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story about spirit was locked up by a mage in cave but for decades no one step inside it , until one day ***************** There is two worlds the second one named by streakke-mond . ***************** Was there spirit called by green spirit for it color , it acqauires the body of kings and creates wars between kingdoms or that what history says , and group of mages decided to stop the spirit from destroying the humanity , and after big fight against them but the leader of the group "tesior" lucked him in magic Cafe with a curse on him .

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for a long time, there is a spirit called green spirit locked in a magic cave by a mage for decades no one steps inside it, until one day. Is it the time for the spirit to set free?

Like every day Richard wake up early and took breakfast with his mother Jean, and prepared for his work as Hairdresser, he always dreamed to be a footballer but his dream broke 2 years ago with the death of his father so he drops out of school afterward and found work to help his mother. Jean was optimistic for her son life but after the death of her husband, she didn't accept or didn't want to understand that he was too old to survive heart operation, and she retired from "it" consultant, and she has a lot of creative designs and ideas with shapes of smartphones.

Richard finished the breakfast and stood up and was heading to the door but his mother Jean says " Richard, why you didn't talk to me this morning, is everything ok with you", Richard says" you know Mom that this week I was having a lot of customers and for that, I did more work in huge stress ", Jean says " I've been always telling you that job not good for you but I think I am talking to myself, not to you I guess", Richard left home quickly and didn't answer.

At that moment his mother was busy with the procedures of the project to open an office to rent cars so her son will work there and step away from the hairdresser job, but the question in her mind there is a chance that he will accept this job?

Richard was thinking about his father and he was the only friend of him also, even his parents so old( his father 66 years old and his mother 57years old ), and his mother got pregnant with him after years of their wedding. After minutes Richard arrived to the hairdresser's store and he didn't notice it until the owner Carlos start yelling on him and rebuke him as well , this is the situation of everyone gave a job to teenager or kid he thinks that he have slaves working for him ,even Richard was working all the day without cheating in his work , after he completed the work of the day and head the way back to his house , on his way back to the house three teenager were blocking his way and they seems familiar, Richard says " what do you want from me , let me go please I'm really tired but I feel good since I left school and don't have to see your ugly faces anymore" teenager from them with brown hair and big eyes seems evil says "you think that when you dropped school you will run from us , very funny now give us your phone and your money and we will think to let you go peacefully , mouse face " (they bullied him because he have big front teeth but even that he is handsome with sweet smile),Richard replied "you guys promoted from bullies to thieves, you guys Always changing but to the worst of course and now let me go because you'll not take anything from me so back off " so Richard pushed towards him and hit him on his face and one after another but the two others throw him on ground and start kicking him until he lost conscious and they left him after , he woke up after fews minutes and was there a girl trying to wake him up , she was beautiful and she has piercing brown eyes also light brown hair is styled with a crew cut. and she says "what happens to you richard who did that to you" richard while he didn't understand what going on here and where he is, so the girl asks him again " are you okay " richard replied " don't worry I am okay, I think I know you, right? remind me with your name " she smiles and said " my name is maddison but call me maddy, you forgot me so fast I was your classmate last year, remember the girl with big glasses she was me, " richard says " but you..." maddison says " yeah I look different, I know" Richard he looked uncomfortable and she understands the situation and she helped him to reach his house and left quietly without any word, while Richard was along the road didn't find anything to say to her it's been a year he didn't talk to her and know anything about her, besides she wasn't a close friend to him, he doesn't have friends, and with overthinking about her, he asked himself, "did I will meet her again?"

jean says "why you late it's 10 pm "the words of his mother broke his unconscious overthinking while he was heading to his room. He turned to say that he is sorry for being late, But his mother screamed while asking "who did that to your face "he forgot about the fight completely and his bruises, so he says "it's just..."Jean interrupted his words and says " don't try to lie to me, tell me what happened"

Richard found himself can't hide anything now so he told her everything happened that he was powerless and didn't stand in front of them like a man but like a coward and found himself trying to pretend and act like he is brave, Jean says " you remember the day your father died, you asked me the reason for not crying for your father death "Richard says "yeah you just said that you still have another pillar in your home but I didn't understand what that means "Jean with a smile says "that pillar is you and the home is my life and the reason that I didn't cry because your father left me with man, not everyone did what you did and even not reach 20 years yet" Richard says with a sad face "don't cheer me up I know who I am " Jean says"ok not everyone dropped school when he found out that he is the man of the house, and trying to find a job, even we have money but still you felt not right "Richard between his father and what his mother said to him he found himself pushing his tears back.

