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This is the first series of Colourland X, it takes place two months after the events of the seventh series of Colourland.

Chapter 1
The Coastal Island vs Bird's Isle War Plan

Meanwhile King Bobby was speaking in front of all advisors and many top warriors were there.

" So, we are here for a reason " said King Bobby.
" This war means so much "
" We can expand Bird's Isle "
" We will have better resources "
" If Bird's Isle is improved, there will be more vacations here "
" With more tourism, it is good for Bird's Isle "
" Warriors have an amazing opportunity "
" They will fight "
" We do not intend on harming civilians but if they do get in the way, then we will do so "
" Challenger claims that other countries will not like these invasions "
" He can claim that, but this is not about him "
" This is about Bird's Isle "
" The war is 3 weeks from now "
" So, continue your training and rest because you must all be ready "
" I am expecting no deaths "
" If not, very few "
" I have such a strong belief in our warriors here "
" They will fight with power, strength and honour "
" Advisors are going to fight outside of Lord Grackle "
" Their power will demolish Coastal Island "
" Remember that you are fighting for everyone in Bird's Isle "
" Resources will come here "

They were happy to hear this from the king and were talking.

" I am ready " said Blackburnian.
" Me too " said Diana.
" Coastal Island is no match for us at all " said Curtis.
" We should split up the advisors " said King Bobby.
" If an advisor is in more different places it will make it so easy "
" That is so true " said Queen Starling.
" Our advisors are so strong "
" Coastal Island will be embarrassed beyond belief " said King Bobby.
" We will send the resources to where in Bird's Isle needs them most "
" Challenger cannot scare us with his false claims " said Lord Grackle.
" His claims about Vasco are not true at all, he has no proof "
" Yes, that is true " said Paula.

Meanwhile Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby were talking.

" So, it seems that the war is very soon " said Crayon.
" Yeah, I wonder how it will go " said Colouruke.
" Bird's Isle will likely win " said Colourea.
" Especially if they are sending advisors to fight "
" I wonder about the baking in Coastal Island " said Artby.
" Bakers must be furious "
" Their baking could be affected "
" Well, depends on what King Bobby wants from the war " said Crayon.
" He says he will take resources "
" I wonder if Bird's Isle will invade other places "
" If they can get away with it, they will do it " said Colouruke.
" He said that he will not invade Numeria or Colourland "
" Well, those are the two nations that would pose the biggest threat to Bird's Isle " said Colourea.
" Yes, we should have breakfast " said Crayon.

They made their breakfast which they enjoyed.

They then met up with Warbler and Allie outside.

" Good morning " said Warbler.
" Glad to see all of you " said Allie.
" We should see Challenger " said Warbler.
" Yeah, that would be a good idea " said Crayon.

They headed to meet Challenger and they headed inside his house.

" Glad to see you all " said Challenger.
" So, you want to talk about the war that King Bobby is planning ? "
" Yeah " said Colouruke.
" I don't have a good feeling about this " said Challenger.
" I hope that countries will not target us "
" Yeah, that would not be good " said Colourea.
" Numeria may attack some countries next " said Challenger.
" They may do that to increase their resources if they feel that Bird's Isle is a threat to them "
" Well, I would like to stay out of all of this "
" Yeah, I don't want to have to get involved " said Colouruke.
" King Bobby is very unpredictable here " said Challenger.
" I am not sure what he will do after the war "
" Same here, what do you want us to do right now ? " asked Colourea.
" Keep training and get ready for anyone who could be an issue " said Challenger.
" Sounds like a plan to me " said Crayon.
" I have to meet with Colour King and other Colourlandish so I will be unavailable but you six can train " said Challenger.
" There will be a lot of discussion about the war most likely "

The six of them left and said goodbye to Challenger and headed to their usual training spot.

Crayon and his friends did their training and they felt stronger.

Time continued to pass, King Bobby was talking with Lord Grackle.

" You know what to do " said King Bobby.
" You will be with me and the queen during the war "
" Yes, I will do great " said Lord Grackle.
" Good " said King Bobby.
" There is a lot to do "
" Yes, there is " said Lord Grackle.
" We must make decisions for Bird's Isle "
" Yes, we must decide the expansions for Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.
" Lots of work here "
" The queen will also be discussing this as well "
" The tourism will be so great "
" We will see how other countries react to our invasion "
" We will have more resources and the money will allow us to expand our warriors " said Lord Grackle.
" If not, we will have to use warriors from Colourland "
" Yes, that is true " said King Bobby.
" Colour King would love to send people but Bird's Isle will be so expanded "
" I love all these resources, can you imagine what will happen after all of this ? " asked Lord Grackle.
" Yes, it will be truly wonderful " said King Bobby.

Meanwhile Colour King and Colour Queen were with Challenger.

