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It all started at Walter street . Oliver cried for help and on one to helped him.At this tragic moment of his life, he could only remember the voice of his father. "No one loves you in Walter except me!" "How on earth would he know that when every one in the neighborhood smiles at us ?"oliver wondered and yet couldn't find a more suitable answer than the tear running down his eyes. It couldn't be very much possible that no one cared. Stilvia a None of the catholic faith who had always love the bond between the two came and pull him out of his tears . Mr Oliver Jayman got married at very tender age due to his enthusiasm and infatuation over I'ell his wife . After seven year of marriage, his wife gave birth to a son who was named after him Oliver jayman the second . In six year time , their love depreciated and more that they couldn't bear to see each others presence .and the had to part ;going their separate ways. Oliver Jayman's death at Walter street was a great wonder to people .Being with him in one roof ,he could understand and know that it was his his client who had him kill . At 10:00am, Oliver the nineteen years old boy took a walk with his dad round the proved estate . The walked inner to a point which they saw some children on the estate field playing football. Mr.Oliver glanced at all of them and after so minutes,he giggled . Oliver was suprised at his dad's action "They just scored a goal dad "Oliver said .
"Am not blind , saw it "His. Dad responded .
"Then why then did you laugh?"Oliver asked. Mr Jayman turned to oliver smiling .
"Scoring a goal is impressive because you're helping others but earning a goal success my child"he brakes clearing his throat.
"Business is a goal my son"he waited for another question but Oliver didn't ask because his dad loves business and also tells him about it all his life. Oliver hated to hear about business at every point and time but now,he wishes of hearing more but couldn't because his dad had been stolen by death.
Stilvia took him to the church and into the convent of sisters .
Oliver was still in shock and wasn't willing to eat any thing .
He place his hands over his face cleaning some tears .
"What really happened ? "Stilvia asked anxiously but Oliver said nothing but cry.
Stivia couldn't see any other way of consoling him so she let him alone to cry.
Few minutes later of no concern from any one,Oliver stopped crying and started looking around trying to figure out where he was.
Glancing through the tall walls of the building,he noticed someone was staring at him for the longest time.
She looked at him with great sympathy and tears running down her eyes.
As her eye met with me with his , she looked away immediately walking away through the hall way.
Oliver ran after her and met up with her. She kept walking fast as if she was at a war front.
"Wait please "Oliver said holding her handing.
Immediately he held her ,she turned towards him screaming.
"let go of my hand"
Oliver was immediately surprised why she screamed as she ran out of the hall way.
Oliver followed her slowly to see where she had ran out to and surprisingly, Oliver found out he was in church .
And wasn't much surprised because Stilvia was a Non.
"God I have sined, have mercy"
The girl prayed out shivering on the altar and praying more.
Oliver stood looking at her pray.
After some minutes , the girl stood up turning to the hall way,she met Oliver gazing at her and smiling .
"What your problem ,why are you hear ?"she asked
As Oliver felt bad of how rude she was .
" Sorry I just thought I could talk to you but I didn't know that you would react this way." Oliver lamented walking back to the other side of the church which was full with drawings and paintings.
She saw transparency in him and felt sorry for him and bad for her reaction.
She walks up and down with her to and fro like the devil and her heart was ready to apologize for her action but her mind was having many thoughts coming in and out of her.
"Hey am sorry for what I said"she apologized turning her back to run out as Oliver Sighed.
She turns to Oliver and saw him shivering.
Are you hungry she asked handing him piece of bread.
"What kind of bread is this?" Oliver asked due to it raw thirst.
"Unleavened bread"she responded.
Oliver ate the bread even if he had no much Idea of what he was eating.
"Do you care for water?"she asked as Oliver nodded .
She ran out and came back with three liters of water handing him to drink.
Do you drink this much Oliver asked as she smiled in return.
Oliver continued eating the thirst less bread and smiles any time his eyes met with hers.
Oliver didn't understand why he behaved abnormally with her.
"Am usually rude "he rethoughted
"Are you sure you're satisfied?"she asked.
