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Iris lanet, 17-year-old teen. Adopted by the Wilsons' family at the age of 7. Wilsons treated Iris as a maid and loved their two own children. Helen and Stella her stepsisters, treated Iris as a piece of trash. Fade-up with her life, Iris decides to leave the house as she turns 18.  Once as she was roaming around the mountains, she suddenly feels off the cliff. When she wakes up she is amazed to find her self in another world which looks like her own world but with a different scenario. She learns that there's a man who's planning on destroying the world and recreating it. Iris decides to help. But this is not so easy...

Научная фантастика Всех возростов.

#courage #technology #mystry #258 #fiction #nonet #ship #family #3530 #future #parallel-world #friends #sci-fic
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The Plan

“December 14, 3530.

Growing up I have always been treated as a slave in my own house. I am adopted by Uncle and Aunt Wilson. My mother died when I was 7, and I never knew anything about my father.

Wilsons adopted me just because my mother had a lot of property under her and as I was her only child, her properties came under my name.

To take those properties they planned on adopting me. And now they have almost gained more than half the wealth. Wilsons are very selfish, but there’s nothing that I can do.

Even after gaining this much they still want more. I don’t think I can stand any more of this family. The only option left for me is to run, from this hell.

After a week I will turn 18 and that’s my only chance to leave, because Mrs. Wilson never allows me to go out of my house, but only on my birthday, I am free to go near the rainfall.

This would be the only chance as we are soon to shift near the coast.”

I wrote all my feelings in my diary, and Ready, to work on my plan.

“Iris! Iris?!” Mrs. Wilsons shouted from the backyard.

“Yes, aunt... Coming.” I replied as I wore my woolen cap and went, yes, a cap. My Birthday falls in winter and it's freezing cold in the place where I live.

“Nane, please bring my coat from the shelf,” I said to Nane, my pet Robert. Only Nane can understand me and I love him. I made Nane from my own hands, I loved making inventions.

“Here you go Iris,”

I wore my coat and rushed to the backyard.

“What is it, aunt?” I asked.

“Iris, go and climb up the roof.” She said.

“But why?” I asked her.

“Kely climbed up and she can’t come down.”

“That cat? But she did that yesterday also. Why does she climb, when she can’t get down?” Kely is a mischievous cat. I really hate her like hell. She always climbs up the roof and no one but I have to get her down. It’s just a pain in the neck.

“Now, now, there’s nothing that I can do.” Aunt shrugged and said.

I rolled my eyes, “Nane!” I called out. Nane came beside me.

“Nane, stair mode on.”

“Yes, Iris… Stair mode on, in just a minute.” Nane changed its shape into a staircase.

“Thanks, Nane. I owe you one.”

“That’s not a big deal.”

I climbed up the top, Kely was relaxing on the solar panel. “The heck of a cat, she is,” I murmured.

I went near her and picked her up. “You better stop climbing up the roof before you get to see who I really am,” I told her angrily.

“Meow...” she said as though she didn’t care what I said.

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