doralyndth Theodora Lyndth

The fear of a tormented single woman, who has been visited by aroused spirits during the night, leads her to look for help of a local priest. Following his perverse instructions in how she should proceed to rescue her peace, she submits herself to sadistic and sexual rituals.

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Part 1 - The visits of the spirits

The famous coffee brand Sechxpresso was making a successful promotion that week in some of the Café places in Italy. For every six cups of coffee someone had, the customer would get two cups of expresso with the Sechxpresso logo for free. Agnes thought a good idea to have some coffees in the local Café. The place was full, and she had to seat down at the bar. She ordered the first coffee, after two minutes the second one, after 4 the third one. Agnes was very unquiet. In five minutes, she ordered five coffees. The man in black seating beside her did not refrain himself to observe and comment it with her.

- It seems you are very determined to get the two cups of coffee for free.

- Well, answered Agnes a bit embarrassed. it’s not just that, the reason I am having so many coffees. I want anyway to keep myself awake this night.

- Why, do you have some important work to finish in the night?

- No, I would love to sleep in fact, but …. look, there is something crazy happening to me whenever I fall asleep and I am simply afraid of it.

- Crazy? May I know what it is?

- No. No one would believe me anyway.

- Ok. Let me tell you something, that might help you. Every Thursday afternoons there is a priest in that small chapel on the top of the hill, who listens to lots of people with problems who need to confess something or simply talk about some problem. Why don’t you pass by there?

- “May I please have one more coffee?” – asked Agnes to the waiter.

- “It’s not health to drink so many coffees at once. Excuse me, but I must leave. Think of going to the chapel.”

Agnes just looked fixed the man without saying anything, as someone who was already considering what he suggested.

The last faithful in the chapel was leaving the confessional when Agnes arrived there Thursday afternoon. She entered in the small cabin, closed the curtain, looked quickly through the small holes at the wood wall which separated her to the priest to make sure, he would be there to listen and, in low and insecure voice she started to talk about her affliction.

- “I was recommended to come here to talk about my problem. I don’t know who could believe me and help me.”

- “I am here for that, to listen to you and try to help. Tell me, what is your problem. “

- “I live since few months alone in a rented apartment here in the town. I don’t have family or friends here and sometimes I feel lonely. But lots of times, I feel…. I feel…” – Agnes hesitated to complete the sentence.

- “How do you feel? Tell me.”

- “I feel horny. Very horny. I started to pay more attention to men’s bodies, imagine hot sex and… I simply started to touch me very often.”

- “I don’t know what you call hot sex. Do you have a husband, a boyfriend, a partner with whom you could think of having sex with? If you have and love him, it’s not a terrible problem to feel some of these emotions occasionally. But if you are alone, you should avoid these thoughts even to not provoke similar emotions in people who are committed to others.”

- “I have no one. I must admit that lots of times I like to dress more provocatively. I have to say, that the way I was, or I am, has never disturbed me. I confess, I was never a religious person. If I did not feel so afraid now, I would not be here.”

- “Afraid?”

- “Yes, afraid. Something happens regularly to me, that makes me wonder if this is because the way I am”.

- “And what is it?”

- “Some time ago, I simply could not help it, and I thought practically every day and night of sex even if I do not have a partner. I walked naked at home and spent lots of weekends afternoons playing with myself. One night I was in my bed, I started to sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night, refused to open the eyes and I had the sensation someone was there in the bed with me. I could feel clearly that there was someone caressing my legs under the blanket. I did not understand how it could be possible; I knew I was alone in the apartment and the door was closed. It was weird, but somehow, I had no fear. I was enjoying it so much, I just kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the feelings. I could feel that energy suddenly on the top of my body and its strange “light touching” then in the middle of my legs and suddenly I felt I was being penetrated. I’ve gotten totally wet and had the clear impression that a spirit was having sex with me. My breath got faster, I got wetter, hornier but everything was still in a calm way. I did not move, simply felt and had a great pleasure. After a while it stopped suddenly. I kept myself days thinking of this experience and really wishing that it would happen again.”

- “And did it happen again”?