" So, Challenger you have now seen what King Bobby will do " said Colour Queen.
" Yes, he has mentioned tourism " said Challenger.
" Yes, it is not just that though " said Colour King.
" The resources will be boosted " said Colour Queen.
" The 100 warriors have been decided now "
" Blackburnian is fighting, can you believe that ? " asked Colour King.
" His power is very strong " said Challenger.
" I wonder what will happen with other nations "
" We will deal with them " said Colour King.
" Any jackasses who dare to try anything will crumble "
" Colourland is too much for them "
" King Bobby is sending resources to Colourland "
" Yes, he is using warriors so I imagine that he would want to do this for sure " said Colour Queen.
" King Bobby has said that there will be no casualties " said Challenger.
" He plans to have an advisor with different groups to make this is a complete guarantee " said Colour King.
" Colourland has great forces, if we want to start wars we will win "
" We must be careful with these wars, tons of dying could happen " said Challenger.
" It will be for Coastal Island, not Bird's Isle " said Colour Queen.
" Bird's Isle is very strong " said Colour King.
" Not quite as strong as Colourland but they are more strong than anywhere outside of us "
" There is also Numeria " said Challenger.
" Yeah, they may be as strong "
" I remember King Bobby would want Crayon to fight "
" Crayon refused but now things are different now " said Colour Queen.
" His power is getting stronger by the minute "
" Yes, that is very true " said Challenger.
" If Colourland used his power then there is nothing they cannot fail to do " said Colour King.
" What are you planning ? " asked Challenger.
" Crayon has to agree to this "
" He knows what he can do " said Colour Queen.
" He did not join this war so I don't know what to expect for the future " said Challenger.
" Any jackass that messes with Colourland will fall " said Colour King.
" Crayon will deal with them "
" Not to mention my officials "
" Well, yes if there are any threats that strike us " said Colour Queen.

Lots of time then ended up passing and everyone then ate their supper.

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby were talking.

" I wonder what Challenger was talking with Colour Queen and Colour King about ? " asked Colouruke.
" Baking " said Artby.
" I am not sure about that " said Crayon.
" I believe that the war "
" The war is not far away from now at all " said Colourea.
" Bakers are ready " said Artby.
" They have to be very careful "
" Bakers know what these wars will do to these islands "
" Baking will do a lot here
" The warriors will not likely target the bakers " said Colouruke.
" I do not know what Bird's Isle will do, if they will target the citizens or not "
" King Bobby plans to not have citizens hurt " said Crayon.
" Challenger told me "
" Well, that is something that I was not sure about " said Colourea.
" The people will want their resources protected "
" Yeah, that is for sure " said Crayon.
" It could get real ugly "

More time continued passing and then everyone went to bed.

Chapter 2
The Mysterious Man

A man appeared in Colourland and then he started to attack another man.

" Where is Crayon " said the man.
" I don't know " said the other man.
" I know that people find him to be the hero, don't fuck around " said the man.
" I am not " said the other man.

The man then directly attacked him with blasts of water energy.

The man then went towards to the jail where Bear members were.

He then saw guards and he directly blasted them with the Ultimate Shark Blast, they were severely damaged.

" You are going to all perish " said the man.
" Hahahaha "

The man then went towards Easeion.

" It is time to wake up "
" Who is this ? " asked Easeion.
" My name is Colourik " said Colourik.
" Colourik ? " asked Easeion.
" What are you planning here ? "
" I will get you out of here " said Colourik.
" There is something involving Crayon that must happen "
" What is that ? " asked Easeion.
" Involving him as a hero " said Colourik.
" My power is very strong "
" I am here to tell you something about Colourland "
" What is that ? " asked Easeion.
" Colour King will take resources from Coastal Island " said Colourik.
" He is planning to use Crayon "
" Use him ? " asked Easeion.
" Yes, he plans to use Crayon for his goal " said Colourik.
" Now, as you know there is not a lot of time "
" The other guards will find out very soon "
" I suggest that you make your decision in the next minute "
" Leave with me, or stay here with the others "
" I will use my power " said Easeion.
" We can free some people but we likely do not have time for everyone, they will have to stay back " said Colourik.
" I understand " said Easeion.

Colourik got out with Easeion and Xax, he then went to a few other jail cells and he broke out Bill, Tara, Alice, Jessica and Flora.

He kept breaking out more people and then Willemease and Maxclever got out. They then were not able to free the others.

They then headed outside the building and they got outside. They were then all running and they then approached a car.

" We are going to have to find somewhere to be " said Colourik.
" Yeah, that is true " said Maxclever.
" The other members are really far away and we would not be able to save them " said Colourik.
" Well, it is nice to be out of that jail " said Easeion.

Colourik charged a tiny bit of energy and he broke open part of a giant car.

He broke another one.

" I will go with Easeion, Bill, Alice and Tara " said Colourik.
" The others follow me "
" Uh, yes " said Maxclever.
" Where are we going ? " asked Willemease.
" The Bear hideout " said Colourik.
" So, you know about the organization as well " said Maxclever.
" Crayon is someone that must be taken down " said Colourik.
" This is about him "
" I know others who want him finished off "
" If he is gone, many crimes will continue "
" So, you plan on committing some ? " asked Easeion.
" There are many more of us " said Colourik.
" All of you will be part of something "

Colourik's vehicle then started heading towards to the hideout.

The other vehicle followed and they arrived there.

" So, this is the hideout of the Bear I hear so much about " said Colourik.
" We need Crayon out of the way "
" He must brought down brutally " said Easeion.
" I will fucking hurt anyone who protects him or dares to do that "
" Good, we need that " said Bill.
" The Bear will be great allies to me here " said Colourik.
" People will have no hero in Colourland anymore "
" The despair of Colourland will help for the crimes "
" Hahahaha "
" It will be glorious "
" Yes, others will join us will they ? " asked Willemease.
" We will be training again " said Alice.
" I am glad to be around Easeion again "
" Yes, being around me is great " said Easeion.
" Bear members want this "
" Our power will just rise " said Tara.
" Yes, but we must keep up our training " said Alice.
" The others will have to be in jail for the time being " said Colourik.
" They will be on the lookout for us for sure "
" I don't think the hideout will be safe for long " said Tara.
" We will have to fight " said Easeion.
" I'm ready to blast people to bits "
" Hahahaha "
" Good to see " said Bill.
" Well, we should all head inside " said Colourik.

