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Paradoxes, a complex and thought-provoking topic that always arouses our curiosity and promises to knot our brains ... Continue following the trajectory of young Denny, and his Alter ego, in search of the forgotten truth, soon after realizing that he was not the only one who seemed to remember how things were supposedly — or the only one to think that he remembered what they really were like. While he and his unsuspected Counterpart seek answers to the unknowns that suddenly invaded his bucolic and predictable routine, they are faced with unexpected revelations that test his sanity and perception of reality — established in his, until then, reliable memory. Furthermore, many revelations still await Denison in search of the alleged lost reality — and Emmanuelle. In addition to facing yet another revealing discovery, which will connect his reality to the past that he is reluctant to recognize ... And to find out the answers to these and many other intriguing situations, just keep following the series: '1999 Paradox series — Emmanuelly: Dead Alive & Missing'. K.S.Z OLIVER HAVE A GOOD READING

Триллер 13+. © Copyright © 2021 K.S.Z Oliver All Rights Reserved

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With a lighter and more fluid mind, he sat down on one of the school's cement benches. He reasoned again about what was most likely to be happening in that place — or with him ...

“Very well: I do not use drugs, so that was not a hallucination.” he began. “ I do not drink. So, obviously, I'm not drunk ...”

Denny went on to quote the variants to see if he reached a conclusion by elimination. Or to a common denominator that confirms, or not, the thesis of his Alter ego — or the delusion of his head ...

“I also don't seem to be sleeping — nor am I at the PD...” he talk “Well, it could be the lack of such 'remedies', mentioned by Mary and Minhoca ... After all, he had found traces of them at home! ... ", he thought again about that thesis.

However, even though he found them in his bathroom, Denny still didn't accept the idea of taking it because he couldn't remember.

“... Likewise, I don't think I'm in a coma or died ... Not that I remember ... I don't remember having any accident in the basement! ...”

"Maybe you had a heart attack ..." his counterpart suggested his other theory in an ironic tone.

"Did he have a kind of ‘Seizure’ and die in that basement? ..." then Denison suspected, fearful, considering that thesis.

“Well, if you are dead and that is the anteroom of the afterlife: what part of the Hereafter would it be? Heaven or Hell? ... ” his imaginary counterpart asked, seeming to play with the strange event.

However, after looking more closely at everything around him, he started get real: "The people there, as well as the place, were as real as he was," he had to admit.

Looking up, he realized that there were stars shining, clouds in the sky, the moon ... The weather was hot and muggy, typical of that time in the region. However, a light night breeze eased the sensation of heat:

“Those things couldn't be virtual or spiritual.” he thought to himself. “He breathed, smelled and listened to sounds ... And he seemed to be conscious and in his own body not in an astral projection, or in a digital ambience ...

Even after noticing the apparent materiality of that place where he suddenly found himself, Denny just couldn't say whether he was in another dimension, parallel reality; inside that video; or really in her past ...  

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