Juan Manuel

Daniel meets Hayley while searching for the same book and they will begin a journey of love, friendship and poetry.

Любовные романы современный 13+.

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So there I was waiting, for things to happen, as I do everyday on the bus, looking more at people´s faces rather than the window, I always think; what if other people could read my mind? So I stop fantasizing about Danielle and her naked body, or at least my description of it as I have never seen it, but when I’m not being paranoid Im being curious, what is everybody thinking? they are also waiting for something to happen? What is it? Lover? A Job? A Handjob?

I decide not going down on my stop because its better to get my birthday gift today and not going out tomorrow, l don’t know what book will l buy but I trust in the library of José because he always supplies good.

I love this little mall, its so different to New York but then again, I’m not being bias, everything here is different and therefore new and exciting, sometimes being so aware of this takes the charm away, why can´t I just enjoy the fucking moment? Even my walks here are so deep to myself, but it all goes mute as soon as l step in this little library and the smell of vanilla makes me feel at ease.

I don’t need to ask for a book because José always puts them all in categories by genre and author, it makes easy finding what you are looking for, if only life was this simple. It takes nothing more than five minutes for me to find Enigma Variations by André Aciman, and not so long while looking for another book and this time in a more random way and I stop as I hear this voice.

“Excuse me, would you have Enigma Variations by André Aciman?”

José looks it up in the computer and goes to the shelf, and then for some weird reason I feel nervous, l have the last one and if I rush to buy it now they will see it so obvious, so l wait, again.

José goes to the shell of Aciman but doesn´t find the book.

“Sorry, we did have a copy, it was here, let me check again, I’m sure it hasn’t been sold”


As José goes to his computer, she approaches to me unknowingly, I have the book and it doesn’t take much until she sees it, then she sees me and I look back to her.

“Hey, Enigma Variations?”

“Excuse me?” l said as l never believe she will be one of those people so straight forward.

“The book you have”

“Oh yeah, what about it?”

“It’s the last copy, you know this will sound very odd but l really need this book, it´s my boyfriend´s birthday and it’s the only book by André that he doesn’t have so it would mean the world to me if you please, please, let me get what l want”

“Lord knows it will be the first time?”


“Please, please, let me get what l want, The Smiths song... ah never mind, look this book also means a lot to me”

“I believe it but please, it’s a special day and maybe could you wait a little more until they bring another copy? I’m sure it won’t take too long”

“Okay, but only because you are a scary lady and l feel you will stalk me and steal it anyways”

“See? It didn’t take too much, now l don’t have to break into your house, jokes aside I really thank you”

But jokes aside l feel like she needed it more, not to his boyfriend, she was clearly lying about that bit but if she tried to lie that badly maybe it meant a lot.

I give it to her.

“You are lucky”

She turned as she took my book among other things.

“Am l? why?”

“Aciman is quite a good writer, your boyfriend really has a good taste, probably a good guy, probably, if he is as fine as he´s reading than he is a keeper”

“Well, he is, thank you again”.

She left and I ended up buying Doctor Sleep. I wasn’t lying, he is a keeper if he likes that and she too, for caring for other´s passion, maybe l should have said that.

But at least I didn´t wait this time.

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