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Empire Elevator

The massive Empire, Inc. is now open! Meanwhile, during a national crisis, ex-thrill-seeker, Freddy, retreats to his family's "elevating" traditions. While some old illegal activities creep back i... Детектив ЧИТАТЬ

Pirate Radio

Based on a true fact, the text talks about the danger of communication between an aircraft and the command tower when the radio frequency is intercepted by a pirate radio. Короткий рассказ ЧИТАТЬ

The Infinite Tower

A Tower known only as the infinite Tower is said to grant the one who reaches the top one wish. Many struggle to make their way up as one after another they fall... Фэнтези ЧИТАТЬ

Tower Of Divinity

The seemingly endless tower created by a God calls many Warriors for whoever reaches the top will be given a prize. Фэнтези ЧИТАТЬ

Until we meet again

"O que via nos sonhos eram memórias de uma vida passada muito distante, talvez em outro mundo — um mundo onde ele lutava pela sua vida, pessoas tinham poderes e Khun estava perdidamente apaixonado.... Фанфик ЧИТАТЬ