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It doesn't matter who or what you are, at one point in your life you have experienced a fun thing. It doesn't matter that it may be fantasy or reality because at the end of the day it's the same.

Reality is relative for an individual. If you were not thinking now, from your point of view there would be nothing. So the meaning of reality bends depending on what sees it.

Nothing is different,

That is why everyone is everything,

And nothing.

That means that happiness and sadness are not only


But also reality.

A part of reality that some find

more enjoyable than others.

It's is only us that decides what

reality is.

Because the Truth is that there

is no reality without someone or

something in it.

Just like there are no words if people

don't speak them.

It's a concept that can only be real

if we want to, because

It doesn't matter that it may be

caused by illusion or distortion of


Since reality is like a river

Once disturbed it keeps flowing.

No matter how you look at it as long as you want something to be true it can be true for you. Of course it's easier to achieve something in your fantasy but you can also achieve many things in the "real" world.

Let's say you have an opossum. If you put in a dishwasher it's neither dead or alive. Now let's say you have two opossums. you put one in an a dishwasher and he has a 50% chance of dying and a 50% chance of living, then you do the same thing with the other opossum in a different dishwasher. Also let's not forget that one of them has to die.

Now let's say you open up the first dishwasher and you see that the opossum is alive, now without even opening the second dishwasher you know that the second opossum is dead. What you have just witnessed is an exemple of quantum entanglement. Now you may be asking yourself 'what am i supposed to do with this information?'. Well you can apply this to life. If you know what life is like for you then you know how it is for everybody else.

That means you can make people trust you and then use them for your amusement.

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