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Paradoxes, a complex and thought-provoking topic that has always aroused our curiosity and promises to knot our brains. "What is, has been. And what is to be, has been." Ecclesiastes 3:15 In the 6th episode of “The 1999 Paradox”, after discovering that, in some unknown way he theoretically could have been the cause of a fateful event in the past, Denny is finally in the face of decisively going back in Time to realize Professor Rita's prophecy. However, something - or someone - had unexpectedly stopped him while he was on the verge of that time jump ... • Will Denny be able to jump and accomplish that intent and, consequently, save Emmanuelly? Be sure to follow the 6th part of the series, The Bridge Girl Paradox KSZ OLIVER HAVE A GOOD READING! .

Саспенс 13+.

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Reconcavo region – Brazil …

She ran with difficulty through the dense forest. Thorns and dry branches scratch the skin on her arms and face. There was a deep cut in the right heel. The wound bled for a while, leaving an intermittent trail of drops of blood along the way until it was stopped by the dirt. Adrenaline and survival instinct masked the pain.

“Somebody help me! Someone, please help me! Shouted the girl, gathering her few remaining strengths. Her cry of despair echoed in what was left of that empty stretch of Atlantic Forest.

The stress and the stuffy environment of the woods produced an intense perspiration, increasing her tiredness. Her face was red from the sun. She could feel the salty liquid running over her eyebrows and into her eyes. They burned. She closed them quickly and repeatedly to soften the burning and see the way ahead. Her stalker, like a typical predator who had already chosen his prey, was after her. He seemed determined to recapture her and prevent her from reaching the highway. However, with the noise of vehicles approaching, he felt that he was losing her.

Her lips were dehydrated. Her mouth and throat, dry. She thought about screaming again: but she knew it would have no effect. She had screamed desperately before, no one seemed to have heard her. Looking back, she thought she was quite distanced from him: “Maybe if she screamed for help at that moment, it would only draw him to her,” predicted. “That seemed like a secluded spot. She was alone there.” She admitted.

Suddenly, in the face of this desperate situation, she thought of her mother: "All he wanted at that moment was to come back to her." Exhausted, she quickened her pace, wanting to get to the highway right away. At that moment, she looked back to see if she still kept her distance from him. Unexpectedly, she heard someone calling by her name just in her front.

“Huh!?” Her heart almost stopped. Turning her neck to see him, she couldn't stop in time: Thump!!! Paft! She bumped into someone on the way. She fell sitting down, looking scared at his face. She had recognized him immediately. With a look of astonishment and her hands on the floor, she moved back, almost catatonic. “No, it can't be! It was him! It was him!” he mumbled to himself, not believing what he saw.

"You?! ..." was all she can whisper to him from the double shock.

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