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My aunt's birthday is on 23rd October. Let me show her that I love her. Please follow this story and comment, and give a like to show that you liked it...

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An special birthday.

This Friday, October 23, it's gonna be my aunt's birthday and this is a dedication to her, she protects me and my sister, we all love her.

She is one of the best aunts you could ever have.

I am not making this to get more views but this is the present for my aunt. I promised her I would do something special, so I am making this, I made a card which I am gonna send, and I am gonna make a video in English, she already knows English but our family is Brasilian so are we :)

I think I didn't write much but I know that ''I love you'' is a small word that means so much and a hug is smaller than a word and means so much more, but now I can just say I love you aunt Lili (Lili- it's her nickname- for her nieces and for her nephews)

I love her and it's time to go. Aunt, I love you !!! Thank you for reading this, please give a like follow this story and comment.

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Duda Castro I am a kind 11 years old girl, I love reading and writing stories... it's kinda of a hobbie. I speak almoust 3 languages. Portuguese, english and a bit of french. I am brazillian and right now I live in Portugal. Please read my stories, I am sure you will like them... :) I have a blog, please go check it out: https://diaryanddudasamephase.blogspot.com/ Byeeeeeee


Vanessa Castro Vanessa Castro
I have no words to thank you and express my joy for this gift. I am proud of you! I loved that story. I love you and your sister Juju very much. miss you !!!! Estou chegando em Cabo Frio agora, fim de semana será na praia, mas o seu presente foi o MELHOR!!! Te amo infinito ❤️ E para sempre minha princesa