(After 2 weeks) the project that Jean was trying to establish finally done, she was preparing to tell her son about it because that was the time he will be home but he was late but suddenly knocking of the door without stopping and she opened the door and was in front of her scared girl says "are you Richard's mother ?"Jean nods her head without answering and the girl says "my name is Maddison Richard's friend, your son in danger. Boys of the school were chasing him and holding knives"

( 3 hours earlier)... Richard finished his work and heading to his home but while he was going someone snatched his attention while he was coming opposite, that was her.Maddy for sure he recognized her despite that she was far away from him, he felt his heart beating so fast while Maddy heading to him with smile on her face, and when got near to him she says "Hi, how are you brave boy "Richard stood quietly without any words to answer her, Maddison understoods that he want to say something probably and she gave him time but he stood frozen , so she want to fill or ignore this emptiness and says "I think you are not in mood to talk so I will go and let's talk when you feel better" Richard stopped her when she tried to leave and says wondering "where have you been the last two weeks I was asking somehow about you, just to tell you thank you for stood beside me that day I really appreciate and sorry for not saying anything along the road and now also , it's just..." Madison says while waiting for the sentence complete"it's just what..."Richard looking to the ground and with sad accent says "it's just not normal thing for me , I didn't experienced that feeling to have someone cares about me or for our friendship,to be honest I didn't know you very well when we were in the same class last year"Madison says "yeah because you was pushing everyone from you"Richard while trying to not match his eyes with hers and he says " yeah I don't know why , but I know now that I want to have at least cafe with you sometimes as friends of course if you like, I hope that not awkward for asking for friendship with you or you'll think I'm a weirdo" "no it's fine and this ordinary way to have friends I don't think there is any factory make friends to people" Madison says . So he told her to go together to cafe station now and she replied "wait for me here I will go to home quickly and I'll be back" Richard agreed and told her he will wait for her, after a while the same three bullies from school they came to him one of them says "how is your skinny body doing after what happened to him"Richard stayed silent and focusing on his eyes , one of three showed him the knife he has and says "we have new activity, last time we beat you but this time we want your money and I want to draw on your pretty face , by the way we saw that honey you was standing with , you are really insane to believe that you will have a Chance with her" Richard lost control and strike him but the bully succeeded to avoid it , and got chance and he wounded his shoulder , Richard with the cut felt that like he got cut from katana sword , seriously he thinks with small cut of that sword his shoulder will still remain in his body, so he ran away because he realize not good for him to confront them , besides it's simple equation, knives against Punches not always good plan , further they start as well chasing him and keep saying we will draw on your face this day , in the same time Maddison was coming to the place she left him and saw Richard running and 3 boys chasing him and everyone of them hold knife in his hand , she know herself not strong girl for doing something to help him , but she know one thing can do is telling his mother.

Richard was bleeding so much and still running he starts going through the Forest and he said to himself that Nevada doesn't have a forest like this near his neighborhood, but he kept moving until he found toward him a cave and he hides there but the weird thing the guys they were chasing him didn't found any Forest on their way, but they kept looking.

After some time, Richard lost his consciousness while he was hiding, his dreams were all about his father, he found himself on a path on flame and he looked down and saw flames and with every step, he moves forward the path gets smaller and his father says "look after your mother for my sake" and the same voice tells him that he's not the son he was waiting for, and the path still gets smaller with every step until he fell where the flames, he suddenly woke up after the fall, he saw a small green light and he stood up and follows it until he saw a broken mirror flying he moved slowly to the mirror because it was shining by green light, not every mirror do that, he saw his reflection on the mirror and he lost control of his body, he was felling only of his head flying and he heard voice says "why you are here" he felt like the voice coming from his head but he removes that idea and replied, "I was just..." And the voice interrupted him " I know you hiding but I want to know why here from all the places " Richard was close enough to lose his mind besides he was still looking where the voice coming from and replied "I don't want anything from the cave it's just I was hiding here " and the voice says while Richard felt it close to his ears "but I want" Richard wondering "want what " eyes appeared on the mirror and the voice said, "I want you".

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Mina Katim Mina Katim
Keep going zaid , you're doing a great job . Proud of u 💙

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