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No pain is unbearable

Pain is painful. When we suffer the pain we cannot suffer anything else. Pain is an indication that something is wrong with our system.

Pain does not leave you until you pay attention to it and find some remedy.

For some pains, just rest is enough, but for some pains and aches, you have to see a doctor.

Some pains do not go away easily.

I suffered from back pain for a few years because of disc prolapse. It was such a type of pain that made me nervous and diffident. I wanted relief at any cost. Somebody told me there were certain psychosomatic health problems too. I consulted a psychiatrist, who treated me for bipolar. Another doctor saved me from him.

By this time my earlier problem had gone away, but after giving me a possible drug-induced Parkinson.

When I was suffering from severe lower back pain I had this thought-"No pain is unbearable for a man. If it goes beyond a threshold the person may lose consciousness. If it crosses all limits the person may die."

However, by following a healthy lifestyle and proper medical care we can get rid of the pain or at least manage it well.

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