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Millenia ago, the universe, called Unir, was originated by Assian and Emial, the Primordial Beings. They also gave origin to the Alentë Nebula, and to the Children: Anmatar, Eramila, Pirenhad, Aumilwa, Nialitel, Minhierr, and Níssiriel. The Children would create the worlds of the Alentë Nebula: Norgdgian, Cil-e-Lian, Asgaralad, Miyanin, Estel'inam, Helrriard and Assiria. The latter would be the most beautiful, and there would arise the Aelmë, the Children of the Stars. But Minhierr, not content with this, allowed the emergence of the Helimard in his world. The Primordial Beings were pity, and allowed the rest of civilizations to emerge: the Nordmar, the Caelfim, the Asgranes, the Misanye and the Estelima. Minhierr would come into contact with strange beings from the limits of the cosmos, the Nameless. They corrupted him, causing that in his madness, the Ruin of Helrriard occurred, and with the rise of the Shadow Lieutenants, the war reached the Worlds of Alentë.

Фэнтези эпический Всех возростов.

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The Origin of the Universe

In the beginning of time, nothing existed. Neither space nor time could be measured, and everything was darkness, a darkness where emptiness did not even exist. Many are the stories that tell the origin of the cosmos, told through the centuries. All these stories speak of beings of great power. Nobody knows much about their stories or their former existence. All that the cultures of Unir know of these strange spirit beings is known to them through the Alentë Nebula, their most perfect creation.

These were strange entities and impossible to describe, since they were not corporeal, since even if they could be, they would not have space to move, since it did not exist. There was neither time nor distance. Nothing could be measured, nor felt. Those entities were there, without nothing else, just knowing about their own existence, in the field of consciousness and spirituality. And this is how these two entities met, and approached, and began to dance. The dance, it is said, was of exceptional beauty, a beautiful and incomparable dance. And it became known as the Original Dance.

This dance lasted for a long time, where the Entities enjoyed their company, and loved each other forever. As a result of the movements of these beings in the plane of consciousness, the physical space began to expand, and in a place of that immeasurable nothingness, a tiny spark of fire arose, that was igniting more and more until it began to burn. That flame, if time could be measured, over the millennia, it became bigger and bigger, until it had immense dimensions. It transformed into a great sphere of white fire, which the Entities suddenly exploded.

When the great sphere of fire exploded, the great nothingness without surface, or space, or time, expanded to dimensions impossible to understand, where its limits were unattainable in the sight of any entity, not so for the so-called Primordial Beings, who saw everything and knew where the limits were. But they didn't care. They had plenty of space to move around. Now, the universe, called Unir by its creatures, had indescribable dimensions, and in the center there was a great sphere of fire. That large sphere of fire, however, was not as large as the one before the great cataclysmic explosion. But it still burned, and it was hot. The Entities danced around the great sphere of fire, and thanks to their movements, a breeze from the strange beings embraced the sphere, expanding its flames and dispersing them throughout Unir, giving rise to the stars.

Once the fire was out, the place looked different. There was an immense cosmic nebula, a great cluster, shaped like a tree to mortal eyes. The trunk of the tree gave off a mystical and ethereal aura, with a trail formed by light dust around it, forming more nebulae. The tree was similar to a large sphere in that its roots joined its upper branches. That tree could never be destroyed. It was the perfect creation of the Primordial Beings. The small flame that gave rise to the sphere of fire was transformed into a seed, that from which trees are born, and would be what would give life in the worlds of Unir. And this nebula received the name of Alentë.

The ethereal entities descended from the vastness to the top of Alentë. These Entities are known as Assian and Emial, the Thought and the Faith. The cultures speak of the Thought as a beautiful man with long white hair, completely pale skin, and even whiter hair. His whitish eyes had no pupil. And the Faith is represented as a beautiful woman, with fine and delicate skin, with white hair, and without pupils too. Tradition tells that both were naked, there in the firmament, in the place that would be known as The Chambers, which no other being has been able to reach.

Assian and Emial had the gift of knowing the past, the present and the future with exactitude, because they know everything and see everything. Although some skeptics believe that fate can be changed, and that even the events that happened in Unir were not predicted by the Primordial Beings. But there are others who think that in truth, everything was seen by them, and everything that happened in the cosmos had its motive to happen, and all the acts and consequences performed by both entities and other creatures, were seen by the Primordial Beings.

