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Kathryn retains herself for falling in love with Angela. Not her so best friend but falling for a girl to her surprise. Just like she had never imagined. After all her mockery, disregard and disrespect from school. She finds herself even more confused.

LGBT+ 18+.

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Right in front of me stood a bunch of them. With there cellphones raised high, taking video and shots of me as I stood shocked and terrified with nothing wrapped around me. Not even an underwear on me, not a bra.

There pitched laughters so disgusting in my ears, but I still couldn't tell how I got there in the first place. All naked in the middle of the locker room and it was looking early to my gaze.

A number of boys from the football team giggling and whispering to themselves.

"Who else could they be talking about if not my naked self?" I thought.

Turning and rolling my eyes around in beats, I see james tied onto a locker with a sock in his mouth. Putting my worries down to a pause, couldn't help the tears roll down my red chicks seeing him so helpless and in his head, I knew he thought he had let me down for the third time again.

Wonder why I feel so responsible for his sorrow?

He is the only friend I have living alone the self in me. He always wants to stand up for me no matter what. But he still gets himself in trouble. Not for once have i not told him to stop but he still doesn't listen and once again, there he fights for his dignity as it gets buried six feet doubled.

Still fixed onto the ground, speechless with a waterfall of tears rolling down my eyes. "Hey stop!" A bold loud voice snaps me out of my misery.

To my turn, there she was gazing at me. "Angela!" I snapped in a barely sounding voice.

"What the fuck is wrong with you shameless Bulldogs?" She articulated with precision. If you believe in harassing people then go harass you own mothers idiots.

Pulling me out and to the bathroom, I couldn't stop my eyes from gazing. She the most self-centered and solo woman I know picked out lines in her mouth to stand out for me.

A thought of James snaps me out of it. I know for sure, he can't bare it. Not anymore.

"Take my pants." Angela picks up her bag pack. I can't compare the embarrassment. Whether being naked in front of the whole school or on Angela's sight.

Getting the pants on, the bra and her blouse. I rushed to the locker room living her at the bathroom door gently moving.

Another gaze on James draws tears out of my eyes. picking up a scissors from my locker to help cut the tape that had him wrapped onto a locker.

With so many trials, I finally untied him. He took the sock out of his mouth and I couldn't help notice how dirty it was. He grabbed and hanged me tightly. Tears rolling down his chubby chicks onto my blouse.

"Am so sorry Kathryn!" He spoke in tears, his for sure were very sincere. "I did try to pick you out of the stupid party but you insisted on staying and no." I cut him off with my sarcastic apology saying it was something we could bare not as if it hadn't happened before.

Me being naked in front of the whole school hadn't happened before but I needed him back. I needed my silly narrative friend who throws everything at his back and moves on by my side because despite my strength, the whole situation took me down and all I needed was comfort and only him could give it.

We cried ourselves out in that hug. I took my textbook out of the locker and headed to class with him in my back.

Just at the door, I asked james to act normal. As if nothing had happened and that's exactly what he did. We headed in and as usually, he picked up a chair for me. I took the sit but still all eyes were on us.

Angela seated at the back of the class minding her business. Obviously drawing her comics all over her text book.

"Eyes on me ladies and gentlemen." Miss. Rachel startled all of us and I was thankful for it.

The class went calm but a little strange. My eyes were stuck on Angela all the time and then the bell startled me. It was lunch and I never wanted to go out of class. James grabbed my hand and snapped me out of my self-worry.

I stood still with my lunch and James trying to spot Angela's table putting every courage I got in both my feet to go thank her selflessness.

I got to her table, as usual, she was seated alone.

"May i?" I asked her permission in a more submissive tone.

"Go ahead. Help yourself with the seat. " she uncaring replied as I expected but still, I was appreciative. She continued. "What the hell is your puppet doing standing over me? Ask him to sit." With a cut annoying voice referring to James.

To myself, I knew it was over. The thanking thought I had in my head had banished. All I had was furry. "How could she, who doesn't she think she is." All angry thoughts running through my stubborn head.

I picked up my tray, lowed my eyes at her and whispered to her ear. "Thanks for what you did for me miss but no one disrespects james in front of me. I will get your cloths back to you clean and ironed tomorrow."

Cat walked with james in my back to an empty table. Just after we had rested our trays and ready to eat, someone picked up James's tray throwing it to the ground. Its Dalton the popular crap of shit in school.

James hurriedly got up trying to say something when a hand grabs his. Its Angela once again back to our rescue.

Her eyes turned back to Dalton. Pushing him away from the table. "If you want to pick a fight or act gross, why don't you do it with so.." cuting her rescue speech shot, I rambled at her.

"I don't think we need you this time round, see! We can pick it up from here."

She looked at me disgustingly and I knew I was wrong but had myself exaltation back in my bones and I felt it. I then turned to Dalton and finished Angela's statement in a snap.

"Pick up a fight with someone your size."

"That wasn't what I was to say thou." She slightly mumbled to herself and I could hear. I looked at her trying to question what she said in a face expression but she turned and took off leaving Dalton to us.

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