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Colours of the wind

You know everything
about faraway lands
You've heard thousands stories
with beautiful ends.

You've seen once
what hidden should stay
You discovered breath-taking things,
I admit, but there's far more you may

Have you ever seen dancing petals?
Listen! Wolves're crying to lonely moon.
Have you ever whispered to stalks of grass?
Try to find treasure where mountains loom.

No land could surprise you, once was said.
Oh really? How foolish that sounds!
Even wise dawn would laugh
at everything you've just phrased.

Look around you, what can you see?
Green grass, calm blue sky?
There's more than this.

Run wildly through the woods
Roar from top of your courage
How high can it manage?
Touch the bottom of deepest lakes
And maybe you'll find
what your heart tries to say

Paint with all those colours of the wind!
Draw everything your soul wants to see
Listen to your inner voice drowned by a fear
Or do you wish to stay blind till the end of years?

Take it...Take the brush...And just live.

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