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In a vision of the bright future, EH1208 and EH1209 are humans new home. Samantha and her twin sister Rebecca Geon are university students who start facing problems with a rising group of Bionic in EH1208. While this, in EH1209, natural resources are becoming more and more scarce. Each planet's problems will affect them in many different ways. "The planet may have changed, but the parasites are still the same".

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Sam's Journal

September 1st 199 a.e

To future reader,
Hi, I'm EH8-329 458 103. Or Samantha Geon, it's easier. I'm a citizen from Eta H1208, "The new Garden of Eden", as they call it. I was born here, in a continent called Magellan, in Allenori, capital of Nessia. It's a small country, located below the equator. This planet only has 2 continents. The other one is called Battuta. Elders say that we live in an amazingly odd Solar system. Our ancestors, the Earthlings, lived in a solar system 25 light-years away. It's said that they were forced to leave Earth because their sun was expanding and the planet would become uninhabitable. As it turns out, they found this system in the constellation of Eta. Five planets, two of them habitable. Eta H1208 and Eta H1209 are literally twin planets. They have the same size, same mass, the same number of moons, parallel orbit, basically, everything's the same. At school, we learn that Droids helped us get here. Since it was too far from Earth, people were put in hibernation pods and Droids took care of everything during those 25 light-years.

As soon as they got here, they were divided by race. Caucasians, Mongolians, and Malayans went to EH1209. Negroids, Red skin and us, the Mix race, to EH1208. Looks like they made this division because back on Earth the number of Mix race was rising drastically, which means the other races were eventually going to disappear someday. For that matter, extreme right parties demanded that marriage between different races to be abolished, so that we could still have a variety of races. That worked, later, in EH1209. Here in EH1208, we don't really care about that, so our planet is pretty diversified. That kind of segregation doesn't work here.

Anyways, tomorrow's my first day of college... well... "our" first day of college, since I have to drag my twin sister wherever I go. Her name is Rebecca, and I also have two younger sisters, 14 years old Jade and 10 years old Deborah.

I'm so excited! Mostly, because Elon is coming to the same University, ABU (Allenori Bay University), Top 3 in EH1208. I can't wait to see him again!

I applied for HDR (Human and Droids Relations), we basically study human and droids behavior, philosophy, some psychology notions, between some other interesting stuff. As weird as it might be, Rebecca applied for the same course. She's smart and all, but she's just too lazy and careless. Honestly, I was expecting her to apply for something more... I don't know... something more "boyish". She's a real tomboy. She also has a talent for drawings! Must've got it from our father. He's a Graphic Designer known throughout the whole continent. It is hard to have Ethan Geon as a father. Meetings, business trips, inaugurations, never-ending projects... And he can be really annoying sometimes, but still, I love him. Our mother, Crystal Geon, is a lawyer. We don't get along very well. She's always so busy with her cases that she barely has time for us, and yet they decided to have 4 kids. I don't think they thought that through.

Yesterday was our "last" dinner as a family, and honestly, the first dinner we had all together as a normal family for a long time. Dad was also concerned about our safety. It looks like there's a killer around Faliaici, a small town at north Nessia, close to the University we will attend to. Rebecca showed no fear, even knowing that there were already five victims. I think that sometimes she tries to look tougher than she really is, or maybe she's just too reckless, and that might be a problem. Anyways, I guess that we'll be safe at the University. There is not much to worry about if we follow the university rules and instructions.

Even if we clash sometimes, I'm going to miss them so much! We're family, after all. Aw...I promised myself I wouldn't cry. It'll be just 3 years, we'll be back soon.

It's time to go...

"You still writing that journal for the capsule thingy?" Asks Becca, coming in the room with two bowls of cereals.

"Time capsule." I answer.

"Aka: Waste of time." She says, handing me one of the bowls and sitting on her bed turning on the tv to watch cartoons.

"Its not a waste of time. It will be interesting for future generations to find it and know how our life is now."