Immediately she asked this question ,Oliver was convinced that she was concerned about him but why is she running as if I want to hurt her, or have we met before?Oliver wondered .standing up , Oliver walked close to her and cover her with his height( any one passing behind Oliver would barely notice her)
He asked
"Have we met before?"Oliver asked to clarify his doubt.
"No !" She responded shaking her head too .
"Hmm.am Oliver,what is your name?"he asked, straighting his hand to shake hers .
Am Treasure" she responded looking down to his hands .
He looked down to see what she was looking at and he saw nothing.
" Don't you shake"?Oliver asked as she nodded in response
"Scared of hand transmitted infection?"he asked laughing as she smiled scratching her neck in nervousness.
"How about a hug?"Oliver asked moving closer to her as she jumped back ward and shouting
"No" she responded with sweat running down her face as if she was stealing from some one
"I don't do all those am a sister" she added
"Being a sister doesn't mean you should be boring , just a hand shake shouldn't be a big deal ". Oliver said holding her face as she pushed him away, running towards the convent shivering.
Oliver stares at her running away to the church hall surely without a doubt.Oliver knew she had gone to pray again.
"What sin has she committed?" He said to himself as he walks towards stilvia's room .
He knocks at the door and no one responded but still the same response.
Oliver suggested she might have gone out so he sat in the entrance of her door .
" Oliver" A voice called his from behind and turning towards the direction , he found Stilvia standing.
"Stilvia " he responded standing up
"Glad to know you have recovered from the shock"stilvia replied locking her door.
"Wait ,why are you looking the door?"Oliver asked curious.
"Oh am so sorrybut it is time for lessonsand prayer, join us"she requested giving him a conviening look.
Oliver stood for some time andhad no idea of where else he could go so he followed her.
While entering the premises , all attention was towards him . Oliver startled when he saw him self In the midst of ladies.
They were all dressed in white and had their head covered.
"This is the same dress worn by Treasure" he thought , looking around to find her because they crossed was too much .
As he was glancing through with his eyes met with three girls seating next to each other .
They gave him a seductive look ,bringing out their tongue time to time like snakes and winked (at the same time ) And started chartering among them selves.
Oliver Immediately looked away ,so not to sin in they house of God but yet turns again to confirm what he saw.
"Hail mary full of grace they Lord is with thee " Stilvia said as they chorus strange words .
Oliver walked out and stood on the varendah."Oliver" a voice called him from behind so he turned towards the direction and saw Treasure standing behind him looking down.
"Treasure ", he responded clearing his throat.
"Why are you here" Oliver asked as Treasure Looked up .
" Follow me and stop asking foolish questions " Treasure responded
"Wow a sister called me foolish right in front of the alter"Oliver said .
"Just follow me " she said
"And anyways we are outside not even close to the ulter"she added moving.
(Olivers mood changed immediately)
"Why should i follow you"? Oliver asked .
Treasure looks at him and smiled ,(Never In her life has she seen a boy except her father who is at his 40s )
"Treasure" Oliver called on her as she didnt respond but stare .
"Treasure!" He called again , this time holding her hands.
Immediately he held her hands , Treasure felt it and pushed him away .
"Follow me, Let me show you to your room "( Treasure said walking away ).
Oliver had no choice but to run after her.
She got to an abandoned apartment and stood in front of it.
" This is your room "She pointed towards it giving him a quick smile.
"How old are you" ?oliver asked eagerly
"Why do you care"? She retorted
(Oliver gazed at her and remembered one of his mums book, GIRLS WAY OF LIFE)
"Because I feel I don't have any one to talk to and I just like to be your friend but instead, you keep reacting weird as if i'll hurt you"Oliver lamented
Immediately,Treasure looked into his eyes and saw sparkles of crystal pass through.
"He is very tall and handsome any one who sees me with him would have the wrong impression". She said in her mind but working away would make me look rude.
"Am sorry but can't help you"she responded turning towards the exit, walking away from him but this time,she walked slowly.
"So you really wouldn't be my friend?"he asked so loudly and out of fear, she ran back to him and covered his mouth from saying anything.
Oliver looks at her wondering why she had covered his mouth.she looks around as he she was spying .After some seconds she gave a sigh of relief.
