back to the thoughts of last year...


It was mid of the semester, I was heading to the afternoon class right after lunch... I was engrossed in thoughts of the upcoming assignment and bumped into two of my friends Asha and shruti. They hugged me excitedly and I smiled in surprise. When I asked the reason for her excitement. They almost screamed in happiness:

Asha & shruti:-The college cultural festivals are to begin!!


My thoughts got interrupted by the clock striking 12. I hurried to bed as tomorrow was important. I will be going back to college after the vacation. Most importantly I was yearning to see Asha after a long time.

She was not willing to see me after the incident which happened last year, the incident which made our friendship go weak. I hope to clear the differences between us and be like before 'best friends' more like sisters.

The next morning...

I came to college a bit early today as the professor had instructed us to prepare for the festivities this year. I went to the hall and to my surprise found Asha volunteering in the festive preparations.

I was really happy and I started moving towards her to start a conversation... but to my shock, I saw shruti who was running behind her helping her to put up things. By the time I could think of the possibility of how it happened, all the students came striding towards the hall to the assembly.

The principal, the headmaster and the professors started to instruct us about the agenda of the next semester and final examinations of the year but I stood still as if time stopped engrossed in my thoughts of last year...

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