They all went inside the hideout.

" It seems they took all the stolen stuff here " said Colourik.
" Yeah, it seems so " said Easeion.
" We will have to find somewhere to eat " said Tara.
" Yeah, we will have to head somewhere else but not now " said Colourik.
" Yeah, the beds are still here " said Bill.
" Yeah, I don't think they went inside them " said Flora.
" That is good " said Jessica.
" Well, we will need to move somewhere that isn't the main area of Colourland " said Alice.
" Another criminal is here " said Colourik.

They then saw Malicia.

" Malicia, this is the Bear " said Colourik.
" Good, we will all be on the same side here " said Malicia.
" There are so many people that want Crayon out of the way "
" Yes, we do not need heroes in Colourland getting involved " said Easeion.
" I wanted him sad, but it could not happen "
" Colour King has officials in Colourland "
" We will deal with them " said Malicia.
" My ice abilities are too strong for any officials "
" Me and Malicia will eliminate Crayon forever " said Colourik.
" We will not allow him to stop our crimes " said Malicia.
" We will be hurting people who get in the way "
" All of us together will be so strong " said Tara.

Everyone then went to bed.

Chapter 3
The Criminals

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby woke up and had their breakfast.

" So, it will be more training " said Crayon.
" Well, we should do that " said Colourea.
" Bakers expect that from us " said Artby.
" Well, let's go " said Crayon.
" Baking is pumping me up " said Artby.
" I am so pumped "

They then headed to meet Warbler and Allie, the six of them then were training.

Colourik, Malicia, Easeion, Bill, Tara, Flora, Jessica, Alice, Willemease and Maxclever then headed outside the hideout and they then headed towards some villages.

" We are going to take everything " said Colourik.
" Our abilities will get stronger from more fighting " said Malicia.
" Not to mention we are going to take so much " said Easeion.
" I haven't been to villages much "
" They do have stuff " said Maxclever.
" Our power will crush them " said Willemease.
" Nobody will fuck with us " said Flora.

They then arrived at a village.

Easeion quickly punched a man, then knocked him down.

" What is meaning of this ? " asked the man.
" Shut your mouth " said Easeion.
" Everything is ours "

Easeion then grabbed the man and then started charging up the Ultimate Disaster Blast and then blasted him extremely hard.

Easeion took his wallet, Colourik started charging up the Deepsea Implosion while Malicia started charging up the Frostbite Implosion, a Stage 4 attack. The attacks combined knocking out so many people.

So many wallets were taken. They then found food which they stole. They then kept roughing up people. Bill, Tara and Easeion launched 3 Bear Implosions which severely struck so many people. They took from people again.

" So, we have conquered here " said Easeion.
" Hahahahaha "
" This is awesome, Crayon will no longer be a hero when he deals with this power "
" We should make sure that we continue these crimes "
" That is for sure, we have taken a lot of food " said Maxclever.
" We must take more " said Willemease.

They then continue to attack more people and take more.

They then headed back to the hideout with everything.

" Well, that went well " said Colourik.
" We took so much " said Malicia.
" That triple Bear Implosion was crazy " said Tara.
" All of those villagers have no idea now " said Bill.
" Yeah, we are looking great " said Easeion.
" It is a shame that my father Brett is not here but we have done great "
" Yeah, we are doing this for him " said Tara.
" The Smithson legacy will never go anywhere " said Easeion.
" Same with the Bear "
" Colourik and Malicia are incredibly strong " said Bill.

While all of this was happening Crayon was able to use a new technique called the Hawk Implosion.

" Wow " said Colouruke.
" That attack is crazy " said Colourea.
" I want to learn how to use it one day " said Warbler.
" It is a Stage 4 implosion like the one Challenger uses " said Allie.
" Does this mean that Crayon is now stronger than Colour King ? " asked Warbler.
" It looks that way " said Colourea.
" I love Crayon a lot "
" Crayon's the man " said Artby.
" It looks like Crayon, Challenger and King Bobby have gotten a lot stronger " said Colouruke.
" Colour King will get a Stage 4 implosion soon " said Crayon.
" I think Colour King is similar when it comes to stamina in fighting though "
" Yeah, we will have to just keep training " said Artby.
" It is what bakers would love "

They resumed their training using blasts, bombs, strikes, energy, punches and kicks.

Time continued to pass and it was revealed that some guards were hurt and that some Bear members were broken out of here.

Challenger and Colour King were then with Colour King's officials.

" What " said Colour King.
" These Bear members must be stopped, they will just steal "
" Not to mention the assaults as well, that is not acceptable " said Colourclever.
" So, what should be done ? " asked Colour Dictator.
" We have a search through Colourland for anyone that is suspicious " said Colour King.
" There seems to be a mysterious man involved "
" They did not break out many of the strongest Bear members though " said Colourclever.
" The mysterious man will be challenged by me " said Colour King.
" The others can be dealt with by officials or friends of Crayon "
" Yeah, that would make sense " said Colour Queen.
" Yeah, Crayon can deal with them " said Challenger.
" His friends will do well in fighting against them "
" Yes, that is very true " said Colour Dictator.

Meanwhile Colourik and Malicia just watched the news about the Bear members.

" We will have to bring our stolen stuff somewhere else and be there " said Colourik.
" Yeah, I don't want us to be stopped at all " said Malicia.
" We must find others who want Crayon to not continue what he is doing " said Easeion.
" That being said, stealing stuff and being out of jail is better "
" Yeah, maybe we should do that instead " said Tara.
" Crayon being harmed can wait " said Bill.
" We will figure out something " said Malicia.

