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Free spirit

princess freya rides into the sunset on her white horse snow,looking over mountains yelling,"Go horse ,Go snow!

Freya!Freya!Her mother yells

Get off that horse!Its supper time

Even queens of the saddle need a decent meal

Freya jumps out the saddle,giggling,she says to snow

"I wonder if mom realized that I put sugar in the green beans ,when she wasn't looking

Late night brunch,Its a delight,when freya the queen,rules the night!

"Freya take off those boots!Your tracking mud all into this house,Its like I'm Cinderella in here scrubbing floors allday child!

Yes mother,sighed freya ,as she took off her boots,she then starts singing "She a wild one,with a heart of love,giving all she got,kisses and hugs

Her mother grabs freya hand,and starts to two step,two steps to the right,two step to the left,back it up,twirl ,give it all your best!

Freya,I declare,you've done it again!Distracting me from the mother den,but I love you anway,my best friend.

Freya runs to her bathroom, to wash her hands,then slides down the stair banister to gobble with her family and friends

Freya how was yours and snow ride?Her father ask,


she ran all the way home,just in time for mother screaming supper time freya!

Freya,her mother calmly speaks,let's eat our green beans,vegetables on 3

Freya father tries not to chuckle as he replies,Freya I'm glad you and snow had a good ride,as for your mother,she always been in the choir

Freya and her father giggle,while her mother shakes her head,smileing

"You two got jokes,what am I going to do with yall.

"May I be excused mom,freya giggles

Yes freya,but homework before play and sleep,the rodeo tommorow, I wouldn't want to miss it

Yes mommy freya says as she rushes upstairs to do her homework

Goodnight mother,goodnight father I love you,freya kisses her mother and father goodnight,and gives them the best of hugs


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