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I've seen these places in my dreams

I've been there doing something weird

And I've been looking there for you

And I was watching clouds running

I flew to something far away

I thought that I could fly again

I ran away from something scary

But I could only scream for waking up

Familiar places there look strange

And you're not stranger for me there

I wish we meet one sunny day

I hope in real life you'll be the same

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L Kenny You can find my other works on AuthorToday and Ficbook.net Мои другие работы можно найти на - AuthorToday: https://author.today/u/l_kenny - Ficbook.net: https://ficbook.net/authors/564027


Anamura Alententa Anamura Alententa
So many interpretations for this, I suppose. It made me think in my distant love, and dreaming about where she iives. Maybe not related, but it's great to let imagination to fly <3

  • L Kenny L Kenny
    Thanks for your feedback! Indeed, everyone imagines very different things while reading))) February 14, 2021, 22:44

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