They then used all the food and made stuff for themselves to eat. They took everything they had stolen with them and then they headed out of Colourland and they found this place called Colour Town.

" Colour Town ? asked Easeion.
" Yeah, it is to the north of Colourland " said Colourik.
" We cannot be in Colourland " said Malicia.
" Our hideout has been revealed, we fought against Colour King and Challenger there " said Easeion.
" They will suspect us if we are there " said Malicia.
" That cannot happen "
" Do people know about the crimes of the Bear ? " asked Bill.
" They might or might not " said Tara.
" They will have way less dangerous fighters " said Alice.
" That is true " said Easeion.
" We will have to break into somewhere or find a hotel " said Willemease.
" We will mess some people up " said Maxclever.
" There is no way that we are going down again "

They then all went to this house and they surrounded the owners.

" Prepare to fall " said Easeion.
" What is the meaning of this " said a man.
" This is ours now, prepare to die " said Colourik.
" There is no escape here " said Malicia.
" I remember hearing about the Bear " said a woman.
" Yeah and you aren't going to make it " said Maxclever.
" Hahahaha " said Willemease.
" You won't get away with this " said the man.

Easeion shoved them to the ground.

" There is no escape " said Easeion.

Maxclever, Willemease, Flora and Jessica charged up their Darkness Implosions. The others then made sure there was nowhere to go. The attacks directly hit causing insane damage. The two of them were knocked out, they brought their bodies inside.

" So, now we have somewhere outside of the hideout " said Colourik.
" There isn't really beds for all of us though " said Malicia.
" They will head to the hideout and find nothing " said Easeion.
" Not to mention everything here is ours " said Willemease.
" We will head outside for our training " said Maxclever.
" We can, but we cannot be seen " said Bill.
" Yeah, we cannot have any setbacks " said Willemease.
" Nighttime we can train " said Maxclever.
" Yes, outside we can do that " said Easeion.
" I do not want any issues with people at all "
" I will hurt people who try any shit for sure "
" Yeah, that is for sure " said Bill.
" Those two may wake up " said Tara.
" We will finish them for good " said Easeion.
" Their lives will be no more " said Tara.
" Yeah, that will be great " said Bill.

Time continued to pass and King Bobby was talking with Queen Starling, Blackburnian and Diana.

" So we are now getting closer to war now " said King Bobby.
" Resources will boost our tourism so much "
" My wars will impact tourism so much in a good way "
" Yes, Bird's Isle will be even better " said Queen Starling.
" I have not contacted Warbler for a while " said King Bobby.
" Time to do that "

Warbler was called by King Bobby.

" I am getting this call " said Warbler.
" Wonder who it could be " said Crayon.
" Bakers " said Artby.

Warbler answered the call.

" Hello " said Warbler.
" Warbler, this is the king " said King Bobby.
" We must talk now "
" What has happened ? " asked Warbler.
" Your training " said King Bobby.
" It is going well " said Warbler.
" Good, Bird's Isle is ready for war so much now " said King Bobby.
" This war helps tourism, Bird's Isle needs wars like that "
" Tourism ? " asked Warbler.
" Yes, tourism will be increased like crazy " said King Bobby.
" There will be more resources, our hotels will do so good "
" Bird's Isle needs war "
" Hotels ? " asked Warbler.
" Will there be more wars ? "
" At a future date " said King Bobby.
" We want to start wars, but not too many "
" The possibilities are endless, there are no boundaries to what our warriors can do "
" Other countries will understand what Bird's Isle wants "
" Will they intervene ? " asked Warbler.
" They understand why we want tourism here " said King Bobby.
" Our warriors are bringing it here "
" Warriors know that they are doing this "
" Well, I have to get going "
" So see you later "

Warbler, Crayon, Colouruke, Artby, Allie and Colourea were talking.

" That was King Bobby " said Warbler.
" He mentioned tourism "
" Tourism ? " asked Crayon.
" Why ? "
" The warriors will bring it to Bird's Isle " said Warbler.
" That does not really make sense to me " said Crayon.
" The king says that more people will come to Bird's Isle due to more resources " said Warbler.
" Again, I really do not understand how this will work " said Crayon.
" We should go to the bakery, the king will just do whatever " said Artby.
" Sounds like a great idea to me " said Allie.
" Our mouths need this " said Artby.
" Bakers understand them and they understand my purchases "

They then headed to the bakery where Artby began talking.

" I love bakers " said Artby.
" My love for them is so strong "
" Uh, thanks " said a baker confused.
" My purchases are here to stay " said Artby.
" Bakers have truly loved my mouth with their baking, that baking is their true love for my mouth "
" What ? " asked Colouruke.
" Colouruke, there is true love for my mouth " said Artby.
" Artby " said Colouruke.
" Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.
" True love for Artby's mouth from a baker ? " asked Warbler.
" Yes, there is Warbler " said Artby.
" Look at how they bake "
" I see that they make delicious bread but this is just something I am not sure about " said Warbler.
" Well, we have our bread now so let's go " said Colourea.

They left with their bread and they headed home. Warbler and Allie then headed to their place.

" I love you " said Allie.
" Me too, I love you a lot " said Warbler.

They both headed into the house where they were talking.

" The king wants tourism but these wars will not help that " said Allie.
" Yeah, time will tell what happens with this " said Warbler.
" We have trained so hard " said Allie.
" Yeah, we are ready " said Warbler.

