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Mukhetwa is forced to leave everything she has ever known when her family have to move to a new city. Her life is turned upside down by her so called friends. Find out if her Christian morals will stick or will Lucifer get his way when she finds out the truth about the fault in God's star

Любовные романы Религия или духовность 13+. © BD2017

# #adventure #Forbidden-love #lucifer #secrets #drama
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“Mukhetwa come on we’re going to miss our flight,” her mother calls up the stairs before Mukhetwa finally appears out her room, rushing down the stairs. “I’m here let’s go,” she uttered breathless. She sat silently in the car mindlessly watching her hometown pass by. She was from a Christian family, attended a Christian school in a Christian community. Somehow all that was gradually beginning to change. Her father had just gotten a major promotion which forced them to uproot and move all the way to Durban. The fact that she was leaving behind the only life she had only known surrounded her like a grey fog and she was just a sailor lost at sea waiting for the dawn.

Durban was other worldly, ethereal even. She stared in awe as a girl walked off the plane with pink curls, a mini skirt, crop top and leather boots. She watched as she ambled confidently, swaying her hips, passing then with no greeting and eyeing her as if she possessed something they didn’t. She headed to the arrival area to fetch her luggage but was stopped midway by a couple of guys around her age calling her names that even she was afraid to remember. Everyone just seemed to be chasing after time, scurrying from point A to point B. They were all so over engrossed in their smartphones they could hardly notice the people thy were bumping into. The natural order of things of the world seemed to be upside down and inside out. An overwhelming feeling was creeping up her throat as she tried to make sense of all she was seeing. “Hey you okay? You seem a bit flustered,” her mother’s query pulled her out of her near panic, which she responded with a warm smile and nod.

As they journeyed on she couldn’t help but compare Durban to her hometown and the contrast was more than palpable. She stared in bewilderment at the glass buildings that seemed to kiss the sky, how each road seemed to be intertwined with another, the amount of cars that could move at an unimaginable speed with such ease. She watched in wonder as cars of all shapes, sizes and colours pass by. Hillsongs flooded the car while she tried to see everything, memorize all the sound, colours even style, storing them for future uses.

Her father pulled into the brick driveway of homey, wooden cottage enclosed by nature. The green of the vines climbing the wall complemented the vanished wood perfectly. The grass was slightly over grow on the front yard and the rose bushes needed trimming but even with its faults somehow its simplicity and aged design gave it character. There were two windows on either side of the hose, on both floors, with an additional circular widow at the top. A washed out grey door lead to a living room a flight of stairs. Making her way passed the badge carpet she noticed how almost everything was made out of wood. She turned into the kitchen and was instantly greeted by breakfast bar with a gas stove. Luckily all the cupboards were already filled something she is more than keen to cross off het to-do list. “Mukhetwa, help your mother get the bags , would you?” her father’s strain voice echo’s through the house as he makes his way up the stairs with a box of her things. “Yes sir,” she found her way back, before dragging each of her bags up the stairs as well.

White sheets covered all the furniture and bed in her room but even with the sheets she could see the grey-blue colour scheme. The room had its own bathroom, finally she could render the days of waking up early to be the first at the showers behind her. The bed had a wooden canopy with designs and markings carved into it. She sighed in exasperation as she mentally listed all the things that needed to be done; she knew for sure that this room would be a lot of work. She walked though the faded blue door to examine the bathroom. It had a shower and a bath! Three spotless glass walls enfolded a shower head, with the fourth wall and shower floor being a crème white. There was a pasiline basin next an egg shaped bath tub. The wooden floor and walls had seen better days but could easily be mistaken for a deliberate design.

She walked out back into the room, having a coughing fit from the dust a she removed all the sheets and got to work.


She subconsciously gave herself a pat on the back, placing the last of her ornaments in its rightful place. She had her doubts in the beginning but the room turned out suprisingly decent. She could hear laughter as she decended the stairs, she had always aspire her parent’s relationship and like many others , wished to share something so rare and passionate with some one as well.

After grace was said , time found a way to slip through their fingers and befor she knew it she was walking back up the stairs. She stood under the shower head, letting the warm droplets relaxe all her muscles. With every breath she took the slight anxiety of tomorrow gradually subsided. Her fingers wraked through her chestnut hair. She rubbed the wild berry foam all over skin, watching the water rinse it off. She shut her eyes with a sigh tilting her head towards the water, relinquishing all her doubts to be washed down the drain.

A suttle knock tugged her out of her serenity. She stepped out, wrapping herself in a lavender towel before stepping out slightly dripping. “Mom,”, the surprise in her voice was evident. “Oh , sorry honey,” she gave her a breathy laugh ,” I just wanted to make sure you had everything for tomorrow,” her mom questioned as she inspected the room. “ Of course mom it’s just high school, thank you,” Mukhetwa grined at her. Her mother always went above and beyond when it came to her and she truly appreciated her. “I love you, goodnight,” she kissed her cheek. “I love you too, mom,” she uttered. Her mom finally shut the door behind her after another round of quizzing and reassurance. Mukhetwa’s pillow welcomed her head as her bed cacooned her body. She drifted into sleep as she vaguely planed he next day.

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