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0. Prologue

"I see it and do not believe it, Etlo, the welterweight champion, who has known how to defend his title, is giving it to the young promise Titus Jones just beginning the first round, the frustration of Jone's coach is obvious, it is said that..."

A boy and his father where watching the fight, the blonde green-eyed boy was surprised and excited at the same time and his father was seeing it with a worried face, the kid looked at his father with a big smile in his face.

-Dad, that means his era is finished right?, i wish i could be as strong as him-

-You are son, you are even stronger than him-

-But dad, i haven't won any title and he climped up to welterweight-

-Oh my son, you are strongest than him, because your heart is the biggest one in the entire world-

He touches his son's chest and smiles at him, making his son to hug him.


Meanwhile a kid was watching the fight in the dark, the only light was the one on television, he was alone in his house so he could do whatever he wanted to.


The gray-haired kid was dumbfounded, he never expected his hero and idol to quit the championship like this, he said that he wanted to leave the UFC but, it was a bad way to end his career or it was how Hai thought.

-This is stupid, you just gave the title to some idiot just like that, you had it all, but you never showed your supremacy to at end how i wanted to, you are weak but i am not, i swear... i will not make the same mistake as you did-


A little girl was sitting in the floor, his father was in the couch, he never let see his daughter "boys stuff" but this night was an exception, he only liked to watch the best moments of the fight, but this didn't even started and finished quickly, but it was a goodbye for the champion, so they showed a recopilation of all his wins on his entire career.

-Daddy, when i grow up i want to be a fighter like him.-

The man just laughs at the girl's words, the black-haired girl doesn't understand why his father laughed at her.

-You can´t be a fighter, you're a girl, the MMA is for boys, not for womans-

that words stayed in the girl's mind a lot of time in the future.


Some soft bites were heard in the dark, a couple was sleeping on the sofa, the couple's son was on the floor eating pizza and watching on television the victories that Etlo made throughout his career in the UFC.

The orange-haired boy was fascinated, he felt admiration for him, his fights, he wanted to be like him, but his complexion would not allow it, he weighed 70 kg, he was quite a lot for his age, they called him chubby in his school, at that time, at know how much he lacked to reach Etlo, he knew he had to strive.

He threw the pizza to the side and sighed, he placed his hands on the floor and began to move his hands up and down, those were his first push-ups, and they would not be the last.


A strong argument was heard in an apartment complex, the television was on, the parents were fighting in front of it, the little dark-haired boy ignored them, he was watching television, he had learned to ignore them and the pain, his reaction to the horrible bruise on his cheek was a sign of that.

His gaze was empty, he was completely immersed in television and in the interview they did with Etlo where he said "Everyone thinks my life is easy, isn't it? But it's not like that, my life was very bad before being a fighter, my art was inherited from me thanks to those who saw the red rise, and those who know about the legends of those who lived on ice and had fire inside "

He was full of hope upon hearing those words, the almighty martial arts champion possibly suffered something similar to what he suffered, he understood the riddle immediately, he knew where to go, he could finally free himself, although his past would never allow him to smile.

Hi everyone, (idk if someone is reading anyways), i hope you liked the prologue and i hope you to follow this novel. :)

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