Warbler and Allie embraced each other, meanwhile Easeion was talking with Colourik.

" Colourik, I have seen your power " said Easeion.
" It is so strong "
" Yes, my power is great " said Colourik.
" We will harm people so easily "
" Malicia is also very strong "
" Yes, that is true " said Easeion.
" We will strike at nighttime " said Colourik.
" We want to bring the vans "
" Yes, we plan to steal a lot "
" Our wrath is too much for anyone here " said Easeion.
" They will truly be hurt, hahahahahaha "
" Yes " said Colourik.

Time passed more and then Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby were talking.

" I wonder about these criminals " said Colouruke.
" Baking will stop them " said Artby.
" Baking ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yes, it will " said Artby.
" Baking does it all, so much is because of baking "
" Uh, what " said Crayon.
" Baking has kept me so pumped " said Artby.
" It has helped everyone in Colourland "
" Well, we should have our supper " said Colourea.
" Bakers love it when we enjoy our suppers " said Artby.
" They are amazing people, my love for the baker will never die or go away "

They had their supper which they enjoyed.

More time continued to pass, Crayon was talking with Colourea.

" I love you " said Crayon.
" Me too " said Colourea.
" Well, we are happy together " said Crayon.

Crayon kissed Colourea, meanwhile Artby and Colouruke were talking.

" I am thinking about bakers " said Artby.
" What about bakers ? " asked Colouruke.
" I am thinking about how they bake always " said Artby.
" My thoughts are always baker centered now "
" Now ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yes, I am thinking about bakers even more " said Artby.

More time passed and everyone went to bed.

Chapter 4
Nighttime and Morning

Colourik, Malicia and the Bear members that they broke out were talking.

" Now is the time to steal some stuff for sure " said Colourik.
" Yes, let's go " said Easeion.
" They will truly fall to the ground, hahahaha "

They then headed through Colour Town and they saw this store. Easeion used the Disaster Implosion to break inside.

They then saw the cash register and took everything out. They then stole gum, protein bars, smokes, whisky and vodka.

Colourik saw a man which he directly hit with the Ultimate Deepsea Blast which knocked him out directly.

Colourik took his wallet, Easeion and Bill launched their Ultimate Bear Bombs towards other men there which were knocked out cold.

" Glad to do this " said Bill.
" Same here, I love it " said Easeion.
" I will cause so much harm, nobody will get in our way "

They then took their wallets. They brought everything to the van and then they headed to this other store which they blasted through and they took money, gum, smokes and whisky.

" Hahaha " said Tara.
" This is going great " said Bill.

Malicia used the Ultimate Blizzard Blast while Colourik used the Ultimate Deepesea Bomb, the attack combined to this very cold water bomb with tons of power which knocked out so many people.

Wallets were taken and so were necklaces.

Colourik and Easeion then surrounded people and fired blasts full of energy knocking them down.

" Hahaha " said Colourik.
" This is us taking everything now " said Easeion.
" Yes, there is a lot we have now " said Colourik.
" We should head back " said Easeion.

They headed back, they all headed back to the house and put everything away.

" Well, we did well " said Maxclever.
" Yeah, we sure did " said Willemease.
" There is no stopping us " said Jessica.
" Yeah, there never will be " said Flora.
" Easeion has shown his power " said Alice.
" Now, we will do some training " said Malicia.
" Yes " said Colourik.

They then started charging tiny bits of energy into their punches and kicks and they kept attacking each other with them for a bit.

Easeion then used his Tenfold Bear Strike against Colourik's Tenfold Deepsea Strike.

Willemease and Maxclever used their Tenfold Darkness Strikes against Flora and Jessica's own and they all hit.

" This went well " said Malicia.
" Not to mention when we use our attacks during stealing then we will become stronger " said Alice.
" Yeah, that is so true " said Tara.
" My talent is bringing so much fear around the area " said Easeion.
" I love when people are scared like that "
" The Smithsons scare so many people hahaha " said Bill.
" Good, we need them scared " said Easeion.
" I will guarantee that they will live in fear of us "
" Yeah, that is great " said Tara.
" Well, we should do this tomorrow night " said Malicia.
" These motherfuckers will truly face their demise " said Easeion.

They all then went to bed.

Morning came, King Bobby then released a statement.

The war is now two weeks away. This opportunity is so amazing for our warriors, they get the opportunity of war. War is great for Bird's Isle for so many reasons. The first one is the resources we are getting, the second one is being seen as a hero, the third one is the tourism, the fourth one is living in a better Bird's Isle and the fifth reason is saying you have won in a war.

Thank you for fighting in this great war,
King Bobby Blackbird

The statement was sent through Bird's Isle and was aired by news stations.

Blackburnian and Diana were talking.

" I wonder where in Coastal Island they will bring us to ? " asked Blackburnian.
" I am not sure " said Diana.
" Splitting us apart will make them crumble "
" Yeah, only Lord Grackle is not going there " said Blackburnian.
" We will crush Coastal Island " said Diana.
" This war will go great for Bird's Isle "

Diana and Blackburnian embraced.

At the prison, all the Bear members who did not escape were talking at breakfast time.

