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The fall of an empire.

In a wonderful forest, huge trees full of fruits, amazing creatures, a spectacular view wherever you want to look, a green color in a forest full of life, magic and joy. Who would say that that day would all get shady.


Forest – Night Woman running with a child.

The girl is scared of what is happening.

Woman taking care of the prince: (shaky voice)

When riding do not look back, your sight always in front.

Kid (Prince): (Crying)

What is happening? Why did we run away from home? Why mom was left behind?.

5 hours before

FADE IN: Royal Palace - Night

Current King: (Shouting)

Okay, gentlemen, let's prepare for what is coming, a scout has just reported that a large
army is coming towards us. We should not be afraid since we do not fight for ourselves
but for the lives of our wives, children, for the elderly, for all our people and we will not
succumb to anyone to ensure that everyone is safe.

Current King:

He goes back to prepare for battle he goes to his son's room and starts talking.

(Quiet Voice)

Son today you will have to be stronger than ever, do not cry for anything in these
moments be strong, do not forget that your mother and I love you.


She approaches her son.

She hugs him with all her might.

Current king: Talks to the mother. (Whispering)

You have to take our son away if the worst happens (Sigh).

We both do not have to lose our lives, people would be discouraged, I could not bear to
lose you both.

Mother (Queen): (Whispering)

Don't worry, I know everything will be fine. We will not go to such extremes we have
endured worse things. We just don't have to think about the worst.

4 hours later.

Explorer: (Screaming)

The humans are coming, they are coming my king we dont have much time!

Current king: (Shouting)

You heard it gentlemen !! Prepare for battle !! As half an hour passes, a night that was
supposed to be quiet turns dark and bloody. After a while the elves are losing and hope no
longer exists.

Soldier: (shouting) Protect the king, do not let them reach him! Current King: (Shouting)
Take my son to safety. Our people need a king. Our empire is not going to fall today as
long as there is someone to follow.

Soldiers: They go in search of the future king and they find the king's wife and decide to
go with the Prince. They grab the horses and ride out into the distance, humans come with
horses to ensure that no one gets out alive. Mother: (Screaming) Take the prince, we'll give
them some time.

the prince: (Screaming)

NOOOOOO mamaaaaa !. Do not go!

Mother: (Calm voice) Relax son, I'll catch up with you later. Don't forget that Dad and I
love you very much.

Woman taking care of the prince: (agitated voice) do not look back your sight always in

Child (prince): (Crying)

What is happening? Why did we run away from home? Why mom was left behind?.
Woman taking care of the prince: (agitated voice)

Don't worry, your mom said she was going to catch up with us later.

the prince:

He turns back to see his mother being stabbed by humans as she slowly walks away
(Screaming) Mom!

Chapter 2

The begining of a new era.

100 years later.

Humans never change, they seek war after war in search of land and wealth.

The small creatures of the forest that remained are increasingly left without space to live .

The elf tribes came together to form a clan. There are no more elves.

FADE IN: Some part of the forest (Hidden), main hall of the kingdom - Dia.

King (The prince who escaped the terrible battle): (Normal voice)

Well gentlemen we have to do something soon every day that goes by we are left without
forest at this rate we will no longer exist.

Commander: (Normal voice).

Lord we have to fight we have no choice, we have no where to escape or where to go the
only thing we can do is fight.

King: (Normal voice).

You are crazy, they surpass us 100 to one, every time we are worse we have nothing to
fight with.

Advisor of the King: (Normal voice) .

Sir if I may, we still have options that we have not seen.

King: (Normal voice).

like which ones?

Advisor to the King: (Normal voice).

how do we know there are not more of us outside? who says that we are the only ones
alive here? there is always hope, it is the last thing that is lost, I have faith that there are still
more elves and we can fight with them.

Commander: (Normal voice).

With all due respect, I do not think you are right, we have been for more than 100 years
and we have not seen anyone else, but the only ones who are here each day get closer and
closer, humans, their greed in immense, they are never satisfied and they will not leave us
until each one of us is dead.

Advisor to the King: (Normal voice).

Mmmmmm you may be right, but my king, we can send someone beyond the unknown
where no one has gone to, just like this maybe we will find more people.

King: He gets up from the table. (Normal voice).

I'll have to think about it. But one thing is for sure we have to do something soon.

Commander: Leaving the room he meets his daughter Hannastasia. (Normal voice).

My beautiful daughter, how are you? beautiful.

Hannastasia: (Normal voice).

Hi daddy, I'm doing well and how did the great meeting go? Will we be able to solve the
problem we suffer?