"Yup, total waste of time." She repeats herself right before stuffing a spoonful of cereals in her mouth. "C'mon, who will want to read the journal of an hopeless romantic 18 years old girl?"

"You never know, maybe they'll make a movie out of it. Can you imagine? The Journal of Samantha Geon." I say.

"Hashtag: most boring movie ever. No wait, that was "Dollface"." She says.

"Yeah, I fell asleep watching that one. How can a horror movie be so boring?" I laugh.

"Right?!" She agrees. "But, still. Waste of time." She repeats again.

"You're a waste of time." I say

"Aren't we all though?" She says

"What are you talking about?" I say laughing.

"I don't know. You're the one who's always "philosophying" about everything." She says.

"That's not even a word dummy. Anyways, are you ready for tomorrow?" I ask.

"Hell yeah. Can't wait to get there. We're gonna have the time of our lives. We're gonna meet some hot guys, rock the parties, get drunk..."

", be responsible, find a part time job. We can't expect dad to send us money every week. And mom is always telling us to be more independent." I complete.

"Talking about the devil, when is she going to Cantecca for the convention again?" She asks.

"She left early in the morning, i guess." I answer.

"Without forewarning anyone..."

"As usual...and dad has an inauguration in Battuta. So, Orianna is the one who will be taking care of Deborah and Jade, again." I say

"Well, that's why we bought her for, anyways." She comments.

"I know, but it's a shame that mom doesn't have time for us. So she throws us in the care of a Droid." I say annoyed.

"I'm sure they'll be fine. She's a cool droid." She says.

"That's not my point..."

"I know what your point is." She interrupts me. "But stop overthinking! What you should be worrying about right now is how you gonna choose between all the guys that'll be chasing you, cuz' I'm going to make you look so damn hot, sis'." She says sitting in front of me, staring deep into my eyes. "Damn, its just like looking in the mirror."

"Don't be silly," I laugh. "And besides, aren't you forgetting about something, someone?" I ask, looking at her with a slight smile.

"Aghh! Don't tell me you still waiting for Elon to text you!" She says.

"He will text me, I'm sure he will."

"Sam, you're a smart bitch, but you're acting so dumb right now. Look, there's a party this afternoon. Everyone from Highschool will be there. And that's not even the best part."

"Wow, i can't imagine nothing topping that off." I say sarcastically.

"I know a guy, who know a guy, that can get us in a, wait for it..."

"I'm waiting."

"...underground party. This evening. Yeah, an underground party." She says smiling and nodding. "Can I get an "Hell yeah?!"

"Hell no."


"Becca..." I say.

"C'mon, Sam! These are the best years of your life! You have to make the most of them." She says shaking me.

"And thats exactly what I'm doing. Studying, building a future for myself. I'll have a good job, a house by the bay, a husband, two kids..."

"Boring!" She sings interrupting me. "C'mon Sam. Just this time. What are you going to do closed at home anyways?" She asks.

"Spend some time with Debby and Jade. Look, I promise you that, one day, I'll go to a party with you. Just not today. Ok?"

"Well, you'll have to take an oath then." She says.

"An oath, seriously?" I ask.

"Yup, an oath! C'mon raise your hand and repeat after me."

"Ugh! Ok" I say raising my right hand.

"I, Samantha Geon..."

"I, Samantha Geon..." I repeat

"...hereby promise to go to a party with my hot sister..."

"...hereby promise to go to a party with my hot sister..." I repeat laughing.

"...and stop bitching about everything."

"I dont bitch about everything!"

"Just repeat!" She says

"...and stop bitching about everything. There you go. Are u happy now?" I ask

"Perfect!" She says smiling, after giving me a long kiss on the cheek.

Becca leaves the room, enjoying her victory. Though being annoying sometimes, she's the best twin sister I could ever ask for. Ever since we were kids, we developed different personality traits. But we kinda complete each other. My existence would be flawed without her and i think that it's fair to say that it's same thing the other way around.

Debby has a strong personality. And she's now at that age when she talks back to everyone and thinks that the world is against her, especially Becca, who either has no patience for her attitude or harass her to her limit. On the other hand, Jade is the sweetest girl. She always thinks about others first and shares everything. She's a lovable kid, impossible not to like her.

