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Special Post! Based on the holiday "St. Patrick's Day". The cover art is not by me and is by my friend Kit! GIVE THEM CREDIT!!!! <3 <3 <3

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Just My Luck

Summary: Jett gets a pot of gold with a heart labeled on it which he originally thought was fake until he accidentally drops it and Jett's crush can no longer control keeping his thoughts in his head and admits he likes Jett.

Just my luck, Jett thought as he let out a disappointed sigh. He didn't want to hurt his dad's feelings but he also didn't want the little burlap bag with a black plastic container shaped like a pot. He didn't exactly know what to do with it but still thanked him and left. When he arrived back at his house he sat on his bed and stared at it. Jett decided it would fit well on his nightstand but when he got up he dropped it. Pink glittery powder swirled in a miniature cloud then settled. And then went straight through the floor. Jett stared in awe and confusion as he wondered what to do. Where did the glitter go? He shrugged at his own question and decided to forget about it. He had a place to be and he wanted to look decent.
Acorn stood in his room. He was in his regular black hoodie and blue jeans. Unsure what to do, he shuffled out of his room until a sharp pain jolted through his head. "What in the-" Acorn said aloud. "Was that some sort of headache?" He clapped a hand over his mouth. "Why on Earth am I talking to myself? Why am I talking out loud? Uh-" he stammered, although it was stifled. Acorn ran.
Jett met up with Acorn at a small park. With a thick blanket in hand, Jett kneeled to place it on the ground. The two had planned a picnic there to celebrate their friendship of 9 years. I wish it'd be more than that though, Jett sighed. Acorn on the other hand was not having it. Quite literally. He was afraid if he took his hand off his mouth he would say something he didn't want to. Jett wondered why but thought nothing of it for it didn't bother him. They both laid down and stared at the sky, their only difference was one had a hand over their mouth. "That one's pretty," said Jett who was referring to a white puffy cloud. Acorn responded with a muffled 'mhm' but remained as quiet as he could. He tried not to look at Jett as it would make him think about him and wouldn't be able to control himself. This worried the older boy and his thoughts immediately resorted to him doing something wrong. Acorn had never acted like that before and it was making Jett feel nervous. Jett rolled over on the blanket and looked down at Acorn. The younger boy turned to his side to avoid eye contact, little whimpers in trade for coherent words. "Acorn? Did I do anything wrong? I'm sorry if I did, I'll make it up to you-" Jett said, his face sullen. Acorn choked back thoughts telling the boy that no it wasn't his fault, he was just an idiot and didn't deserve to have him in his life and- wait if he was thinking that then he was saying it which means that Jett could hear him and-
"Oh, shoot," Acorn stared at Jett, his eyes wide as Jett leaned in close. "Is he going to kiss me? Why is he so close, what in the-" Acorn's rambling was silenced as Jett pressed a warm kiss to his mouth. Thoughts swarmed him and he suddenly felt lightheaded. His eyes snapped shut and he pushed back just as intensely. Jett was taken aback and wrapped his arms around the younger boy, a small smile creeping over his face. He pulled away and looked a the boy beneath him. "No, c'mere." Acorn brought him back and their lips reconnected. They sat there, together, and wished it would never end.

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