"Are you crazy?"she asked turning to him meeting their closeness to each other .she slowly pulled her self back and cleared her throat.
"Why would you shout so loud,do you want me dismissed from her?"she asked Oliver.
"Ya!"Oliver responded as her facial expression changed.
"I mean ,it wouldn't be a bad idea because you be back to your normal lifestyle,with family."Oliver said smiling but she still frowned.
"Sorry" he apologized clearing his throat.
"Why do you run from me"Oliver asked as she inhaled trying to move back but couldn't so she took a look at herself and saw Oliver's arm around her waist.
Immediately she started sweating and called on him.
"What ?"Oliver responded.
"Am a sister"she said
"I know" Oliver responded.
"You shouldn't be touching me" she added giving him a slight push flinching.
"Sorry!so that why you run from me?"he asked but treasure said nothing but nod.
He smiled nodding back and moving some few steps backwards.
Treasure smiled at his response in satisfaction.
"Why are you hear?"Treasure asked as he moved towards the room .
"No that's not what I mean,your parents,did they want you to become a sister? " she asked giggling.
No! I would never imagine myself sleeping in a place like this.My dad's death has frustrated my life"he stopped trying to control his self from crying but couldn't.
He died right infront of me and was unable to help him.I watched him die in pride and pains"Oliver stopped cleaning his eyes.
Seven years ago,My dad had a contract from the Government to build federal roads and ministry.My dad started building and after the first two years , he had contract that that worth one million USD.
Before we could finish celebrating, my mum was kidnapped by his rival who remains hidden .
They raped and beat her up ,they tormented her in many Ways.
After everything, they called my dad, asking for randomly that worth the same amount he got paid.
My dad couldn't dare lose the money neither his wife.
My dad and I have been training from when I was a kid on Marshall art (kungfu).
With the help of his tracker, we got to their hideout and broke in.
I couldn't believe my eye when i saw how frustrated she was "Oliver stopped talking using his hand to clear his tires off and moving close to Treasure .
"Why are you crying?" he asked
"Me?"she touched her face cleaning her tries .
"I have never cried so ever I see any one cry,I join them."she responded.
"After saving my mum, she signed a divorce paper running away to canada and got married there and my dad cried but yet she didn't listen." Oliver moved to a wall and based on it.
"Why would she live after everything?"Treasure asked .
"She left because the fight got deadly ."
"How?"Treasure question
"Because I and my dad killed does men who raped her"Oliver responded as treasure shifted from him.
I regret killing them because what my mum feared most came which was death.
"They came back with guns and attacked us at Walter street and my dad pushed me into a sniped grown get the bullet Just like that " Oliver broke down on his knee crying as Treasure joined him she cried as if someone had hurt her helping Oliver up on his foot putting Oliver's weight over her shoulders. Oliver continued crying even when he got in the bed.
Treasure couldn't live but sat in the bed counseling him.
One hour letter, Treasure heard a foot step coming towards Olivers room.
Her hreat started pounding ,she turns to Oliver to inform him but was already asleep.
"Oh my God what was I thinking?
I touched him,amnd am also in his room ."she moved towards the door and saw miss Stilvia staring at her.
" Ma'am Stilvia" Treasure called out as Stilvia turns her back walking away in disappointment.
"Ma'am Stilvia please wait"Treasure said running towards Stilvia.
Stilvia stops , turning to Treasure.
"Am disappointed in you treasure!"Stilvia said looking at her so rudely
"I promise nothing happened " she said.
"I never said some thing happened " she added in a manner of instructing some one .
"Thank God you didn't judge by sight."Treasure said as Stilvia shock her head.
"Who In the world would believe that two beaut would stay in a room and nothing happens?.come on girl don't lie to me ."Stilvia said frowning.
"Seriously, so you think I could possibly have anything to do with him ?"Treasure asked in amazement.
"Oh please don't tell me that "Stilvia said putting hands on Treasure shoulder.
"To err is human dare" Stilvia completed her speech .
"No , I didn't do any thing but you think so because you have been commenting atrocity in hear"Treasure said looking into Stilvia's eyes.
