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Change of our first place teach us a lesson that some time is negative or positive

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No friends

In the morning around 5:55am that was his alarm he set to wake up and he is serious of it, got him awake, when it was the alarm's sound he got up from his bedroom and went out to the bathroom to brush his teeth and have a quick bath.. soon it is becoming bright that everything was almost appearing clear ,so sily Nhial came out of the bathroom and back to his bedroom to go and dress and go to school.. After dressing and putting his black shoes he set out to and carry his black bag in his hand.....so he released that he forgot his set and that was after a two-minutes walk,he came back to collect the set, after for some time that could be around 5 minutes he also released that he forgot his plate,cup and spoon , "What is happening to me? Nhial keeps asking himself as he was going back to pick his things.

He was almost the latest student in the school compound that arrives. So in his way to the class, his set that was in his black trouser and was in the pocket that he kept his money, to avoid the money to be so seen he try to remove the set that felt in a loud voice that brought everyone's intention to him, made him feel ashamed, but that was something normal only that his is a new comer. He headed towards the office of the barsar to report himself as everyone was stearing at him that he was unable to to walk properly. from the office he was directed by the teacher and he was shown his sit (where to sit) by their teacher who was in the class for his biology subject. The teacher asked "if he is comfortable" he replied as a new comer and everyone was laughing at the way he speaks and make fun of his voice that sounds too scary and afraid.

He kept his head down to avoid the embarrassing, but that wasn't the best way for him to stop the embarrassment.

At break time as everyone was going for porridge, the poor Nhial was sitted with his head down suddenly a voice that was from a girl saying "go to get yourself porridge"and that was a senior three girl, that was the first and the nice voice that he had heard,sily Nhial put his hand in his bag to remove his yellow cup and as he turns back to see who that girl was,he never show someone behind him. he went on to save himself and as he was coming back, everyone was sitted in groups and having their porridge, his first time in and to eat in the school was too bad for him. As he sat on the doorway to the boy's domtry and open his little bag to get out his sugar, before he could,a hand reached him and say"give me small"without refusals he get his sugar out the gave the boy, soon another boy approach to him and too beg for sugar, a two-full spooned sugar was given to him by Nhial soon everyone that passes by beg for sugar from him with no objection his 1kg sugar got finished his very first day to the school.

In the class that was after they had their porridge hoping that he will get someone to assist him with a book, and with no noise everyone was busy reading that nobody could think of assisting him with one. he had nothing to read nor to write and everyone was busy he felt dizzy(sleepy) a voice suprise him"are you going to stay like this?,why not borrow a book?" Nhial who shyly replied"no, but I see everyone reading" the girl his desk mate said to him"ask them, they will help you" the first time in his life that was so bored and he will not forget it taught him a lesson...... "Sily me,why do I have to change my former school that was full of fun and my friends?.. Nhial keeps saying that to himself as he was remembering their past.

At lunch time the same thing happened that he sees everyone in groups expect him sitting alone on the old dirty desk that was at the way to the office and next to the window of their classroom. he spent the day like it was a week for him and boring like an old movie. with no friends

Nb. dear readers sorry for any wrong spelling or any possible error that may occur,please thanks for taking for your time to read this though it is not as you expect it to be, thanks once again!!!!!!!!.

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