" I wonder who that guy was " said Brett.
" The Smithsons are now free, I wish I could see them but I am glad they are free "
" Yes it is good for them " said Blackin.
" My love for Blackina is super strong, me and Blackina must be free "
" Yes, our love is different than other love " said Blackina.
" The passion that we show for each other is amazing "
" Blackin has never stopped loving me "
" Blackina is too beautiful to be locked up, but I am glad the others got out " said Blackin.
" Same here " said Whites.
" Someday, there will be a wedding "
" I will be a best man that is not forgotten "
" I know that you will do great " said Xax.
" My bro Easeion will become stronger "
" I know that he is capable "
" He will be stealing for all of us "
" That is so true " said Melissa.
" I know that we will all meet again "

Meanwhile Warbler was contacted by Blackburnian, he picked up the phone.

" Hello " said Warbler.
" It is me " said Blackburnian.
" The war is two weeks away "
" I see " said Warbler.
" Warbler, we are fighting for so much " said Blackburnian.
" Tourism and resources especially "
" Tourism, I don't really understand " said Warbler.
" My brother, tourism will be increased thanks to what these resources will do " said Blackburnian.
" If Bird's Isle is even better, then people will come here "
" You know this "
" Well that is true " said Warbler.
" This war will do so much, Warbler you will see it for yourself " said Blackburnian.
" See you later "

Warbler was talking to Allie.

" Allie, Blackburnian called me " said Warbler.
" What did he want ? " asked Allie.
" He said that Bird's Isle will be completely different after the war " said Warbler.
" Well, that is possible " said Allie.
" He mentioned tourism like the king " said Warbler.
" Tourism ? " asked Allie.
" I do not understand "
" Same here " said Warbler.
" Well, I am glad to be here with you " said Allie.
" Same here " said Warbler.

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby got up and were talking.

" Bakers are happy " said Artby.
" They are ? " asked Colouruke.
" They can sense my presence as a customer, they know I am approaching the bakery " said Artby.
" Well, we could go there today " said Crayon.
" Yeah, that does sound like an idea that is good " said Artby.
" Our mouths truly deserve baking "
" Bakers understand them "
" Well, we should get ready " said Colourea.

The four of them got ready and they then made their breakfast which they enjoyed.

Easeion was talking with Bill and Tara.

" We should find somewhere and take more stuff " said Easeion.
" Yeah, we should travel to a village " said Bill.
" More than one " said Tara.
" We can always use more " said Easeion.
" I will make more people full of so much fear that they cannot handle it "
" Hahahaha "
" I wonder about Crayon "
" Colourik did want him to not get to be the hero anymore " said Bill.
" That is very true " said Easeion.
" He will get his chance to ruin Crayon "
" I want that for him and for us "
" Yes, that is what we need but for now we will keep stealing and training " said Tara.
" Yeah that is true " said Bill.
" We must remember what it means to be a Smithson " said Easeion.

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby met up with Warbler and Allie.

" Good morning " said Warbler.
" Good morning you two " said Crayon.
" Challenger wants us to head with him to see Colour King "
" Well, let's go " said Colouruke.
" Bakers want us going, Colour King will talk about baking " said Artby.

They then headed to meet Challenger and Colour King.

Chapter 5
Mysterious Man Colourik

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby, Warbler and Allie arrived where Challenger and Colour King were. They greeted each other and went inside where officials of Colour King were.

" The man who broke those Bear members has been revealed " said Colour King.
" Who is he ? " asked Challenger.
" A man named Colourik " said Colour King.
" His power is strong " said Colourclever.
" He should not be a problem for me or Challenger " said Colour King.
" So who could beat him ? " asked Colourea.
" Crayon should fight him " said Colour King.
" Crayon is too much for him "
" Colour Dictator and Colourclever should join the rest of you against the others "
" We will continue training " said Crayon.
" Absolutely " said Challenger.
" Good " said Colour King.
" We got a report about the hideout and none of them were there "
" I wonder where they went " said Colouruke.
" Maybe bakers will know " said Artby.
" Bakers have so much wisdom, they are so wise "
" I don't think they would know the whereabouts of these criminals " said Colour Queen.
" Still why Colourik would break out Bear members is something ? " asked Challenger.
" Maybe there is a motive against us " said Crayon.
" Or that he feels that they have a better chance with more people " said Colour Dictator.
" We will take them down " said Colourclever.
" I bet bakers would want that " said Artby.
" They could be harmed "
" They bake so much tasty bread, I will protect any bakers "
" Well, maybe where they are there is a bakery near " said Colouruke.
" I wonder if they are in Colour Town ? " asked Colour King.
" It is something worth trying " said Challenger.
" Yes, it sure is " said Crayon.
" The only other place they could be is here, which they are not "
" Well, we will decide who to send now " said Colour King.
" Me, Colour Queen and Challenger will stay back "
" The rest of you will go "
" When will we head there ? " asked Crayon.
" Right now " said Challenger.
" You will find a hotel to stay until you do " said Colour King.
" Yes, we shall do that " said Crayon.
" Good, we will keep in contact " said Challenger.
" You have all been training, the Bear members should not be difficult " said Colour Queen.
" Yeah, we will take them down " said Colourclever.
" Bakers would love that " said Artby.
" You are all dismissed, we have things to do in Colourland " said Colour King.

The giant group went and they were talking.

" Colour Town is 1 hour away from here " said Colour Dictator.
" So we could head to the train station ? " asked Crayon.
" Yeah, that would not be a bad idea " said Colourclever.
" Let's go " said Colouruke.

All the officials of Colour King were with Crayon and his friends, they all got their tickets.