After finishing my cereals, I head to the living room, where i find Debby and Jade watching cartoons and Becca walking around half naked.

"Aren't you getting too old to watch cartoons?" Asks Becca to Debby.

"Aren't you getting too old to old to watch cartoons?" Repeats Debby mimicking Becca's voice.

"Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Says Becca jumping on the couch besides her, putting her arm around her. "What's wrong lil' bitch? Missing us already?"

"Shut up." She answers pushing her away.

"Aw, are you gonna cry? Thought you were a tough lil' bitch." Becca continues, harassing her.

"Come on Becca, stop it." I ask her.

"What? Just joking around with her. Toughen her up." She says punching Debby's arm. "We don't need another Sam in this house." She says before bursting out in laughter with Debby shyly joining her.

"Real mature Becca. Real mature." I say.

"Just take the hit Sam." She laughs.

"Yeah yeah. Whatever. Don't you have a party to go to, anyways?" I ask.

"Eager to see me by the back, are we? But yeah, gotta get ready." She says leaving.

"Have fun. I'm going to make my bags. Wanna help me Jadie?" I ask

"Sure!" She says, jumping off the couch.

We go to my room, and with Jade's help, I choose what I'm taking to Allenori with me. Jade sits on the bed, quietly folding the clothes I pick and puts them inside the suitcase. After picking every clothe, I too sit on the bed and join her folding the clothes.

"You don't look too sad to know that we won't be here for a while." I say

She leans her head and looks at me shyly. "I just didn't want Becca to mock me." She says.

"Aw, don't worry about that, Jadie." I say caressing her cheek. "She just likes to mess around with Debby. She doesn't show it often, but she loves us all." I say reassuring her.

"Well, she has a weird way of showing it." She comments laughing.

"You know, you and I are much alike." I say, smiling at her.

"You think so?" She ask.

"Yeah!" I confirm. "You remind me of myself when i was your age." I say, noticing her joy and the shy smile forming on her face.

"Do you promise you'll visit us often?" She asks.

"Of corse I will!"I guarantee.

"Pinky promise?" She asks stretching her pinky finger.

"Pinky promise." I say, reaching out to her pinky. "Look, I have an idea."

I get up and take the my journal from the top drawer of the desk.

"I'm gonna let you take part on a little project of mine. A Time Capsule." I say

"Time Capsule? What's that?" She asks.

"Yes! It's a container where we put things typical of our time. We'll burry it, and someone in the future will find it and see how life is now. I already chose some things to put in, and one of those things is this journal." I say showing her the brown leather journal. "Tell you what. I'll write half of it and hand it over to you, so you can write the rest of it, when I come over next summer. What do you think? I ask

"That would be so cool!" She says excited, gazing the journal.

"Ok, now back to folding kiddo. I'll buy you Ice cream afterwards." I say winking at her.

Time flies. Becca left for the party already. I stay at home with Debby and Jade, who plan to spend the rest of the day watching tv and eating snacks. This is something I'm surely going to miss. It's just a shame that we don't do this more often, all together. But i like to believe that someday, somehow, we will be a "normal" loving family.

The sun rises, the day has finally arrived. Orianna helps us put our bags inside the car. Becca kisses Debby and Jade goodbye, not forgetting to tell Debby to behave and take good care of Jade. Even if they clash, often, because of their personalities, it's obvious that they love each other very much. They are very similar after all. I hug both Debby and Jade, filling them with kisses, telling them how much i love them, trying to keep myself from crying.

Soon we will learn new things, listen to new stories, meet new people, have a new roommate to share our life with...

A new chapter of our lives begins

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Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
interesante,quiero saber que sucede mas adelante,sigue así!!
Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
interesante,quiero saber que sucede mas adelante,sigue así!!
Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
interesante,quiero saber que sucede mas adelante,sigue así!!
Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
interesante,quiero saber que sucede mas adelante,sigue así!!

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