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Heroin Tuesday and a Nine-Time Suicide

Dark and twisted narrative of a childhood trauma. Trigger warning for suicide, mental health, and drug themes. Короткий рассказ ЧИТАТЬ

All bodies are good bodies

“ All bodies are good bodies” Making fat people believe that they’re okay being fat and eating the way they do is just leading them into a self destructive path where in the end they get diabetes... Документальная проза ЧИТАТЬ

The LGBT+ community is bull----

Hello! this a fellow young female pansexual that rants her own community, because this new generation of LGBT+ seems to be a little bit too dumb. LGBT+ ЧИТАТЬ

The problem with Apu

The world isn't perfect because we're human we make mistakes, some come out as mistakes and trying to fix it is just making it worse than it already is. Документальная проза ЧИТАТЬ

Порыв из ненависти.

Перестань себя обманывать. Давай посмотрим трезво на мир и разобьём твою дурость , наивность и страх. Вдохновенный ЧИТАТЬ