- “As my spirit lover was taking too long to visit me, I decided to risk having sex with a man. I brought someone home, tried it, but it was not good. I brought a second one, it was ok, but not enough good to bring him a second time. I was very much frustrated. I brought a third one, but he wanted to have a serious relationship and I did not want it, at least, not with him. Then I stopped attracting guys to me and after some weeks I had again the feeling I was being visited by my spirit lover, but this time it was different. The spirit was not so tender to me. Much on the opposite, I felt myself abused and I wanted to open the eyes and I could not. I had not control over my body, it was horrible. He was hearting me, and I tried to say it, but I could not for some minutes, until I got totally desperate and my voice suddenly came out and I shouted, “get away”. I was sweating, nervous and afraid. I turned on the light, looked around my bedroom to see if I saw something different and trying to say to myself that, there was nothing to be afraid of, I went to the toilet. There I touched me, and I saw, I was bleeding in the middle of my legs. But it was not because of my period. I was not having it those days”.

- “Did you feel when you were awake, that you were really raped”?

- “Yes…and when I saw the blood I was sure, I was. I felt afraid and had problems to sleep again. I had the impression, that this time, it was not the same energy, spirit of the other time. One week later it happened again and this time I heard for one second a male voice saying a word to me, which I could not understand. I felt something scratching my ass, I’ve got afraid and got totally awake. It took me a long time to sleep again that night. The next day when I was taking my shower and I looked in the mirror, I saw a scratch on my ass. I got goose bumps.”

- “Oh my God! It seems, it is serious”.

- “I started to talk alone at home, with the sure, that one or all these spirits would hear me. I asked, who he or they are. Why were they there?”

- “And did they answer”?

- “Not with words, but one time, asking that, the television turned on alone, out of nothing. I was far away of the remote control. I hardly watch TV. Other two nights, I was sleeping, I woke up in the middle of the night, because the TV turned on alone, again. After a while without spiritual visits, I thought that things went calmer. I’ve gotten a telephone call of one of these guys that wanted a stable relationship with me, and he told me, that after leaving my apartment when we met last time, he felt so badly, that he had to go to the hospital immediately. He stayed a couple of days there and the doctors did not find the reason that he got so bad, with pain in the stomach, nauseas, and high blood pressure. I thought it strange but did not give much importance until the next spiritual visit. This same night, it happened again. I was in the dark, not yet sleeping completely and suddenly I could not move my body. I felt this aggressive energy on my body, touching me and squeezing me everywhere. I was almost in panic and I only could have control of my body again after some long minutes. I did not leave the bed this time.. just thought about what happened. The next day, I noticed, I was full of bruises on my body”.

- “What’s your name”?

- “Agnes. Agnes Lyndth”.

- “I am afraid you provoked, teased, attracted some of the bad spirits with your

overly feminine and sinful behaviour Agnes. They know you; they see and observe you all the time. And they wish to use your body and punish you because they see, the way you are. Your seduction disturbs their peace and even if you do not want, your horniness holds them in this world. You must understand that you alone are the only one responsible for what’s happening now. And they can be bad not only with you, but with whoever comes closer to you, because some of these spirits can be jealous. Look what happened with this man who you had contact with. We must calm down these spirits and only once they are satisfied, they get what they expect from you we can send them away”.

- “I am scared! I did not intend to tease any spirit. I was never a person that goes regularly to the church, but I am Catholic. Do you believe me”?!

- “Yes, I do. The universe is full of mysteries. There are things still difficult to explain, which make us afraid of. But one thing is for sure. Energies are never destroyed, and we are all individual energies. Spirits are nothing more than energies. There are the good and the bad ones. And because we can’t see them, we can’t know where they are, what do they think or want. They can easily play with our lives”.

- “I want they disappear, please help me! I am desperate to send them away. I don’t know what to do. I am afraid of sleeping”.

- “I will help you Agnes, but again, you must recognize that you are guilty to wake them up and attract them. You yourself admitted, you like to dress provocatively and tease men. You did not provoke only the alive men, but also the dead ones”. Agnes started to cry.

- “That’s terrible! I don’t want to continue living with this torment. I never again will dress so sexy, I did not know…”, the priest interrupted her.

