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Stay Alive

Found you laying in the shadows, absorbed in the dark

Eaten by fears of glory, expectations and the will to die

But please listen to what I´m about to say

Don’t you ever think about not breathing again

I know this year has been really hard

Your head is consuming your faith in being alive

It may be selfish but trust me I need you by my side

Count on me, trust me you will get through this night

Your insomnia as a toy is a broken one

Your eyebags, scars and sanity are shouting me how bad you are

You are not alone, notice how you and I are watching the same stars

Don´t you ever doubt about me leaving you behind

We are in the same path, please call me when you´re feeling down

Even if that happens every hour, every day because the anxiety just doesn’t shut down

Don´t push yourself harder than you can

The flowers can´t bloom when the winter starts

You are worth it, you are smart

Don’t fight with the deep blue one

I know you feel empty as the wind

But stop drinking, stop your will to kill

The butterflies in your wrists

Are the evidence of the blue nights, you win

With a cigarette and a lover as a blanket

That the moon didn’t put over you, she didn’t bother

Listen to me, don’t run to get that gun

One shot is the time left, that we have got

Stop crying said to the both of us

Your life matters, why does my voice seem to be as dust?

Stay alive my friend I beg

Keep trying, for me, I suggest

Cause everything is a mess

And I can't assure

That I won't end with you in the grave.

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