Commander: (Normal voice).

Mmmmmm the king is a knucklehead he does not understand that the only solution is
war every time we will suffer more, but it does not matter.

Hannastasia: (Normal voice).

I'm doing super well, I can beat the instructor already and if I follow like this I might beat
you daddy.

Commander: (Normal voice).

Of course daughter one day you can be like your old man (laughs).

The next day.

FADE IN: In some part of the forest (hidden), main hall of the kingdom - daylight.

King: (Commanding voice).

I have made a decision we are going to send people beyond the unknown to know if there
is more of us, we need all help possible.

Advisor to the King: (Normal voice).

Very well my king, we will send someone to find people.

King: (Normal voice)

Perfect I'll write a letter in case you see someone.

Adviser: Outside meeting room. He addresses a soldier. (Normal voice).

Sorry, you were commissioned to deliver this letter to distant tribes so they can join our
cause, Go as quickly as possible please.

Soldier: (Normal voice).

Sir, but... are there other tribes of elves?

Adviser: (Normal voice)

Yes, easy... we have faith that it will be so.

Soldier: (Normal voice)

Very good sir I will do it.

After 3 hours. In the meeting room.

Adviser: (Normal voice)

My king, The scout has already left with the message, I just hope there is someone
outside to receive the message.

King: (Normal voice) .

Very well let us have faith.

Explorer: (Agitated voice)

king! king! (Takes air).

A large army is heading here.

King: (Worrying voice)

we don't have any time.


Everybody take the kids, everyone who can fight will do it.

(Low voice)

I don't want the same thing to happen a 100 years ago.

(Normal voice)

you will have your war commander.


(Serious voice)

I didn't want it this way sir.

King: (Serious voice)

Excuse me, Commander, by chance don't you have someone you trust a lot that can
defend himself and the others.

Commander: (Serious voice)

My daughter lord, I trust in her sword.

King: (Serious voice)

Let the children go with her to take them far to get supplies and go as far as they can they
will go faster than the old ones.

King: he comes out and starts saying in front of everyone. (Serious voice, shouting)

People, a war is approaching and we are not that many, they will tear each one of us to
pieces. Women and children are going to go with Hannastasia, the commander's daughter.
We will stay to fight to buy time, we will gain the necessary time so that they can escape.

Woman: (Serious voice)

Lord with all due respect, I am left alone. You will not be able to hold out long enough to
make our children go out. I will stay with you to buy some time.

King: (Serious voice)

Those who stay are sure to die.

Woman: (Serious voice)

We will fall together with you my king.

King: (Serious voice)

Come closer hannastasia from now on you will be the queen. Take all the children and
prosper as a better king than me and secure our future.

Hannastasia: (Voice cracked)

I... I will do it sir, trust me.

Commander: (Serious voice)

Daughter I love you so much take care of the children and please prosper.

(Hugs Hannastasia tightly)


Ready gentlemen this day we will die with honor. Give everything not for me but for the
future of our children.


she goes out riding horses with the children. 15 minutes later the humans arrive, a battle
begins, not a great army of humans. One part goes on horseback and away from the battle
to see if anyone ran away

King: (Shouting)

Stop those horses, we can't let him go get the children. An arrow falls into the king's

Commander: (Screaming)

MY KING! Noooooo!

Help Someone!

The elves are falling one by one with no one to stop the horses.


Riding. she sees how far horses are coming. Try to make the horse move faster. The horse
cannot go faster, the children scream.

Humans are closing in. Look at the helpless children

Human. (Mocking voice).

This is the easiest job we've been given to. kill defenseless children.


Grab her sword and kill a human. Humans quickly grab her and hold her to the ground.
They make her lift her head up.

Human (Serious voice)

How do you dare killing someone in front of us you dirty bastard

Now you will see each of these children suffer for your nonsense.

I who wanted to give them a merciful death.

Kill each child in front of her, after killing all of them.)

I told you scum now it's your turn.

(He walks over and sticks a sword in his chest and makes a hole)

They killed all the elves.

Mysterious voice: (Serious voice)

Are you looking for vengence?

Hannastasia: (Serious voice)


Mysterious voice: (Serious voice)

Would you sacrifice your soul? Would you bear the pain of thousands of elves who could
not live their lives?

Hannastasia: (Serious voice).


Mysterious voice: (Serious voice)



She wakes up (Normal voice)

What has happened where I am?

Creature: (Serious voice)

We have forged you, we have given you the tools to take revenge.

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