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Mysterious MarsoFly's stories Our hero is also interested in cooking dishes with a delicate aroma and exquisite taste, gains strength, and meets unusual stories written in chalk on the storyboard of a local pizzeria in the universe of superheroes.

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Если человек осознает, что преследуя свое величие, с каждым днем он выбирает быть немного лучше, чем в прошлом, он успешен

Теплым летним утром у принцессы Лавгардении роса в саду выглядит также статусно, как бриллианты дерзости, куража и свежести в ее космической коллекции.

Помните: любовь - это иероглиф мастерства.

Глобальное увлечение здоровым образом жизни и желание быть совершенным напитывает каждого из нас энергией созидания и любви.

If a person realizes that in pursuit of his greatness, every day he chooses to be a little better than in the past, he is successful.
On a warm summer morning, the dew in the garden at Princess Lovegardenia's garden looks as status as the diamonds of audacity, courage and freshness in her space collection.
Remember, love is the hieroglyph of mastery.

The global passion for a healthy lifestyle and the desire to be perfect nourishes each of us with the energy of creativity and love.

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Margarita Lapina Futurologist, partner, children's writer, photographer, geek, screenwriter, my hobby is to write aphorisms.Charismatic leaders are endlessly hardworking and talented. It is valuable Friends, join the course "Writing for Young Readers: Opening a Treasure Chest" I love my READERS, SUBSCRIBERS and FRIENDS! SubScribe on Me please! https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Children%27s_Authors/Margaret_Lapina You are the diamonds of my heart and the wind in my wings ))


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