"What do you mean ? "Stilvia asked
"I know you have a boyfriend and you are just a pretender "Treasure said working away from her.
Stilvia stood for the three minutes staring at Treasure until she disappeared into the walls.

It nine o clock , Oliver awakes and went to have his breakfast at the dining room.
Getting There , Oliver saw Treasure standing at the dining, smiling at him.He came closer , whispering greetings to her ear.
"Good morning dear how was your night?" She responded still with a smile on her face.
" I slept well " he responded
They two gazed at each other for a
long time
"Normally in movies when this happens the both end up kissing" Oliver said to him self smiling foolishly
" So had any difficulty with they fan? " she asked like a person who is in a hurry to start a conversation
"Why do you ask?" Oliver responded
"Cause you are shivering" Treasure answered like a person trying to clear a stupid imagination from some ones brain
"Only some one who cares would notice when the person she cares about is down" Oliver added
" 1 You should have said he or she
2 I don't care about you" she said rudely
" Relax its just a joke , so calm down and chill out" Oliver said
"You know what you are so annoying , even when I keep distance from you , you still look for a way to stick around like a fly or bee" She said expecting Oliver to shut up and eat .
" That is the bond which keeps our love ongoing " he answered with a smile
"Who can ever be in love with a fool like you" she said arrogantly
Immediately Oliver kept quiet and he felt bad ,As Treasure started laughing .
"Okay am confused ,why is she laughing instead of sorry " Oliver said to himself felling a bit confused about Treasures laughter .
" Look at you , You kept quiet all of a sudden , what happened?" She asked as she continued laughing
"Oh no you don't do that to a Jay man" Oliver said running towards her , They both ran she starts playing with Oliver as they ran towards they play ground , They both spots some sisters approaching from a distant , They two hides in a pillar close to the kitchen , as the sisters walked pass them
" Phewwww " Treasure sighed
" Whats with a sigh of relief , were you bothered by some thing or what? "Oliver asks
" Let's go back to the dinning " she said politely
"No you see, i Kind of wonder why you hide from them when ever you are with me " Oliver asks turning to look back at Treasure , And finds Treasure turning towards the dinning room .
" Wait Treasure" Oliver added
As he ran towards her ,He held her hands and to his greatest surprise she didn't push him away .
"Wow Treasure am holding hands with you " he said surprisingly
" So what's the big deal about it " Treasure said smiling
They both chattered for a period of time .
"Okay anyways what's your favorite food " He asked Treasure
" Hmm Ekpan kukwo , Like I really love it when my mom prepared it " she replied
" Wow you are used to local foods huh?"
" What about you what's your favorite food?" She asked him gently
" Me ,Some creams and caramels , Like it so yummy "
" Thats not a food , that's ...."
" Uhh huh tell me what it is ? " he cuts In
"Like you are saying your mum never prepared something good for you to eat ?" Treasure asked
Olivers mood changed at the moment remembering his pops his ma , he felt his Pops abandoned him to follow death .
"Sorry ,am not saying it in such manner ,I just feel concerned like, you haven't eaten any nutritious food in your life?" She asked so seriously
Oliver laughed as if he was forced to , as they both glared at each other for second time .
They started getting closer .
" Like what is she doing , she doesn't remember shes a sister?"
Oliver said to himself still getting closer to Treasure.
Could barley see the gap between them as Oliver rethought of it.
"What are you doing ?"he asked sounding like he was taking his last breath.
Treasure moves her mouth closer as his mouth slightly open.
"Do you love me?"Treasure asked .
Oliver wasn't confused at all , he knew he loved her without a doubt.
"Yes ,I love you Treasure"he responded as Treasure pushes him to the wall pulling up her head to kiss him .
Any one could hear Oliver's great beat even from the hall way.
Finally, their mouth met and to his surprise , the lip were very strong like an enchant foam.
Immediately , Oliver opened his eyes.
"Ahhhhh , why do they ring bells in the convent . He screamed out loud
He sat up on his bed wondering if Treasure could really do what he saw in his dream.
Door bell rings
Grrrrr ,(Oliver grunts )
" Good morning Oliver its time for morning mass ". Stilvia said smiling.

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