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the people who prepared the list of awards should be of higher intelligence."

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The annual day of the company was nearing. Management had created a team to organize the celebration. The team comprised of four members Rajesh, Roma, Sandeep, and Suja. They worked quite hard to meticulously plan everything from the stage decoration to the food and drinks. On an annual day, the awards were also given to the employees, who were high achievers in their field of work.

One day the four members of the organizing team were having coffee in the cafeteria. Roma said to Rajesh, "I think you will get an award this time."

If Mr.Bhandari is in the decision-making body, my chance is remote."Rajesh said.

Other members of the team also supported Roma's view.

The discussion about the award kindled the hope and expectation in Rajesh's heart. He worked quite hard during the year and exceeded the target assigned to him. But his experience cautioned him. Only work was not enough. Some X factor was also required. Some people were awarded to compensate for something and some others were rewarded for some unofficial services also.

Mr. Bhandari takes care of his team. Rajesh was a good worker, but he sometimes argued with his boss. This was enough reason to cancel his name. Yet he hoped to get an award. How can they ignore merit, totally?

On the company's annual day tom dick and harry received the award. But Rajesh's name figured nowhere in the list of awards. He tried to be strong. He said to himself, "You know you have done a good job, then why do you need anybody's approval or recognition."

This idealism did not console him at all. He tried to convince himself that there could be a difference of opinion. He thought his work was important, but the award committee might not have thought so.

He thought, "My work might be very important and might have contributed to the overall image of the office but its impact was indirect. The award committee could not appreciate it rightly. It is not necessary that the people who prepared the list of awards should be of higher intelligence."

Thus, passing judgment on the people, who decided the awards he felt equally powerful and dismissed their judgment. Award or no award he would not feel defeated.

After a few weeks, he resigned from this company to join another company on better terms.

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