" So the train is in 75 minutes from now " said Oceanoke.
" It seems that way " said Electro.
" We will take down Colourik " said Colourea.
" One thing I don't get is why free Bear members " said Allie.
" He must be bringing criminals together " said Warbler.
" Yeah, that must be it " said Colour Dictator.
" We will give them a good asskicking " said Artby.
" Bakers want me to give them one "
" Bakers ? " asked Colour Administrator.
" Yes, bakers want their asses kicked " said Artby.
" Bakers understand what is going on in the world "
" They know what I must do and will do "
" I am not sure about that " said Colour Dictator.
" Bakers must be understood, their wisdom is off the charts " said Artby.
" Off the charts ? " asked Colourclever.
" Yes, their wisdom is so strong " said Artby.
" Well that is something " said Oceanoke.
" Well we should head to get something to eat for sure " said Electro.

They headed to eat and they continued talking.

" Well, that was good " said Colourea.
" It sure was " said Colouruke.

Meanwhile Colourik was talking to Malicia.

" We will deal with Crayon " said Colourik.
" Yes, he will crumble " said Malicia.
" We are ready for him " said Colourik.
" The others will deal with his friends " said Malicia.
" After they are all defeated, a decision will be made " said Colourik.
" I cannot wait for this "
" His demise is needed, his destruction must happen "
" Yes, we cannot allow him to be the hero " said Malicia.
" Hahahaha " said Colourik.

The train then left Colourland and then headed towards Colour Town, they arrived 1 hour later and then got outside of the train and then started talking.

" We must look for a hotel " said Colourclever.
" Yeah, sounds like a plan " said Colourea.
" We should probably head out during nighttime " said Crayon.
" Knowing them, that is when they will be outside "
" Good idea " said Colouruke.
" We should check in at the hotel " said Oceanoke.
" Bakers here will experience my purchases later on " said Artby.
" They will experience me as a customer and see my love for the baker is strong "
" Love for the baker ? " asked Allie.
" Yes I am in love with bakers in general, my purchases show that affection " said Artby.
" I bring it for the baker "
" Uh, what " said Crayon.
" I am in love with bakers, bakers are my true love " said Artby.
" There is love triangle between me, bakers and bread going on "
" Artby " said Colouruke.
" Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.
" There is love there " said Artby.
" I hope bakers do not hear about these love triangles " said Colourea.
" They might find it odd or creepy " said Crayon.
" I have this belief in bakers " said Artby.
" Believing in them making bread taste good, sure but love triangles I am not sure about said Crayon.
" Well, my love for the baker is still strong " said Artby.
" There is a side of adventure within me "
" Adventure within you ? " asked Warbler.
" Well, we should get to the hotel " said Colour Dictator.

They all arrived there and checked into their rooms.

" So, you want to head to the bakery now ? " asked Crayon.
" Yeah " said Artby.
" Let's go " said Colouruke.

The six of them arrived at the bakery.

" Glad to see bakers from somewhere new " said Artby.
" Bakers all over the world will have my purchases one day "
" I know that the adventure within me is strong, it will guide me to more bread "
" I am glad to see new bakers baking bread "

They got their bread and left, Artby thanked the bakers.

" I am glad to get a new experience of different bakers " said Artby.
" It is nice, I will meet every baker ever "
" Every baker ever ? " asked Colourea.
" Yes, every baker will be seen " said Artby.
" The adventure is within me and I am so pumped for baking "
" Well, we could head back and eat " said Allie.
" Yeah, the tasty bread should be eaten soon " said Artby.

They then headed back and ate then were talking.

" So when should we search for them ? " asked Allie.
" At night, that is when they will strike " said Crayon.
" We could check now but I don't think that they will be out "
" Yeah, that makes sense " said Colouruke.
" Bakers do not want to be hurt " said Artby.
" They will want us to fight "
" We will take them down " said Colourea.
" For sure " said Warbler.
" Our search and fight will take a while so we might want to get some rest " said Crayon.
" Bakers do want us to get rested " said Artby.

The six of them decided to get some rest.

Meanwhile Easeion was with Alice.

" I am glad to be here with you " said Easeion.
" I am happy to see it " said Alice.
" Yes, I am the villain that you need " said Easeion.
" I just know it "
" This is for sure "
" You are the villainess that I need as well, the Bear has always wanted this "
" Me too " said Alice.
" Good " said Easeion.
" I am happy to see all of this "
" We will deal with Crayon "
" He will go down " said Alice.
" My talent is so strong, it will overwhelm him and his friends " said Easeion.
" He will crumble to dust, hahahaha "

Time continued to pass, Colour King was contacted by King Bobby.

" So I hear there is someone named Colourik who broke out Bear members " said King Bobby.
" Yes there was but there is no Brett, Blackin or Blackina " said Colour King.
" So this should be simple " said King Bobby.
" With Crayon and Colour Dictator, these criminals will collapse " said King Bobby.
" They cannot be kept stealing "
" It cannot continue "
" Yeah, that is for sure " said Colour King.
" I know that your side will take them down " said King Bobby.
" The war is getting closer now "
" Yeah, I that it will not be difficult for Bird's Isle " said Colour King.
" These wars will do wonders for Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.
" Challenger is concerned about the lack of a threat "
" Well that is his choice " said Colour King.
" As long as he does not interfere "
" He had better not " said King Bobby.
" Bird's Isle will not stand for that "
" The warriors want to fight and for that to be ruined is unacceptable "
" Well, I will be going so see you soon "

Crayon and his friends finished resting and then they were talking.

