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hiraeth is what they're left with when they have destroyed their life and envy for the innocent child that was blissfully naive and free and full of life, but they were that child. when hay let the person thay once were die. and force it all behind them. I am that person and I am the reason cant go back.

Подростковая 13+. © do not coppy this is my orignal and persinoal storry

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The longing/nostalgia for a home you can't return to or never was.

running through the hallway, barely making it to the Jim building. pulling out my earbuds and jamming them in, pressing shuffle on a random playlist. I take a seat at the front of my bus line as the song fit for rivals started playing. about 5 minutes later my bus number was called. I got on the bus and made a beeline for the back seat. I took my seat and pulled out my phone and opened wattpad settling on some werewolf story, and sang along to king for a day. being the last stop I had about an hour and a half before my stop.


Authors note: this is my first story on here and this is all I've got for now my updates will be slow and this is based on a true story personal story from someone in my life. there will be triggering topics and grammar mistakes I would appreciate input on my mistakes. thank you.

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