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My FB Message box

Someone might find it strange and bad, but I do not like a routineeverydaymessageorpostsonmyFacebookmessagebox. I think that the message box is a private space. In which you have been provided the facility of exchange of special messages or discussions. For example, there may be some such things between family members or close friends that they do not want to make public for some reason. The most common example is that you want to tell your mobile number only to certain people, you can give them the message. There is a good Facebook wall for other things. Do you like someone's post? You want to comment on that for appreciation. No need to go to the message box. It is better to give public praise. The person posting and what is written in the post will be encouraged. General exchange of views on public issues, the debate can also take place in public. More people can join them. Even if you do not participate, you can study. I think we should use the Facebook wall more instead of the message box. It has more benefits.

The message box should be used for specific messages. Another problem is that certain types of antisocial nasty people also appear in the message box. My experience says this. They should be blocked for the first time without giving a second chance.

Cyberspace is the whole world. It is also called the virtual world in which all kinds of people live. In this, even an unknown person from an unknown place can disturb us.

If you are not a leader, actor, or mature public figure, it is best to make friends only with people who are known. If any wrong person is added by mistake, then immediately unfriend and block that person. No need for gentleness here.

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