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Poetry My reason for writing. My reason for my books. My reason to keep going. Poetry & Books combine. My world of Art. This is my book dedicated to Poetry that I have written since I was 12 or 13 and now with new poetry to add from my Allpoetry.com page this is my new journey to write Poem's to go passed on to other's to enjoy. You're choice of Erotic(Lesbian Mostly), Heartbreak, Depression, Love, and much more. I am not the best Poet just like I am not the best Writer but I never will give up. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I love writing it.

Поэзия романс 18+.

#trauma #emotions #comingout #dark #depression #lesbian
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This book has really suggested content and I get enough backlash that it needs edited. The point of this book is to help others come out of their comfort zone an be themselves. I have one on my Rape from High School in this and my coming out story also two sappy love stories but other than the rest is filled with Poetry. So, as always be respectful and kind to those of us writing out our life stories.


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