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  • Unlimited reading lists.
  • Save up to 10 offline stories on mobile.

  • Fee on sales transactions 20%.
  • Up to 3 membership plans for your readers.
  • Приоритетная проверка ваших книг.
  • 2 requests of бета-читатель / месяц. Читать далее.

  • Unlimited use of Narrative Worldbuilding.
  • Загрузите приложение Inkspired Writer для Mac или Windows. Читать далее.

  • Co-authoring.
  • Customize your theme colors и background pictures.
  • Make your stories secret.
  • Priority support in 3 business days.
  • 80 Complementary.
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  • Everything in Premium, и...
  • Unlimited offline reading on mobile.

  • Fee on sales transactions 15%.
  • Unlimited membership plans for your readers, plus rewards.
  • 2 Newsletters / месяц (up to 25,000 e-mails).
  • 4 requests of бета-читатель / месяц. Читать далее.
  • 50% of service fee discount for Самопубликация услуг.

  • Launch your own Writing Contests.
  • Export to PDF, DOCX, EPUB, HTML, TXT.
  • Automatic chapters back-ups.
  • Weekly e-mail with writing progress.
  • Priority support in 1 business days.
  • 160 Complementary.
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Premium Pro

$40 / месяц
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  • Everything in Premium Plus, и...
  • Fee on sales transactions 8%.
  • Manage automatic split sales revenue between co-authors.
  • 4 Newsletters / месяц (up to 100,000 e-mails).
  • 8 requests of бета-читатель / месяц. Читать далее.

  • 1 Promotion Pack For Free / месяц (Silver).
  • 1 Premium story For Free / месяц.

  • Automatic author profile priority verification request.
  • Free pass to exclusive events, including Кубок Авторов.

  • 300 Complementary.
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  • Everything in Premium Pro, и...
  • Manage your teams and brands
  • Unlimited staff users
  • Advanced publishing reporting
  • Extended Newsletters limits
  • Branded Customization