" Glad we did that " said Crayon.
" Yeah, we are more ready now " said Colourea.
" I am more ready now " said Artby.
" I am ready to give an asskicking "
" Bakers want me to give one "
" Bakers love that from their customers "
" It is what the baker to customer relationship needs "
" We will have to decide who is fighting who " said Allie.
" Crayon will deal with Colourik " said Colouruke.
" Easeion will be taken on by Colour Dictator " said Crayon.
" He is capable of defeating him "
" Bakers want Easeion to lose " said Artby.
" Bakers are tired of him, he is not helping the baker "
" Uh, what " said Warbler.
" Easeion is hurting baking " said Artby.
" Baking cannot go down, I will give a great asskicking "
" Well, I wonder who will be fighting who " said Crayon.
" Crayon will win his fight " said Colouruke.
" Colourea will do the same " said Warbler.
" Bakers have guaranteed this themselves " said Artby.
" They have ? " asked Allie.
" Yes, they have communicated with each other involving our fighting " said Artby.
" Bread and fighting has a history "
" History ? " asked Crayon puzzled.
" Yes, bakers know it " said Artby.
" Bakers love our fights so much and I love them "

More time continued passing and the group of friends left and they were searching for the group of criminals.

The group of criminals continued attacking people and stole some stuff.

Colour Dictator and the rest of the officials found Crayon and his friends. About 5 minutes later, they all saw the criminals.

Chapter 6
The Criminals Are Found

" So, there is one of them I do not recognize " said Colourclever.
" Everyone recognizes me for a reason " said Easeion.
" People are so terrified of my fighting "
" I don't think so " said Crayon.
" This time things will be different " said Easeion.
" Crayon, we meet at last " said Colourik.
" Just who are you ? " asked Crayon.
" My name is Colourik " said Colourik.
" We know of the glory you will try to get by attempting to be the hero "
" I will not allow that "
" We will make you sad as shit " said Easeion.
" My brothers will do that " said Tara.
" There is no stopping that " said Bill.
" Bakers want Crayon with a smile on his face inside the bakery " said Artby.
" He will have a frown, I'll give him a fucking frown hahahaha " said Easeion.
" I will embarrass who I fight "
" It is Colourik and that woman we are concerned with " said Colour Dictator.
" My name is Malicia " said Malicia.
" I am with Colourik to obtain what I need "
" Colourik is too strong "
" Crayon will not stop him "
" That is true " said Alice.
" I have been the villainess Easeion needs "
" Villainess ? " asked Colourea.
" Easeion has said that he wants something out of Alice " said Bill.
" Love ? " asked Crayon.
" That is their choice " said Flora.
" They will hit you all hard " said Jessica.
" Me and Willemease are ready for redemption " said Maxclever.
" That is true " said Willemease.
" We will strike you down very hard " said Maxclever.
" Don't bet on it " said Crayon.
" We will embarrass you in front of Colourea " said Easeion.
" Bakers do not want Crayon embarrassed like that " said Artby.
" Bakers will not stand for that ever, I love bakers "
" Baking is my true love "
" Uh, what ? " asked Electro.
" Artby loves baking " said Colour Administrator.
" Colour Administrator, have bakers truly loved you ? " asked Artby.
" Not particularly " said Colour Administrator.
" I haven't been going to bakeries "
" Bakers will love you going there " said Artby.
" You know Artby and bread " said Colourclever.
" He believes in bakers according to Challenger and Colour King "
" Yes, that is true " said Warbler.
" He can believe in what he likes, he is going down " said Maxclever.
" That is for sure " said Willemease.
" We will take him down "
" The Bear is back together and ready for fighting, truly glorious " said Jessica.
" Crayon will crumble into dust " said Easeion.
" I will make sure of that "
" The Smithsons will rise and they will destroy all of you " said Bill.
" Yeah, I don't see it " said Colourclever.
" You will witness that " said Tara.
" Our family is full of power " said Easeion.
" Hahahaha "
" Our talent will crush you "
" It will not " said Colouruke.
" I am ready " said Warbler.
" With bread eaten how could we not be ready " said Artby.
" Bread keeps us ready, bakers want this always "
" Bakers understand our bodies and what they need "
" They want your money " said Maxclever.
" Bakers understand why I purchase " said Artby.
" They are good people "
" They understand that they will be richer from customers like you " said Easeion.
" They make good money off that "
" The money is saving our mouths when it is spent that way " said Artby.
" Saving your mouths ? " asked Easeion.
" From what ? "
" The lack of baking " said Artby.
" You need baking to this degree " said Easeion.
" Baking does wonders " said Artby.
" I need baking, bakers need my purchases "
" We help each other so much "
" Well, I don't believe that anyone must have baking unless there is nothing else available " said Easeion.
" You are all going to crash and burn anyways so it matters not "
" Nothing will stop me in any way "
" Hahahahaha "
" With me fighting as well not to mention " said Colourik.
" My power will be unleashed "
" The end is here " said Malicia.
" There is something I don't understand " said Warbler.
" Why does Crayon being the " hero " bother all of you so much ? "
" We know what him being around will do " said Malicia.
" We do not want this glory for him "
" He will get nothing " yelled Easeion.
" I am too powerful "
" Hahahahaha "
" I think not " said Warbler.
" The Smithsons are a strong, aggressive family " said Tara.
" Power is just flowing through us " said Easeion.
" Well, if you are all so confident then let's see what you all have " said Colourclever.
" I am confident because I am so skilled, everyone knows about my skill " said Easeion.
" My skills will scare people like usual "
" Bring it on " said Colourea.
" Bakers have toughened me " said Artby.
" Let's fight "

This is the end of the first part of Colourland X, the next part is The Big Fight section.

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