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Hannah goes with her friend ,Jessica, to a new club where she gets kidnapped! While she's under her kidnappers eyes she finds herself trying to escape. The only problem, is that she's also falling in love with him. In the end will she choose her freedom and escape him or will she stay with him forever?

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Blue Moon

It was 10 at night and I was just getting off work. I work at a well known restaurant called Deja Vu as a waitress. It's not my dream job, but it pays well and my boss is fairly nice. Although my boss, Ms. Hatch, was nice and fair to her employees, she could be very demanding. Not that I was complaining, it just gets annoying at times.

I finally reached home to my apartment. It was a studio really, not big but enough space for me since I lived alone. Just as I was setting my bag down I got a call. It was my best friend Jessica. We were supposed to go out tonight and let loose, maybe find a hot guy to dance with. I answered the phone to a very excited and practicality screaming Jess.

"Be ready in 30 minutes, I'm on my way!" I couldn't help but giggle at the excitement in her voice.

"Alright. Did you find out which club were going to?" I asked, going through my closet to find a dress.

"Yup, it's called Blue Moon. Its a new club and is supposed to be super fun, like, Baltimore fun." She replied.

"Sounds interesting. Text me when you get here, the door should already be unlocked. See you in a few." I hung up the phone and quickly jumped in the shower.

When I got out, I put on my dress. It was a short black dress with a deep cut in between the chest, stopping just a little above my navel. The back was open showing my flawless skin. Plain, but sexy at the same time, making me feel powerful.

Next was makeup. I never did much when it came to makeup, because I never felt the need. I had pale skin, full rose lips, big grey eyes, and a button nose with high cheek bones. A natural beauty. I applied a little bit of mascara and tinted lip gloss. As for my hair style, I left my straight white hair flow down the middle of my back.

Just as I was putting on my black stiletto heels and adding my finishing touches, I heard my door open and a very excited Jess walked into my room. She was wearing a blue dress, that hung tightly to her like a second skin. Her dress stopped mid thigh and was covered in beautiful sequin. She had her hair up into a ponytail and did full face makeup.

"I'm so excited. Maybe we'll find hot guys to buy us drinks." she said, plopping down on my bed.

"Maybe. Hell, who knows we might just find our true loves." I said, sarcasm clear in my voice. She just rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. You ready?"

"Yup." I replied grabbing my hand bag. And out the front door we went.

* * * * * *

It was a little after 11 when we arrived. Jess said this was a good time because the place would be less crowded and some booths were still available, since people didn't start to come in till around 12. As we entered, there were already quite a few people in there. It wasn't skin touching crowded but it was still crowded. We quickly got a booth in the back of the club and ordered four shots.

We both downed or shots and ordered another four almost immediately. At this point, I was tipsy and decided to stop after the fifth one. Jess, however, downed three more forcing me to stop anyway, if I intended to get us back home safely. At this point, it was past 12:30 and the place had already gotten really packed.

Jess' eyes landed on some super cute guy at the bar. I had to admit he was really handsome, and I'd be lying if I said he wasn't attractive. As cute as he was, he wasn't my type, but Jess on the other hand was practically drooling over him. She quickly went over to him wobbling a bit. She was definitely drunk, I sighed to myself. After she went, I started randomly scrolling through my phone.

Jess had been gone for a while now, so I looked up to see where she was. Her and the guy looked like they were really hitting it off so I continued scrolling through my phone. After about ten minutes, I felt an intense gaze on me but I promptly ignored it, continuing what I was doing. It had been five minutes, and I still felt that same gaze. Annoyed, I quickly looked up to see who could possibly be staring at me.

My eyes landed on the most handsome man I had ever seen. He had aqua eyes, dark jet black hair, thin lips and a sharp jaw line. In short, he was a Greek God. Once he noticed that I was looking at him, he gave a very cocky smirk. I just rolled my eyes and internally scoffed.

I looked at the bar where Jess was sitting, and found her and the guy she was talking to gone. I immediately started to panic and got up to look for her in the crowd. All kinds of bad things were going through my head. What if he took her? What if she gets hurt? I had been looking for the past 15 minutes when I heard my phone buzz. It was a text from Jess. Immediately I opened the text and read it:

'Hey, sorry for leaving. Remember that guy I was talking to earlier? Yeah well, we hit it off pretty good. His name is Bryan, and we're going to his place. Sorry, love you.'

I felt myself relax a little, and went back to our booth to collect my stuff and go home. As I was collecting my things, I felt arms snake around my waist. Then I was pulled into a hard chest. My body stilled and I again, started to panic. I tried to push whoever it was away from me, but their grip was to strong and only tightened.

He put his head in the crook of my neck and took in a sharp breath. That only caused my panic levels to rise, and again I tried to push them off. All my attempts went into vain, they were too strong. I felt tears running down my face as they whispered in my ear.

"Hello darling, remember me?" He said, his voice husky, dripping with venom and bad intentions. Admittedly, I was confused when he asked if I remembered him. I slowly turned around only to find the same guy that was staring at me. Only a small gasp escaped from my lips, before a tissue was shoved in my face with a chemical on it causing black dots to appear in my vision.

"You're mine now." Was the last thing I heard before I was completely eloped into darkness.

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