- “You did not know you could wake up the sexual wishes of the spirits, that’s what you learnt now. Your behaviour was obviously so much abusive, with this change of men you told me, that the spirits started enjoying to observe you. You are a slut, and you must recognize it. The spirits did already”.

- “I recognize I was playful”, answered Agnes crying and trying to diminish her fault.

- “You were much more than playful Agnes. You were and you are a horny decontrolled slut”. Agnes wept copiously. – “There is only one way to send them away”, added the priest with a confident voice. – “There must have a sacrifice. Do you understand? They will only go away, when they see, that the one who aroused them, who evoked their souls by using means that men cannot resist, has pain, and is sexually used. These spirits want now and deserve it, to see how much wet you get when you are used according to their wishes. They are keen to see, how fragile and impotent a slut like you gets when is used and tortured. They will not give peace to you or any of the men that approaches you while we do not give them what they are craving for. And we should act soon, otherwise, they could get more irritated or violent. You are the sacrifice they are waiting for”.

- “I am the sacrifice”?

- “You are not yet, but you must be the sacrifice in one or more rituals”.

- “Rituals”?!

- “Yes, we will probably need more than one ritual to satisfy and calm the bad spirits down. To handle with spirits, we need to make an especial ceremony to evoke the presence of their souls. Only this way, we shall expect that they observe us and accept your sacrifice. You must understand the importance of these rituals and you must voluntary offer yourself as the sacrifice”.

- “I am afraid of it”!

- “I know you are afraid, it’s completely normal. But as the chef of this chapel, a priest and someone who cares about all souls, someone who you know, you can trust and would never harm any one of my sheeps, someone who is experienced and able to set contact to these spirits, I will guide this ceremony and can grant you, that although you will have to pass through some painful and embarrassing time, you will feel much better later. Even if you keep some temporary marks on your body. I know what’s good for you. You must remember, you are a sinner and, you deserve it indeed. This is what the spirits demand. To get you punished, humiliated. And by sacrificing freely, yourself, you admit you are a sinner. This is what the bad spirits are awaiting. They know how much dirty you can be. They observe you all the time. And the dirtier they judge you are, the more and longer they will ask to see you being sacrificed. That means, maybe we need several days, months to satisfy the bad spirits”.

- “Do you think, they will ask for that? To whom?”

- “To the one who will command the ceremonies. In our case, me. You can of course look for another priest to do that, but it must be a pure religious man and remember: the longer it takes to serve the wishes of the spirits, the worse your nights and days will be. I can feel your fear and the bad spirits surrounding you and they will let me know, what they expect me to do with you”.

- “Sounds scaring! I don’t think, I would be able to repeat my secret a second time, to a second priest or whoever. I want to solve soon this problem and get back my peace”

- “It can sound dreadful, but think, that the situation can become much scarier and uncontrolled if we don’t do anything now”.

- “I see and…I will sacrifice myself for the sake of my peace”.

- “..and the peace of these poor spirits you evoke”, added the priest. Agnes looked down feeling herself desolated. – “ Good! Knowing now what is happening and the seriousity of the subject, I could as a priest, take you immediately as a sacrifice by forcing you and perform whatsoever it’s necessary to please these souls. I myself don’t want to have bad spirits around me or this town. As a priest, I must protect this place and my chapel. The bad spirits can become very dangerous. But it can also be, that they don’t accept if I take you by force. Besides of that, it would be more traumatic for you, if I would force you and..”

- “, no …”, interrupted Agnes, - “ I believe you priest and will let myself in your hands for this sacrifice. I would not dare, especially after my recent experience, to doubt your holiness”.

- “I am glad you recognize my wisdom and authority. Can we make an appointment for this Sunday? I have a mess here in the morning and afternoon, but you could come to the chapel at 17:00. I will prepare everything here and the altar for the ritual”.

- “The altar here in the chapel”?!

- “Yes, of course, soon or later, we will need the altar. It’s necessary”.

- Ok, I will come Sunday at 17:00. I will leave now.

Agnes opened the place of confession at the same time the priest opened his listener cabin and had a surprise. The priest was exactly the men in black who was sitting beside her at the Café.

- “You!!! What’s your name priest?” – asked Agnes.

- “Giuseppe. Call me Priest Giuseppe, or simply priest.

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