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Along time ago appeared a strange illness called "The red spots" This illness contaminated trees and after suffered a methamorphosis, it was expanded animals and humans. This illness caused lost mind, everybody in the village forgot how to do all and dead.

Ужасы Всех возростов.
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The Red Spots Illness

They told me that a long time ago, before the famous black plague appeared, another much crueler plague killed thousands of people in a community located in what today would be the Scandinavian countries.

A friend send me an old piece of paper with the next words about The red spots illness:

What shall we say then? Time pass and many things left in the oblivion, but something…I still have in my memory. I remember when the fields were green and these had beautiful flowers, trees, birds, clear water and wonderful farmlands. Today nothing there is here.

When the red spots arrived, all things disappeared. First the trees to became ill, nevertheless, it was a slow death with enormous pain. Those innocent green giants had in their trunks the sickness.

They were infected by red spots, the plague was eating their bodies by inside… with the pass time, they lost their leaves and their trunks is fallen in pieces, and with these dead. We lost our alimentation and pure air; this was the base of survive… and We lost the war…

Therefore, the beginning of end came, in few days, all died. First were our woods, after farmlands and finally animals and humans.

In origin this sick affected the trees, the red spots evolutioned and was expand everything.

In humans the red spots were a little freckle in the hands, with the time these freckles had grown so much and it caused hurts. In few days people changed and lost your intelligence, the sickness was expanded, it invaded the blood and arrived the brain. People forgot all; first the names, after to walk and finally eat. Everybody was deathing, but starvation… Nobody could do nothing…

I and other few people are contaminated already and this are my ultimate words.

After I read this, like a fool I look at people with brown freckles and I feel paranoia ... I know that nothing has to do, but I'm invaded by the paranoia of dying from starvation.

Imagine, What it would be like to forget to eat? to die by voluntary starvation. Oh my god.


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