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| Finding You |

" Why does life hurt us so much? More than we can bear?..." Hayah looked into Saira's eyes as she asked the most dreading question in her mind. Saira smiled at her and squeezed her hand gently. "... ЧИТАТЬ

I’ll bounce back

A motivational poem named I'll bounce back. ЧИТАТЬ

The day you turned down.

A motivational poem to pump you up. ЧИТАТЬ

The Law of Attraction: How I Manifested Motherhood, Marriage & Ten Million Dollars In Ten Months

We create the lives we imagine. Change the image in your mind and you will change your life. This is as true as any other universal law and equally as certain. Everything you can imagine you can ha... ЧИТАТЬ

Under A Tree.

A poem titled "Under A tree" defining my memories. ЧИТАТЬ


ओहदा और बुद्धिमता के बीच की लकीर काफी पतली और क्षीण होती है । मात्र ओहदे से इज्जत नहीं मिलती, सम्मान नही मिलता, बुद्धिमता हासिल नहीं होती, इसे सतत अभ्यास और परिश्रम करके अर्जित करना पड़ता है। ЧИТАТЬ


This is a story of teenagers, a story to show parents that this generation and their generation isn't the same, yes everyone has to pass the stage of teen hood in order to become an adult but they ... ЧИТАТЬ

Embracing it all.

A poem for motivating you all. ЧИТАТЬ

Inspiring Quotes - Inspirational, Motivational Quotations, Thoughts, Sayings - Salim Khan Anmol

This English blog is mostly matters for the people who are eager or want to do something in their life. ЧИТАТЬ


The poem appears in its original form, in a vibrant celebration of life, diversity, language, and the enduring power of poetry. At a time when the Humanities are under threat, this book offers a de... ЧИТАТЬ

Proud Yourself

A poem name "Proud yourself" to make you feel your worth ЧИТАТЬ

Someone’s Mind

This book contains poetries, poems, and prose about love, life, and more in metaphorical way. The author would like to warn readers not to copy or plagiarize the contents of this book. Sharing a pa... ЧИТАТЬ