Now that the work was done and the universe existed, and had space and time, the Primordial Beings danced again, a mystical dance of celebration. From this marvelous and spiritual dance, from this union of Entities, the Children of Creation were born.

Seven were the Entities that arose as a result of the Creational Dance. And these were Anmatar, Eramila, Pirenhad, Aumilwa, Nialitel, Minhierr and Níssiriel. These were the names that cultures would later give them, and this is the order in which they arose. But the Children were not related, just for the spiritual fact that united them. They were not brothers, but Companions, and neither Thought nor Faith were their parents, they were only their creators.

The Children are said to have only seen Assian and Emial once before they became ethereal entities and only communicated through them by consciousness. They know that Assian and Emial live in an unknown place in the firmament, but there is no possible way for any other entity to get there.

The tradition of the successive peoples of Alentë gave each of these Children a concrete appearance, because despite the fact that the entities did not manifest themselves in a corporeal form, there was the certainty that they lived, since there have always been hierophanies in the most beautiful places of the worlds. In addition, the different cultures were in charge of representing the creational entities, and they had certain representations.

Anmatar Norgdmar was the Lord of the Earth, and he wore brown robes. He had a large brown beard and his hair fell thickly over his skin. His brown eyes inspired great knowledge. He was owner of great wisdom, and despite his serenity, he was warm-hearted, and loved nature.

Eramila Caemila was the Lady of the Sky, who wore purple and blue robes, and she had the brightness of the stars all over her body. Her hair was so long that it almost reached her ankles, and her lips were as red as blood. Her eyes injected with elixir of life made her a passionate entity. She was possessor of great knowledge, and although she was of serious character, she always took care of the things that grow, and manifested her love for living beings.

Pirenhad Assam was the Lord of the Fire. His heart was the most sensitive of all his companions. He said that it is always necessary, because with his warmth, he makes life grow and flow. But when he gets too close, then he burns and destroy. But he can't walk away either, because when he does, he freezes, and so life is gone. He wore orange robes, and from his yellow eyes it seemed that flames were rising. His blond hair fell to her shoulders. He was the most jovial and friendly of them all, giving off great joy and happiness.

Aumilwa Minishana was the Lady of the Water. She was the most thoughtful and coldest. She wore bluish and whitish robes, and her eyes were a very light blue. Her hair sprouted halfway down her back. She was the most unflappable of them all, as she did not leave her emotions exposed, but even within her frozen heart, understanding and empathy are found.

Nialitel Estela was the Lady of the Light. Her eyes shone with incomparable luminosity, and her garments were warm colors. She was the kindest, the one who always tries to help those most in need, with a huge heart full of compassion. She believed she could help her partner, since she was the one who was always there when nobody was.

Minhierr Helcar was the Lord of the Darkness. He was the darkest of them all, and the saddest. His clothes were black, and his hair was dark and gray, as if countless ages of the world weighed on him. He didn't show up much, and he spent quite a bit of time alone. He was the most indifferent, but at the same time, he had a high understanding of aspirations, and he was the one who most questioned the established laws. But he had no malice, for none of the Children did.

And Níssiriel Aëlma was the Lady of the Abundance, whose character was free and spontaneous. She wore purple robes, and had dark hair, and she showed the innocence of youth. When she approached her companions, she was always well received and treated with much love and appreciation. Proud but at the same time humble, lonely but at the same time loved by all, she was the most emotional, and the one who most showed her deepest feelings.

When all the Children were ready, Assian and Emial gave them a task. Each of them had to create a world, and in the most beautiful world, there would be where the so-called Children of the Stars, the first intelligent civilization of Unir. And thus, the Creator Beings gave rise to the worlds in the place of the Nebula of Alentë where they arose after the dance of the Primordials.

It was in these ancient times of the formation of the planets that Assian and Emial gave one more gift to the worlds. The Primordial Beings decided to place a Replica of Alentë in each world, a great tree, the fruit of the seed of the Primal Sphere, and its connection with life was undeniable, since its corruption would mean the death of the world itself.

The Universe had originated, and still a long time would pass until the Cultures of Alentë had evolved. But the leading role of the Primordial Beings ends here, for the moment. The prominence of Creational Beings has just begun.

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Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë
Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë

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